Seeing Rod Stewart In Vegas? Things To Do Between The Show


Back for his fifth year at Caesar’s Palace, the aging yet never tiring rockstar that is Rod Stewart returns to Las Vegas in 2016.

Playing nine nights at the famous venue between 19th March and 5th April, that distinctively raspy voice howling the words to Forever Young, Do Ya Think I’m Sexy and Maggie May is always going to be one of the highlights of your Las Vegas visit. Yet it needn’t be the only one: here’s a handful of other things you can get up to when visiting the world’s best-known desert city.

Stroll along the strip

At two and a half miles long and running along the center of the city’s boulevard, the strip is the site of Las Vegas’ most famous, expensive and flamboyant establishments, many of whose names are recognised globally.

For instance, the Mirage Hotel is easy to spot due to its hardly indistinguishable volcano in front of the resort, whereas it also has astounding sites inside, including a dolphin habitat. The Bellagio is equally flashy, sporting an art gallery, spa and some of the city’s finest restaurants along with many other ways to spend your time in style. And let’s not forget Rod’s second home as well, the giant complex that is Caesar’s Palace, where you can see other acts at its huge venue, The Colosseum.

It’s highly recommended that you tour the Strip at night to get a true glimpse of the hypnotic, neon-lighted sights of a city which more than lives up to its reputation for extravagance.

Fremont Street

Of course, the Strip isn’t the only pedestrian walkway worth wandering down. Further downtown, you’ll find a variety of unique sites and a canopy of LED lights brightening up the sky in various colours. This is Fremont Street.

Although there are many establishments where you can have a great time, the street is best enjoyed through its special entertainment acts on the streets. It’s a bit rawer than Caesar’s Palace, but a different kind of experience is never a bad thing.

Try your hand in the casinos

Any trip to this city would feel wasted if you didn’t visit at least a few tables of blackjack and poker. Few things beat the rush of pinning your hopes on the roll of a dice or the random chance of a deck of cards, if you feel you need to scratch up on your blackjack knowledge then check on the history of the game for some tips.

Suggesting places to gamble on the Las Vegas Strip is nonsensical, as you can do it virtually anywhere. If you’re looking to go off the beaten track, then the classic casinos downtown are the edgier haunts of locals. Although the likes of Four Queens and Binion’s may not seem as fancy as their boulevard counterparts, their rules are often more favorable and their games cheaper.

The gambling itself isn’t the only fun part of a casino trip. From Mandalay’s Eyecandy to the Venetian’s Oculus, there are countless bars, the likes of which you won’t have seen before, constantly frequented by the most vibrant and entertaining of characters. Have a drink and make some new friends: you never know, they might give you a few tips on how to win more money.