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In a recent interview with imvdb Scott Jacobson – the director of Dinosaur Jr’s “Pierce the Morning Rain” video dicusses how Henry Rollins ended up to be in the video saying the following:

“I knew Henry Rollins was a fan. He’s a huge fan of Dinosaur Jr. and a big supporter. I don’t think that fantasy would have been nearly as fun or would have made sense with anybody but him. I have no connection to him. I mentioned to Jagjaguwar that I wanted to involve Henry Rollins and they were just like, “Great!” and they forwarded it along to J. Mascis and I never heard back. They were touring. I just went ahead and contacted Henry myself just through his website and I got an almost immediate reply back from him just saying anytime, anywhere, he would do it. He could not have been cooler. That was one of the definite highlights of making the video, meeting him. It’s no surprise that he’s just a natural raconteur. When I first showed up to set, he had been there for a half an hour already. You would swear that he had been in the military or was just out of the military. He keeps that rigorous schedule and he was there more than on time. He had his coffee and he was sitting, like he was in the video, with that ramrod posture. He turned to me, does that look – the Henry Rollins glare. I couldn’t tell then that he had a sense of humor. As soon as he got on set, he was really funny and telling great stories and really, really helpful. He was awesome.”

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  • Cobainsweater

    When it’s Henry Rollins, awesomeness isn’t a question.

  • kingchaz

    Agreed. Personal hero.

  • Christine

    As if the awesomeness of his being in it needs discussion – when you leap out of your seat and yell “Henry!” at your computer, you know it’s a good day. I’m LOVING the Dinosaur Jr. LP as well…

  • mhecht

    Henry Rollins is just involved with everything! check out this interview where he explains his involvement with an incredible project called West of Memphis: Voices for Justice here:

    He, along with many other artists, have worked to help the West Memphis Three get the justice they deserved and the each purchase of this cd benefits them.