Mamasan Bren posted this yesterday on the forums, he met Mike McCready at a Flight to Mars show in Las Vegas:

Following up on the Mad Season news from that interview, [Mike McCready] does have a commitment from a singer now. I have to say that a billion Coronas and a stiff rum and coke wiped out the name he said. I want to say a Lanigan or Flanigan or something like that, but am just not able to recall, but he said that he was pretty much lined up to record for their release later this year. Also, that the work with Sony to free up the rights to some of the unreleased tracks was definitely in progress.

John posted this on the forums a week ago:

Well I just spoke to Mark Lanegan last night and I posed the question of his potential involvement in the upcoming Mad Season projects and he said “Yes. I will most likely being doing some stuff with them.” I had to ask. There is an answer from the man himself delivered with a magnificently sly grin.

  • MindRiot132

    If true, this is huge…and a reason to be very excited. There’s no one more appropriate to do this album (other than Layne of course).

  • Cathy

    Oh my gosh, if this is true then it’s really huge! I just had this dream a few nights ago that I was at a Mark Lanegan show. I’m so excited! Wow….Happy Friday after all.

  • Dreux

    My body is ready.

  • Cathy

    LOL @ Dreux… :)

  • Aliceinchainhead

    i was planning on killling my self next week but ill wait till this album comes out!

  • Ben

    Awesome. I hope we hear something official from Mike soon.

    If Mark is singer I think it would be cool if they get someone to do backing vocals on atleast 1 or 2 songs as well.

  • emigrunge

    but..who will be the bass player?? also Saunders is passed away, and I think he was very influential to mark their sound!

  • Andrei

    Definitely worth delaying your suicide for this! Great news!

  • Brett Weir

    This is absolutely the only way I want to see a new Mad Season album come out.If Lanegan doesn’t do the vocals, I don’t want the album to happen. (maybe it’s selfish, but that’s my opinion)

    I hope it happens.

  • Fuzhi

    Please let it be true.

  • bon3zz

    “I want to say a Lanigan or Flanigan or something like that”
    Man, he’s losing a lot not knowing who Lanegan is :DDDD

  • louderthanshit333

    The only appropriate response to this has already been said.

    My body is ready.

  • cosmicatomic

    Fucking awesome.

    I don’t want to get greedy, but hopefully McCready can get some Cornell/Vedder sprinkled in. He obviously has the influence. This thing could be LEGENDARY.

    I hope they make it something to a tribute to Layne (as well as John Baker Saunders considering it will be his posthumous basslines on the record).

  • Robert

    I hope it is true.

  • g

    i dont know anything…

  • Brett


    The album’s instrumentals were recorded in the late 90’s before Baker passed.

  • elle

    Wow oh Wow, I really hope that this is true :)

  • Casper


  • Cody

    am i the only one who doesnt like this guys vocals? im kinda bummed about this

  • Alice

    Yes you are Cody!

  • Canadian Grunge Rocker just north of Seattle

    This is slowly going to shape up to be an amazing record me thinks. I really hope Mike can make this happen. I have always liked Lanegan’s raspy deeps voice behind the mike.

  • oscar

    if mark sings in mad season new album i will probably buy it it has some of the elements of the first album

  • no

    If true, this is some great news!!

  • bon3zz

    i don’t think it will be Mark Lanegan on the whole album, probably they will bring some of their friends…
    btw listen to this sounds sooo much like Layne

  • drew

    hell yeah!

    mark sounded amazing on the few tracks on the first record, so……

    i would be interesting to hear him w/vedder; they’ve never been on a song together before-

    chris and ed have obviously, chris, layne, jerry and mark arm(sap)…….who else?

    speaking of mark arm, he’s great! his voice with lanegan’s would be haunting!

  • RödeOrm

    this was John Baker Saunders music, Layne was just a hired gun. To have Mark as a singer is great. I hope they dont fill out with a Layne Staley-wannabe.
    And I really wanna know who is gonna play bass!?!!?

  • thefreewheelinMarkArm

    I listened to Long Gone Day directly after the Lanegan show last week in Philly… He needs to do this album ASAP before his voice deteriorates even more. Not saying I don’t dig his sound, because I do, BUT cigs or something have ravished his vocal chords even since he did collabs with QOTSA a few years back. Watch the vid at the Moore for Long Gone Day. He can’t even get through the song without a Marlboro between his fingers.

  • Cathy

    A Marlboro? Really?

    All this time I thought it was a joint…

  • dakotablue

    “This thing could be legendary.”
    It already was legendary with Layne the legend writing lyrics and singing.
    He was always much more than “just a hired gun” on any project he was involved with.
    Damn I miss Layne.

  • allie

    layne was just a hired gun? What an imbicile u are for that statement. if this news is true, can’t wait to see if they reveal any. so far no person friend or foe has had the balls to tell anything. wonder how layne felt at the moment mike walked out knowing he was alive begging for help, yet his friend kept walking and closed the door for his own selfish reasons at the time? maybe mark can sum it up for us now? Can ya mark? or are you selfish too? SLY GRIN!

  • Eric Hinske

    +1 on being true. Speaking of which, what happened to Mark. I was watching some recent live stuff and he really looks weathered.

  • Karley

    Mad season should be left alone in my opinion. This sucks!