Sea posted this on the forums. This show did not air live on Pearl Jam Radio on SiriusXM as originally planned, instead Ed’s November 1st Las Vegas show aired.

Eddie Vedder
Comerica Theater
Phoenix, AZ.
Nov 04, 2012

01. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town

(Ed briefly mentions the first time he played Phoenix in 1991 and the last time in 2003. He comments that it has been too long. He thanks them for being able to come to the show even though it had moved from it’s original date several months ago)

02. Brain Damage-(Waters)
03. Sometimes
04. Can’t Keep
05. Sleeping By Myself
06. Without You

(Ed talks about the ukulele being a naturally happy sounding instrument. When he got into the ukulele he was at the lowest point in his adult life. At first he wanted to destroy the “happy sounding” instrument. He let the uke sit for a few days and then decided he would bring it down to his level and wrote some of the saddest songs he could. He says the next song is not one of the sad songs but a happy one. “I gave one back to the uke, and I had also met a wonderful girl.”)

07. You’re True (towards the end of the song says, “at this point the couple had been together for about ten years, had a couple of kids and were going to get married, taking it slow you know…”)

08. Light Today

(Ed tells the story about staying up late in one beautiful, clear night with a bright full moon. All of his friends and family were asleep but he wanted to enjoy the evening. He took his portable recorder and walked to the beach while recording the sound of the waves that are used during the song “Light Today”. He talks about how beautiful and peaceful the evening was and great the recording came out but he goes on to say that if “you listen to the whole tape you can hear these great waves and I am walking back to the house and I took a different path that was mostly sticker bushes so towards the end of the you can hear me saying ‘fuck, ow, fuck fuck ow fuck’ as I walk back to the house.”)

09. Millworker (Taylor)

(Ed talks about good kids coming from good parents and parents in general. He mentions that he never got me meet his dad but when hanging out in a jazz club in Mesa he met a guy playing with the band who was a friend of Ed’s father. Ed goes on to say that he never got to play music for his dad but he does get to play music for his dad’s best friend. He then asks the man (Danny Jones?) to stand up. He says Danny is a great dad as well.)

10. Just Breathe (Ed asks the audience if they have heard the Willie Nelson version and proceeds to sing the song the way Willie does. Ed says “I probably know Willie’s version better than my own by now)

(Ed talks about rafting with Sean Penn after shooting the film “Into The Wild”. Brian is in the audience and Ed invites him up to look at the campfire he has on stage. Brian stays on stage while the next songs are played)

11. Far Behind
12. Guaranteed
13. Long Nights w/ Glen Hansard

(Ed talks about back packing with Brian and Sean Penn a bit more and mentions what a hero Penn is for everything he is doing in Haiti. He suggests people check out what they can do to help Haiti. )

14. Rise (Brian leaves the stage)
15. Better Man (hi string guitar version)
16. Masters Of War-(Dylan)

(Ed says the political process is making him physically sick. He talks about how great the country could be if we just got “the right people out of the way and let the country run the way it should”)

17. Unthought Known
18. Porch

Encore Break 1

19. Wishlist
20. Society w/ Glen Hansard-(Hannan)
21. Sleepless Nights w/ Glen Hansard-(Bryant, Bryant) {performed normally WITH mics and PA]
22. Falling Slowly w/ Glen Hansard-(Hansard, Irglova)

(Ed tells a story about being stuck in Gila Bend. A person in the audience shouts at Ed continuously even claiming to be the “Tom” of the story. Ed says if you get a chance stop by and see if Tom and Ava are still around)

23. Open All Night-(Springsteen)
24. Arc

Encore Break 2

25. Rockin’ In The Free World w/ Glen Hansard-(Young)
26. Hard Sun w/ Glen Hansard-(Petersong)

  • Joe

    I was sitting right in front of “Tom”

    He was just some old dude who knew the town Ed was talking about. Kept yelling the name of the gas station and the hotel or whatever. It was obnoxious and the woman with him was clearly as annoyed as all the rest of his neighbors.

    This was a very strange show. After ARC, 1/3 of the venue poured out. Apparently not many actual Pearl Jam fans in the audience, as we know there are ALWAYS 2 encores.

    Rocking in the Free world was played to a 2/3 full venue as a result of everyone’s stupidity.

    Hard Sun was played with a backing track that included drums and full backing vocals. Ed and Glen took the rhythm guitars and lead vocals on it though.

