The Rock Stars’ Favourite Games


It would not be wrong to say that everybody enjoys games. There used to be a time when gambling and video gaming were seen as a vice. But the truth is that as the world advances, we come to accept that the recreational and leisure aspect of games outweigh any negativity that may be associated with them. We will always find lovers and players of games in all walks of life. Even the religious and deeply enlightened people still play mobile slots online at 777 spin slot. Below is a look at some of the games that your favourite rock stars enjoy.

Games Enjoyed By Rock Stars

  1. Sam McTrusty

According to Sam McTrusty who is a vocalist, he enjoyed Tomb Raider during his adolescent years because of his huge admiration for the character named Lara Croft. But presently, he gets his hands on the guitar more often than on games. And if the time for games comes, he goes for Call of Duty.


  1. Ross McNae

The bassist Ross McNae said that the Championship Manager is his all time favourite PC game. He confessed that most of his youthful days were actually lost to the Championship Manager. But currently, he only gets himself busy with the PlayStation and FIFA.


  1. Craig Kneale

Craig Kneale who plays the drums confessed that before he delved into the music world, the video games had consumed a lot of his time. Half-Life was it for him then because of the amazing sound and graphics. However, although the time for playing games is no longer there, he also has the remade version of Grim Fandango downloaded, in case he needs to grind a little.

  1. Prides

Prides is another rock star group that are into games. One of the members revealed that he has been investing his time into the Full Throttle, Day of the Tentacle, and Monkey Island. For him, it was always the LucasArts. He said he used to be madly in love with the intrigues of working on weird puzzles. However, the best modern day game for Stewart Brock is the Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us. He also enjoys the game named the Papers because of the addictive nature of the game and the fact that the narrative is very captivating.


  1. Coasts

Coasts is another band that has some game lovers in it. According to one of the members of this 3 man band, the Championship Manager 01/02 used to be it for him. He abhorred how in-depth the subsequent versions got, but still maintains that the 01 and the 02 have the thrills he needs. Three people from the band, James, Chris, and Liam, have been into a particular game for eight years. That’s how much they love games. But presently, the game that they enjoy more is the one called This War is Mine.

  1. Pulled Apart By Horses

According to one of the members of Pulled Apart By Horses, when he went into the world of gaming, it was Solitaire and Lemmings that got him captivated. However, he later moved to the online multiplayer game named Quake. These were the games that could only be played through the dial-up Internet at that time. But for the modern games in 777SpinSlot online slots and casinos, he said that he has been captured by Ground Zeroes, which is actually a PC version of the Metal Gear Solid. He also enjoys this game on the Xbox One.

Many rock stars love games more than we could imagine. What is your favourite band and game?