According to The Rapids Theatre, Scott Weiland will be performing the Stone Temple Pilots albums Core and Purple in their entirety on his upcoming spring solo tour. It is being billed as The Purple to Core tour. Four shows have been announced so far:

March 1, 2013- Flint, MI- The Machine Shop
March 2, 2013- Transverse City, MI- Streeters
March 4, 2013- Niagra Falls, NY- The Rapids Theatre
March 11, 2013- Washington DC- Howard Theatre

Kind of sad to see Scott doing a tour performing old albums when he’s only 45 years old, he should be focused on trying to make the next classic Stone Temple Pilots album rather than going out there and performing the old STP albums. That’s for artists in their 60’s.

  • Jay

    Get him Billy! Get him!

  • Curmudgeon

    He wanted to do this with STP, and make a new album but the brothers were content playing just hits during their set lists .

  • Inmytree

    Playing entire old albums is better than playing the same setlist of hits night in and night out like STP does.

  • Philip

    Don’t think so Curmudgeon. Much of the setlist decisions were dictated by Scott’s limitations as a live vocalist now. Ever wonder why we never ONCE got to hear ‘Take A Load Off’ live? It was a single for christ sake. Should have been played live a lot, that’s what you do. Scott couldn’t do it though. He admitted as much- song was too hard to sing for him. Many others fit into this reality as well…

  • bradley

    No Philip, it is well documented that the Brothers dont wanna make a new record.

  • SMD

    Just to let you know Brett Elton John talked about Alice in Chains and Queens of the Stone Age on Chelsea Lately. Check out I believe you should post it up

  • Joe

    I think this is a great idea. Best thing he’s done in years.

  • Me

    I think he is doing it to draw in more fans to buy tickets. Scott solo doing all those songs sounds GREAT. Wish the rest of the band were involved. Hope they work out their differences.

  • Spoonman

    i dont think its sad by any means, im glad he is just playing shows. hit up the sunset strip Scott!!

  • paulonious

    Brett, can I ask you, why do you think you know what Scott should be doing? You say quite often how he should be doing this with STP, and should be doing that. Maybe the guy is doing what he wants?

  • Edward R. Murrow

    Thanks for your two cents Brett.

    Well, in case we weren’t sure if he had been kicked out of STP or not… This definitely confirms it.

  • chris

    first 2 albums are what got stp established, nothing wrong with celebrating old albums!

  • chris

    also going back to his roots might inspire the writing of a great album!

  • Christine

    I would give my left arm to attend one of those shows…. it’s going to be A W E S O M E.

    I hope it occurs to someone to soundboard record all of them and FILM IT for a DVD…..

    …. oh man you lucky people who are going, don’t get drunk, you don’t want to miss a note.

  • Christine

    PS: nothing like keeping your skills intact doing what you know as you work on new stuff. Win Win for fans really. I mean, should they sit around and do nothing in between studio takes? Some of the best lyrics come from writing in a notebook after a show in the van, yes?

  • Brett Buchanan

    paulonious, whether he’s with STP or his solo band he should be out there doing 20-25 song sets with a mix of new material, hits, and deep cuts. Take a look at an Eddie Vedder or Soundgarden setlist, that should be the template. Just going out there and doing the old albums is a death sentence when it comes to being taken seriously as a viable artist. You also label yourself/create an expectation of now just being an oldies greatest hits act.

  • bmeade

    Brett is absolutely right. After all, he has years of music production and touring experience. In fact, he has an advanced degree in Lead Vocalist Career Strategy. Kinda sad to see Brett squandering his talent at a cut-rate fanboy version of the HuffPo.

  • Wam Meesly

    Overall, most STP tours have been Purple to Core hits. If the band as a whole committed to doing a nostalgia/money tour, it would have been over and done with and they could have potentially moved forward to new tunes.

    It seems there has been abundant in-fighting this past tour, my theory is it may have been about a nostalgia tour. If the band wanted to do it, they would have, or could still with another vocalist.

    Either way, I hope that with this tour behind him, maybe Weiland and/or the band can move forward to new music, SP style, for example.

  • Kim

    I am too excited for Soundgarden’s Seattle two day set of shows to argue just yet. But, I am sure I will be back to normal by late weekend with some totally hated counter opinion Billy! :) Everything I see reported on GRnet always says he was fired and they broke up. Call Slash: he knows all things Scott ;)

    <3 you all, even though I think GRn is a collective rough place to be Scott Weiland, generally speaking.

    SOUNDGARDEN. Keeping my grunge feng shui intact with the thought! ;)

  • Raj

    Awesome! STP and Scott Weiland rule, I have had the pleasure of seeing STP three times. The most recent show was this past Sept. and the band sounded great. Scott looked healthy and his vocal were great, the band was really tight.

    Core and Purple in my opinion are the two best albums, he should bring out ‘Dancing Days’, ‘Andy Warhol’, just to mix things up a bit.