    It was a strange show. I think alot of people went in expecting a setlist full of Pearl Jam songs. The crowd didn’t even jump to their feet and get into the show till Porch.

    As always there were a few people who seemed hell bent on ruining the night for everyone else. Always 3-4 balding fratboy looking dudes who show up drunk, double fisting beers and yelling “eeeeeddddddiiiiiieeeeeee!!!!” as if he doesn’t know his own name. During quiet parts of songs they let it be known to everyone they were still there with the apparently-necessary “Wooooooooooo!!” and “yeaaaaaaaah baby!!!” and similar bullshit.

    I wish ticket sales could only be limited to the fan club. I get tired of sitting next to these types of boneheads who act like they have never been in public before.

    Great show from Ed though. It was awesome to get some extended stories in between songs, and he seemed a little more loose than when he has a drummer counting it in and keeping everything at a particular pace. He could start and stop whenever he wanted and it had a very laid-back feel about it as a result. Like he just was hanging out playing for friends or something.

    My first Vedder solo show, and perhaps not my last.

  • Shawnte

    I was mostly looking forward to the Into The Wild songs and they did not disappoint. Sounded better than the soundtrack versions and when they projected night stars onto the backdrop, it felt like we were all sitting around the campfire with Brian and Sean Penn, while Ed sings for his supper. It was a wonderful moment.

  • Millz

    Great show. Nice setlist. Wishlist and Just Breathe were my favorites. See you in 9 years Ed.

  • lol

    great set list, fucking amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CJ New Phx AZ

    Went to this show with my wife which is really the way to go to an Eddie Vedder Show. Friend I was supposed to go with luckily bailed out as I enjoyed the show more with the one I adore~ I had to rhyme there so it seemed appropriate. We knew after the first encore that there would be 2 more but we started the exodus as we live in Casa Grande and it was gettin late for us old folks. We dicided to stand in a tunnel for Rockin in the Free World and half of Big Hard Sun. We got out there nicely and made it home before midnight even though we stopped in Gila Bend to say “Ed says hi” to Tom and Avis or Mavis. We ran into Bunny and she asked if we wanted to spend the night. Ed warned us she knows everyone and that was no joke as she really wanted to get to know us ; )

    Sorry but I thought a nice ramble “Ed Style” would be cool. No one rambles better than Ed and I enjoy that side of the show as much as the music. I consider Ed my personal Guru even though he does not know me. The wife enjoyed the show, which was a plus as I am the PJ Fan in house. Not that she isn’t, she just does not put as much enthusiasm into it. I still love her though~

  • CJ New Phx AZ


    I found fake Tom annoying as well, but the pay off was Ed turning it into a funny moment. Liked your write up~

  • Brian

    This was an amazing show. I’ve seen PJ many times and this was a much different experience than any other. It was as if Ed was in my living room just jamming. It also helped that we were so close. We were right behind Brian. I loved Ed’s stories. That’s something you just can’t get with a PJ show.

    As for the crowd not getting into it until Porch, I highly disagree. It isn’t supposed to be the type of show where you’re on your feet throwing your head around. I felt like the crowd was engaged and Ed was just as engaged with the crowd. I hope he’s true to his word and doesn’t wait 9 years to come back. Music is a spiritual experience, or at least it can be, and when you have someone as involved and loves music and life as much as Ed does, it makes for an unforgettable night! Thx Ed and also to Glen (really good opener) for making it one of the best all around concert experiences of my life.

  • AndrayaD

    Really glad i was at the show last night….while it was certainly alot mellower than a pj show it was just as enjoyable. Loved listening to Eddies stories inbetween songs. Campfire and nightsky backdrop was magic like a great night out with a old friend. setlist was awesome too a mix of pj ukuele in to the wild and more. Eddie had my full attention throughout was my 1st eddie solo concert and definitely wont be the last.

  • Jack Irons

    Same lame ass setlist he’s been doing for 4 years now!!!

    Stop preaching and just sing!! You’re either a musician or politician!!

    EV is a clown!!

  • Brennan

    Hey! Did anyone record the nov 1st Sirius show?
    Would absolutely love to re live that! Lmk!

