Setlist from Soundgarden members Chris Cornell and Ben Shepherd’s performance at the Harlot in San Francisco about 1:30PM yesterday:

1. Blow Up The Outside World
2. Black Saturday
3. Halfway There
4. Black Hole Sun
5. Fell On Black Days

  • Shadow on the sun

    I was pretty excited for these shows but both these sets have been so short and really disappointing. Cornell does most of these on his songbook tours, I figured with Ben, they would dig into so easy different material. I’m sure it sounded great, but…..

  • Me

    Yes, setlists are too short and not digging the choices.

  • BillyL

    I think bands should only play songs that I like. I can’t believe they play these cool little acoustic shows without thinking about what I want. DOn’t they know I write stuff on the internet?

  • Abe Froman

    While I agree with the first two comments that these are boring, short sets, the fact of the matter is these are free shows. Tickets were not available for purchase, they had to be won. If people paid money for these shows I could see bitching about the sets, but in my opinion, you can’t complain about a free show.

  • Calvin McLain

    I think this would have been more comedic if this set was done at that Obama Campaign concert Cornell did, or maybe in the month of February at the least…

    But kidding aside, I personally think that set list kicks ass! Only wish it were longer. Am I the only one that feels it’s a long way for 2 men to travel to play for only 25-30min, they fly Seattle-S.F.-Arizona. Apart of contract somewhere with someone maybe?

  • Sarah

    We only counted the last three songs. The first two we didn’t even notice I guess. Great voice, nice cute show…but really? I left work in Sonoma County more than half way in to get to this show that I anticipated would be rockin’. That being said, was superb…but 3 songs for a day that cost us $100 with gas & all was sad. Had to tour the City in order to feel like the bridge toll was justified.

  • SG87

    Is there any videos of these acoustic shows they r doing?