  • Brett Buchanan

    I’m a huge Scott/STP fan, my criticism is because I feel like Scott/STP should be on the level that Soundgarden/Alice In Chains are right now, rather than Scott touring bars playing Core and Purple.

  • lilrockable

    He probably needs some cAsh fast. Anyone who knows anything about Scott knows he’d be more interested In playing Shangri la, or Tiny Music in their entirity. He’s always interested in showing off his more obscure work. Regardless id love to see these shows, and I’m glad to see he is picking up for the Deleo’s slack

  • Fuzz

    STOKED!!! I love Weiland… Nothing wrong with giving a little honor to your past work… Hope he comes to the Vancouver area.

    PS. I saw STP in one of their last shows where it was reported world wide as being some disaster because they showed up late but the show kicked total ass!

  • Fuzz

    @ Brett… Whats it your business what he decides to play? Maybe hes extremely proud of his past work and wants to give his fans a little treat and play these classics front to back as a thank you to his hardcore fans that have stuck with him for all these years?

    But no… You’d rather he make boring ass dad rock like Soundgarden…

    Why don’t you go cover Jerry Cantrel and his short hair and his favorite new band NICKELBACK

  • Brett Buchanan


    If so that’s cool, I’m just saying my opinion.

  • ben dover

    brett what makes him great is his solo stuff. two amazing albums. the show a few months ago in NYC was classic. i wish some people here would or have seen him a bit. i’ve seen him all over. his voice sounds great. i wish he would play breathe. vedder and cornell can never change their vocal style. scott always can. next to john lennon scott’s the best vocalist.

  • Casper

    I’m a huge STP/Weiland fan. My two cents is that he will do a handful of shows for this “Purple to the Core” thing. Then he will put out an album and tour for that.

  • Inmytree

    Fuzz, you’re an idiot.

  • Butthead

    Of all the grunge acts of the 90’s, STP were definetly the worse. How can people hate on an amazing artist Billy Corgan, yet defend a band that just plays hits at all their shows, and let alone lip-sync??? I still songs of of Core and Purple, but other than that, these have always been nothing more than a third-rate Pearl Jam, except much poppier.

  • Butthead

    Of all the grunge acts of the 90?s, STP were definetly the worse. How can people hate on an amazing artist Billy Corgan, yet defend a band that just plays hits at all their shows, and let alone lip-sync??? I still like songs of of Core and Purple, but other than that, these guys have always been nothing more than a third-rate Pearl Jam, except much poppier.

  • The Incredible Mr. Mark Arm


  • versus

    STP was never an elite band even in their heyday. Weiland was a punchline for jokes back then, and obviously little has changed. It’s really a sad story because STP were never terrible.

  • Raj

    @Butthead you are way off, STP aren’t poppier they are very diverse in their sound. The last album was more like a blue-rock record and still impressive.

    Heck, you could argue STP is better than PJ. The media jumped on them because they were too dumb to fit STP into any category plus the fact Plush came out right after PJ’s album. Weiland and Vedder don’t sound alike. PJ has had one really amazing album after that nothing has even come close to the first one.

    One more thing, why the DeLeo brothers don’t want to do another STP album is baffling to me. I can understand working with Scott is probably challenging. However, a new album is way more exciting plus it’s not like the DeLeo brothers have too many options. They can’t go back with Richard Patrick and do Army of Anyone because he’s really busy with a new Filter album. Maybe reform Talk Show?

  • Butthead

    @Raj, have you listened to any of their albums after Core??? Purple is much poppier and softer than the hard rock on Core, and Shangri-La Dee Da sounded nothing like grunge/alternative, but an album that sounded like typical Alt/Pop rock crap in the late 90’s/early 2000’s.

    Better than PJ? Yes, a band that sold millions of records copying off Eddie Vedder’s vocals is better alright. One amazing album??? I’m not going to argue with that, because I personally think Ten is overrated, and I would say VS is infintely a better album then Ten.

  • Raj

    @Butthead I own every STP album plus the greatest hits, I do agree after Core the songs are not as hard. I don’t think that because Core is the debut album that’s how the band should sound.

    STP likes to make really diverse albums, Purple has ‘MeatPlow’, ‘Silvergun Superman’, ‘Unglued’ ‘Vasoline’, ‘Lounge Fly’, etc.

    If STP was in the business of copying PJ, they would have been dead long ago. I didn’t say they were better than PJ, I said it could be argued.

    Doesn’t matter, my favourite band Nirvana is cream of the crop bar none.
    Even Alice in Chains and Soundgarden are better than PJ.

  • paulonious

    but Brett, HE is the artist, not you. He shouldn’t be doing anything but what makes himself, the artist, happy. maybe you can state what you WISH he would do, but if this is what he wants to be doing, then let the guy be.

  • Brett Buchanan

    paulonious, you’re right it is up to him. I just think he should be doing something different.

    Casper, hopefully you’re right and this is a limited thing, and Scott’s full scale tour this year is focused on a new solo album.

  • Iso

    Hey bradley- work the fuckin suckhole prick.