  • Truth

    Jack Irons = Troll

  • LoriSD

    On the drive home to San Diego today we stopped at the Texaco Where Eddie met Tom and Avis. The “Tom” at the concert was not the “Tom” who helped Eddie. Unfortunately, the real Tom passed away three years ago and Avis Passed away last year at the age of 75. The good thing about concert “Tom’s”outburst is that it, along with Eddie’s story, gave enough information for me to stop in and find their son, Tommy Junior, who runs the shop. Tommy Junior is a few years older than Eddie. He said he remembered when his parents took Eddie in. I asked him if he knew that the teenager with the broken down 1973 Toyota Corolla sometime 82-83 turned out to be an exceptional and very well-known rock musician. They had no idea. I told them verbatim as much as I could remember from Eddie’s story and how in front of thousands of people he talked about it last night. The people working were Awe. I could tell, Albeit in a reserved small-town awe kind of way. Tommy Junior said at the time he thought his parents were crazy helping out a stranger, but then said “the always did have good judgment.” I mentioned Bunny, but didn’t tell the “story”. Apparently she is married, still lives in the town, and is officially retired. I took a Photograph of Tommy, jr. For Eddie and have Tommy’s contact information. Does anyone know the best place to email a photograph so Eddie can see it? That would be really cool.

  • Zack

    I do have to agree that most of the fans at this show were expecting more Pearl Jam and it was really strange how many people left after Arc. But I was glad they did because then I was able to go right upfront to watch Rockin and Hard Sun. As for the crowd not standing up until Porch, I went the the EV show in Chicago and the crowd did not stand up until Porch was played as well. The Chicago (2nd night) show had a slightly better setlist and was a more intimate venue but this was still a great show and would have been even better if he played The End.

  • CJ New Phx AZ


    Awesome~ I bet you had goose bumps sharing the story…..

  • Parske

    What a way to spend my 1st wedding anniversary. It was like watching an uncensored VH1 Storytellers. The best concert I have been ever been to. Glen Hansard who kept thanking people for showing up early, I am very glad we did get there to hear his amazing voice!

  • Fan’s Wife

    Jack Iron: In Oct. I saw PJ play in MT as a political fundraiser. Eddie took the opportunity to make a few comments during the concert that were showing his political thoughts, it didn’t matter … we knew what we were getting into and we appreciate the music, even if we have to hear 60 seconds of Eddie’s thoughts.

    Since it sounds like you are not as appreciative of the comments made (which I don’t recall ANY political comments other than “get out and vote” during the 11/4 show)then perhaps you should consider giving up your ticket to someone who would actually appreciate it.

  • AZ_Chica

    This was my first time seeing Eddie live. I have not had the opportunity in the past to see him with Pearl Jam.

    This was also the first time my husband and I have been to a concert together. I have to say, this was a good one to choose to be our first.

    I have always loved Pearl Jam. I feel his/their songs could be a sound track to my life.

    I hope I don’t have to wait to much longer to hear Eddie play live again.

    Best Concert ever!!

  • Loder


  • Jeri

    The show was amazing. I consider myself a serious Pearl Jam fan and as far as leaving after the first encore, I did. I’m 39 years old not 19 and I don’t think this is a comment on my Pearl Jam commitment. I actually really loved leaving while Eddie was still playing; it made it last longer somehow. I really didn’t know what to expect; I was happy to be there, listening to Eddie be Eddie. I’d love to see Pearl Jam in a smaller venue as well. It’s so much more personal. Rock on.

  • Jeri

    Oh yeah. Glen Hansard was an awesome opening act. I loved him!

  • Jason

    Awesome show, been looking forward to it for almost a year, since I bought the tickets. I was really bummed that Sirius didn’t broadcast it, because I would love to have a recording of the show. If anyone happens to know of one out there, I’d love a link. I was surprised that he didn’t get more political, being two days from an election (yes, he made a couple vague comments about doing what you know is right on Tuesday, but that’s nothing compared to his usual political rants). I thought the setlist was great, the only song I had hoped to hear that he didn’t play was “Driftin'” because it’s one of my favorites. “Arc” sounded amazing in the theatre, and “Hard Sun” was a great closer. The stories were awesome, too. The only thing is that I really wish they had used the video screens. I know he wanted to keep the intimate feel, but up in the balcony, I could barely see him.

    Glen Hansard was also great, actually much better than I expected. Going in to the show, I wasn’t overly excited to see him, I just thought he’d be alright. I was really impressed, both by the songs and his performance. It was really great seeing him play a few with Eddie, too.

  • Melody

    I was looking here for setlist info. I’m going to see the shows in Florida. I’m traveling from the Midwest. Went to the shows in Minneapolis and Chicago. I can’t wait to see Eddie solo again. It’s going to be fantastic whatever he plays. I can’t wait!

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