Alice In Chains drummer Sean Kinney was interviewed last week on WMMS’ The Alan Cox Show, he said the following about Alice In Chains becoming a classic rock band:

“We do what we like, and don’t think about anybody else. At a certain point I think it just kind of takes on a life of its own, that’s out of your hands. The record companies, people, and fads and trends come and go but, if we’re like say at a radio station they play those songs for 20 something years. There’s nobody pushing people to do that, maybe when the record comes out they’re like ‘check out this new band’ but to have it played that long, it takes on a life of its own. That has to do with people I guess, liking those songs and wanting to hear them. You can’t make that happen, that doesn’t get lost on us. We’re like wow that happened- we’re like Kansas man, Dust in the Wind dude. You never really realize that you’re becoming classic rock, we never started out thinking any of those things. We wanted to sell out this one bar in Seattle, Layne wasn’t old enough to get into it and me, Jerry, and Mike had just turned 21. so we wanted to play in this bar you know, because you can play in there and drink on stage it’s a pretty good deal. We kept goals like that, we don’t try to overthink it we just kind of work organically.”

You can download the full interview by clicking here.

  • Greg

    “We wanted to sell out this one bar in Seattle, Layne wasn’t old enough to get into it and me, Jerry, and Mike had just turned 21. so we wanted to play in this bar you know, because you can play in there and drink on stage it’s a pretty good deal.”

    He sounds like Ricky from Trailer Park Boys.

  • Blipo

    Alan Cox used to be our DJ in Pittsburgh and he’s a huge Alice fan. i met him once in a bar and said “thanks for playing Alice in Chains as much as you do!” and he said “i wish i could play them all day!”….thought that was cool.

  • Dennis

    Of all the bands he pulled out of his @ss,…Kansas?

    I was born and raised in Kansas, and even I have to question this pull.

  • Jeanne

    Sean seems like he would be cool as hell to hang out with, always liked his sense of humor and style, even if he is hardly mentioned when it comes to AIC. Agreed the band was always about doing things their way and making music they wanted, props to them for always staying true.

  • GwynnKatie

    Hey Greg, I LOVE the Trailer Park Boys! YES!
    Canadian Humor! All Hail!
    If Sean is Ricky, then I now have vizualized *who* is Julian, Bubbles, and Mr. Lahey. Will keep these creative visions to myself. Aheh. Trailer Park Boys. Rum & Coke. Growing Pot. AIC.
    AIC Forever

  • Raj

    He’s right, but I still hate 90’s band being referred to as classic rock. When I heard the term classic rock I’m thinking of bands that were popular in the 70’s. Classic rock stations should only be playing those bands, now they play GNR, Nirvana, Collective Soul and refer to them as classic. Wait another 20 years before we give them that label.

  • Deviate

    Well, during the 90s, the 70s music was 20 yrs old and considered classic rock. Now, 20 yrs later, the 90s are considered classic. So what I considered classic rock (60s-70s) is now “oldies” to some folks. And what I considered “oldies” are not “golden oldies”.

    Feel old. Feel very, very old.

  • Deviate

    are now*

  • versus

    I love the first line of his quote here. I have much respect for bands who do what they want without worrying about the opinions of others. This is one of the things that makes AIC great. They embrace their metal roots even if it isn’t cool, and they continue the band regardless of who’s in it (or not in it) – because they want to.

  • Alex S.

    Better to be labled classic rock then to be part of the “music” scene now. Which is total crap. the 90’s were the last decade to have any originality and soul thats for sure. Sean Kinney is the best. He so freakin funny. AIC forever and beyond!!!!

  • Zod

    About 5 years ago I noticed the local classic rock station was starting to sneak in some 90s bands. Usually a Pearl Jam track off Ten or an AIC track.

    I also started to feel old.

    It makes sense though. Like the prevous poster said classic rock was rock about 20 years old when we were young and in the 90s. Now the early 90s rock music is 20 years old :(

  • Allura Music

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with being called a Classic rock band. Congratulations Sean! You guys have managed to stay around and maintain a music career past 10 or 20 years.

    Classic rock is great rock music, the way rock-n-roll was meant to sound.
    Unlike the nu-rock, nu-metal crap. The new bands that have come out since the mid 2000’s don’t have near the talent, appeal, or staying power that bands like AIC and others, who have sustained and maintained well beyond what these nouveau, sound-alike bands will do.


    “we do what we we like and don’t think about anybody else”

    so true sean.

    about time everyone finds out the truth then eh?


    when did you turn from decent? and why? do tell.

    if ya don’t WE WILL.

    count on it brother…

    a prayer for layne too? i think not. wimp.

  • GwynnKatie

    I give up a prayer for Layne every night, along with many others.
    Because of you my dear I had to wipe hot sticky tea off of my flat screen monitor, and also what went thru my nose. Good one. Heh

    “Feel old. Feel very, very old…”
    Turning 55 on 09/11. Old is 92. We are as young as we feel Deviate.
    To me, Oldies are like… The Supremes, Leslie Gore, Herb Alpert, etc.
    So — this morning, I’m like… ummm… :::neck hurts:::



    Should I Trust In A Band With A Woman Name? HA ALICE I AM NOT THAT STUPID !!!!!!!!!!!!!


    aye gwynn, but tea should never be sticky. unless you are reading the leaves that is.

    ah tony… whoever said the alice name was a woman? hehe.

    nothing rings true until the bell is broken.

    feel for ya gwynn. you do try. i love you for that. dont get any ideas tho.

  • GwynnKatie

    ALICE, no worries. Love is something I gave up on many years ago. I have genuine love from my children, my grandson, and my family. Mutual admiration and affection from online friends is genuine as well and it sustains me and brightens my day. When I read *Chicken Ass Clown* the 1st thing I thought of was Sean in the Nona Tapes and with a mouthful of hot tea I spat out the laughter.
    Classic. And you’re right. No sugar for Gwynn. No sticky tea.

    Here’s something for you, from my youth:

    “…I took a chance — and changed your way of life…
    but you misread… my meaning when I met you
    closed the door —
    and left me blinded, by the light…”

    Thank you Elton John.
    AIC Forever

  • carvingboard

    Kind of shitty he doesn’t really know when record is coming out. Does?

  • GwynnKatie

    kingchaz was commenting about the same thing, but in a different article. I myself have the same question. When is the record to release and what is it called? But – it is what it is. I highly doubt the guys will begin a tour without having the record release first so I am counting on mid to late March. Brett will let us know.
    In Brett we Trust.



    I loved a few from elton back in the day. hard ass times they were. dont care much for him anymore. dont know why.

    glad you are strong stay that way.

    well its time to sail… thanks for the kindness.

    stay well sweet irish girl…

    my last post here.

    i will raise a spot of non sticky tea just for you!

    onward we go…


  • GwynnKatie

    If this is your last post here on the site I will most certainly miss
    you dearly my enigmatic friend. Still wanna know what you know.

    If this is the last post on this particular article — well, then…
    gonna feel real silly. Ah well, won’t be the first time —
    certainly won’t be the last. Aheh.

    Take care of yourself ALICE dear.
    Someone in Asheville Cares.

    Oh and yeah — I loved Elton in the 1970’s only. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Madman Across The water, Honky Château, etc. Once the 80’s hit — well, he changed and I lost interest. But – I was VERY psyched that Jer was able to have Elton to track the Piano on BGWTB. That song is the most beautiful tribute written for Layne – I tear up every time I hear it. I know you have a lack of love for the guys, but please understand where i come from.

    Gonna miss you dear – I wish you all the best in life.

    AIC Forever