From Bill Foundation Dog Rescue’s Facebook:

Remember ORPHEUS, the Hermaphroditic Pitbull mix Eldad rescued for us from Compton? Well, I just got back from bringing him to his FOREVER HOME !!!
Mom is a past Bill Foundation adopter and great supporter of us. There’s nothing we LOVE more than when past adopters come back for a 2nd, 3rd OR 4th dog ♥♥♥
And Dad is Scott Weiland, the frontman for STONE TEMPLE PILOTS :-)

They came to adoptions last Sunday and it was love at first sight with Orpheus. Orpheus fell madly in love with them as well and was instantly showing off his snuggly side.

Congrats Orpheus! We couldn’t have asked for a better family for you!

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Bill Foundation Located in Beverly Hills, CA

  • BillyL

    Awesome! Kudos to SW and his fiancee for adopting a shelter dog and not buying from idiot breeders who only add to the already out-of-control dog population. And Scott is looking good. Hopefully he is sober and in good shape mentally. We need a healthy and productive STP back.

  • Stew

    Good for Scott and his soon to be wife. He has a very calm and at peace look in his eyes. I hope he’s happy. He certainly deserves it for all the happiness he’s given to myself and many fans. God bless you Scott.

  • ThemBoners

    The fiancee is pretty, so good job, Scott!

    I am not sure if I had the courage to adopt a hermaphroditic dog, though…can’t even imagine how that works…

  • kingchaz

    He looks like Sean Patrick Flannery.

  • Monster Robert

    Good job for adopting a dog.

  • peace_frog

    The pitbull looks happy with Scott and his dog. Whats her name? She looks like a rescue as well.

  • Mitch

    Well, aren’t you just a piece of shit.

  • Rodrigo

    His girlfriend is pretty!!!!

  • bmeade

    Great job adopting! Pets are within alimony. Too soon?

  • Curmudgeon

    He looks healthy but a little weathered. I meant SW not the dog..

  • Shayaan

    Good for him. I’m glad he’s doing well with himself. Maybe some time off from the stress and rigors of touring with STP is best for hiim.

  • tuanonna

    nice dog and nice idea to adopt one. I wonder what Scott’s political ideas are?

  • peace_frog_is_a_fag

    peace frog – what does your name mean anyway? don’t come on here and bash a beautiful girl you could never nail in your lifetime. or are you an ugly girl that could never nail scott? which one chubs?

  • Cobainsweater

    His fiancee is a fox! I’ll bet he’s killing that on the nightly.

    Despite all the shit he takes online, his ill-advised Christmas albums and some slimy mulatto in a top hat slagging him off in virtually every interview he does, Weiland keeps on rolling.

    Apparently he’s still the frontman for STP, too. Thanks for clearing that up finally, BFDR.

  • GenXLady

    Scott looks pretty healthy, his fiancée is beautiful, and the dog and story of the dog’s adoption are very cool. I hope things are truly well for them.