According to a post on Pearl Jam’s message board, news regarding their highly anticipated upcoming album was publicized. It was stated the record will be titled “Tides” and be released on October 8th. The potential track list was also posted:

1. Revolution Reruns (3:36)
2. Kickstop (2:14)
3. Vivid Futures (3:58)
4. Mind Your Manners (3:08)
5. The Undertow (4:04)
6. Red (3:23)
7. Of The Earth (6:15)
8. Tracking Change (4:21)
9. Uncharted Terrain (3:59)
10. Foliage (2:16)
11. Derision (3:32)
12. Sans Finis (7:12)

It is also rumored that single, Mind Your Manners, is due for listening on July 16th. These are all rumors and have not been proven by band members.

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  • Rhyss

    fuck yeah, of the earth!

  • PJ

    Yeaaaa…. only mind your manners is 100%. We’re just assuming Of The Earth will be on the record… everything else is bullshit. I would love to see Eddie’s reaction to some of these titles.

  • Big M

    I call BS on this rumor. Hope I’m wrong.

  • Eli

    Something that I don’t understand….
    How they are releasing a single in July and a record in October, I mean 4 MONTHS LATER!!!!
    It doesn’t make sense, the normal is 1 or 2 months, but not 4 months

    • Humanmonkey

      Do you remember when AiC released Hollow? It was in December!!! Came out in May!! Six months.

    • LT

      From July 16th to October 8th it’s actually less than 3 months.

  • Iowa MIke

    Two songs only 2 minutes in length and two other songs just over 3 minutes in length?
    More power-punk crap. If the list is accurate….maybe Of the Earth and Sans Finis will be the PJ will all know, want, and love.

    • Craigory52

      Track lengths do not matter to me as long as they are good. I thought Backspacer was a good album. But I don’t know where you’ve been but Pearl Jam have always released songs in the 2 minute range on all of their albums and have been doing punk rockers since Vs/Vitalogy. From the description of “Mind You Manners”, expect there to be some on there. But I do understand what your saying because I like diversity in tempos as well.

  • paulonious

    what a load of crap. look at these titles and then look at the track listing of Backspacer. anyone with half a brain can see this is bullshit.

  • GwynnKatie

    Well, anyway if it is BS or not, *rumors* of new music from PJ is good news…
    rumor or not! :D
    Also — wondering if this is an old photo — I love Mike’s cherry-burgundy red hair.

    I Love Pearl Jam

  • Ghost

    It’s a rumor people. Unless it comes directly from the band it does not matter.

  • paulonious

    yes, gwynnkatie, this is an old photo. it was a promotional shot done around the time of Backspacer.

    • GwynnKatie

      Thank you. I appreciate that.

  • Ef

    It looks like a fake tracklisting at this point.


    Actually, this is what Pearl Jams official recording studio has listed as the new finished tracks for the upcoming Pearl Jam album. I am Jack Endino, I have worked with the band over the past 2 decades and this is what me and Eddie, Mike, Matt , Jeff and Stone have come up with, we hope you will like this and YES THIS IS THE OFFICIAL PEARL JAM RECORDING LIST OF GHOST RIDER: RELEASE DATE: Sept 1, 2013

    Pearl Jam
    Ghost Riders
    Epic Records
    Bad Animals Studios
    Seattle, Washington
    Producers: Brendan O’ Brien and Jack Endino

    14 Tracks:
    1. Ghost Riders
    2. Jigsaw Command
    3. Mind Your Manners ( 1st Single )
    4. The Apple’s Core
    5. Toy Guns ( 2nd Single )
    6. Kernal Of Truth
    7. Of The Earth ( 3rd Single )
    8. Happy Unborn
    9. War Path
    10. Bitch On Fire
    11. Coalmine Fucker ( 4th Single )
    12. Justice?
    13. Moon Hoax
    14. Face Value

    Stay tuned for more information.


    1. Revolution Reruns (3:36)
    2. Kickstop (2:14)
    3. Vivid Futures (3:58)
    4. Mind Your Manners (3:08)
    5. The Undertow (4:04)
    6. Red (3:23)
    7. Of The Earth (6:15)
    8. Tracking Change (4:21)
    9. Uncharted Terrain (3:59)
    10. Foliage (2:16)
    11. Derision (3:32)
    12. Sans Finis (7:12)

    If you notice really carefully, some of the song ideals repeat themselves so you can tell for sure this is a fake list of new Pearl Jam song titles. But my list is 100% real because Eddie, Mike, Matt, Stone and Jeff have become individual song writers themselves and they each bring new ideals to the table, so my list is the official one that I have worked on with the band , once again I am legendary Seattle grunge / subpop sound engineer and record producer for many small bands and pioneers like Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Mudhoney and the Melvins, I am Jack Endino, thank you very ladies and gents, enjoy your new Pearl Jam : Ghost Riders in Sept, for now we will get ready for the first single and quite possibly the most unpredictable 2 minute punk rock song of your life: Mind Your Manners!!!

  • Loder

    More pathetic Vedder vibrato only makes me throw up. Unfortunately, that’s the only thing left of his horrid voice. His hair is falling as well. Gawd, you do sound and look ugly.


    Theres also rumors of a secret epic 3 way Seattle album with all members of Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Alice In Chains doing an entire Beatles tribute album in 2014. Stay tuned for more information and yes I AM JACK ENDINO, Subpop punk ass loser of the decade ;)

  • Ted

    It’s all they drugs & hard living they do

  • Big M


  • DownUnderTheUpside

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia





  • GwynnKatie

    All of the Controversy.
    All of the Drama.
    And a GRUNGECASTER reveal!
    Gods I love this place.


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  • Clem Halibut

    Okay…finally a confirmed tracklist –

    1) Backfire
    2) Mind Your Manners
    3) Low Boy
    4) Sirens
    5) No Good Reason
    6) Keep Up
    7) Ole
    8) Rule of Thumb
    9) Pushback
    10) Of The Earth
    11) Free On Board
    12) Sleeping By Myself

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  • Conrad Uno

    These tracklistings are bologna.
    These jokers claiming to have the insdie scoop are full of malarkey.