Relative Reacts To Fan Saying Chris Cornell’s Death ‘Doesn’t Add Up’


Chris Cornell’s mother-in-law Toni Karayiannis liked the following Instagram comment written by a fan named kingcornell:

“What I’m getting from these comments is…If you don’t agree with the medical examiner’s report and every other report that they have reported to us for us to believe…Then we are just in denial and that is just simply not true. We are critical thinkers, we love Chris Cornell, it doesn’t add up…we’re not fucken weaklings.”

Karayiannis detailed the investigation into Chris Cornell’s death in an Instagram comment a week ago.

“I hear you! Forgive me for losing my trust in people these days! I’m going to make sure you get all the answers you deserve from someone who can do much better in writing! For now I can tell you that while we look into the matter of that horrible night, we are being advised to wait and not speak until it all comes together!

It makes sense! I for one agree with you only because you need to know that lots of things are happening behind the scenes, and yes we owe you at least that much! To keep you informed we are on it 24/7 and we are looking for answers, and we’re looking for answers as some, those with ‘bad’ intentions as I call them, or trolls, do say something I completely agree [with]! We all do!

It was in and out of investigation and then they gave it a name! We have great reasons to believe otherwise and his wife [will] fight for it! Our silence doesn’t help you and I do apologize for that! The fans should know that a lot is being done but nothing until all of this comes together! And I say lots of things, you see now, why I’m afraid to talk! Others take it I say addiction, you say why I mention abuse! Others say depression!”

Vicky Cornell recently traveled to Detroit with an attorney to acquire evidence from the medical examiner’s office. The attorney that accompanied Vicky Cornell was Jeffrey L. Schulman, who works for Pasich LLP. According to the Pasich LLP website, Schulman specializes in insurance cases. “Jeffrey L. Schulman represents commercial and individual policyholders in complex insurance coverage matters including insurance broker liability, construction defect, product liability, director and officer, multimedia, asbestos, and first-party claims. He also handles a wide variety of substantial business/commercial litigation and contract disputes.

His clients include retailers, product manufacturers, construction and real estate companies, and private equity companies. Jeffrey has tried numerous jury and non-jury cases to verdict, routinely resolves commercial disputes by way of mediation and arbitration, and has recovered more than $100 million dollars over the course of his career for individual and corporate clients.”

  • makingconnections

    I never gave it a thought…thank you for informing us about the insurance lawyer’s capability in dealing with asbestos claims and other complicated matters Mrs. K.

  • Nikki8375

    MIL’s post seems to coherent to be written by her. Why now is VK “investigating”? If that was my husband I would have never left that hotel until I got answers that actually made sense. I wouldn’t have waited and waited as the months past…

    • Alternative Nation

      I’ve started to edit some of them for grammar to make them a bit more understandable.

      • makingconnections

        I know you mean well, but it sort of takes the zany personality of the posts away. I mean who else could write like that….you’ve got to give her credit for originality!

      • Cristiann

        By doing that you make her seem more coherent than she actually is.

    • Sandra

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  • makingconnections

    Please Mrs. K., never feel that you must apologize for your silence. We’re fine with it.

    • Olga Stewart


    • Trovoid

      We’re on the same wavelength here. I made a similar remark the other day lol

      • makingconnections

        Yep, I always knew we were on the same wave length! I always smile when I think of freaking each other out over privacy.

        • Trovoid

          Haha yep we are kindred spirits!

          • makingconnections

            Have you looked at any of the Gord Downie (Tragically Hip) articles? Yesterday in Canada he was honoured completely…The flag is at half mast at our Parliament Buildings till his funeral. I read the slightest bit about his family…not much really but I had no idea that he has 4 children. He kept his private life private. I think that is the wisest thing for musicians that become so iconic to do.

          • Trovoid

            I heard your Prime Minister teared up while commemorating Gord. So sad.. I agree that it is wise to have a private life when you’re famous.

            Another sad loss for your country is John Dunsworth, the incredible actor from Trailer Park Boys. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with that show but it has a huge cult following all over the U.S. Some of the characters appear in a Hip music video, and I’ve heard the band’s songs on a few Trailer Park Boys episodes/movies. He died the day before Gord.

          • makingconnections

            I didn’t watch Trailer Park Boys, it was my husband’s thing and I just couldn’t get into it…sort of like Mr. Bean…there’s something about being married to someone who reminds you of Mr. Bean sometimes or Ricky on Trailer Park Boys, that makes it impossible to enjoy the comedy. He’s not that bad really, but marriage can make you see things in a person after awhile that does remind you of Mr. Bean and Ricky. He’d be very upset about my writing this so I’ll delete it eventually. I love him to bits and you wouldn’t find him at all like either of those guys! It’s marriage I tell you….it makes you crazy!
            Yes Gordon Downie’s death has hit us hard here. He was the most beautiful man and talent. I think we really cherish our talented people here because there aren’t as many as in the US, Britain is the same. You often see the same actors in various British and Canadian dramas and mysteries. We just don’t have the same big entertainment industry and pool of talent and like the rest of the world, are engaged with the US in that way.

  • Olga Stewart

    Maybe this site should be renamed ‘Alternative K famly death theory’?

    Does she ever shut up?