Been Away Too Long
My Wave
Let Me Drown
Room A Thousand Years Wide
Hunted Down
Drawing Flies
Incessant Mace
Blow Up the Outside World
Fell On Black Days
Loud Love
Black Saturday
Eyelid’s Mouth
Rusty Cage
A Thousand Days Before

Worse Dreams
The Day I Tried To Live
Black Hole Sun
Slaves and Bulldozers

  • jt

    Upon my first listening of Rowing I thought it would be an amazing main setlist ender, I am glad to see they are using it for that.

    I hope they play nearly the same setlist when they come to LA, the only thing I would change is Drawing Flies or Incessant Mace for Head High. I think it would fit in great there, thats about where it was in 2011 for their setlist too.

  • ManBeast

    I don’t think they played A Thousand Days Before but they did play Attrition from King Animal.

  • Christopholese

    True. They definitely played Attrition and not 1000 days.
    Have some good shots of the show.

  • Christopholese

    Also, saw Duff McKagan in the audience. His wife has huge boobs.

  • Ian

    Andy copping (the guy who gets the acts for download.) was there too… Bastard reserved the 2 front rows on level 1… Was an amazing gig tho

  • Christopholese
  • Alternadude

    Awesome. Misses Jésus Christ pose though…

  • Yo


  • Shadow on the Sun

    here is the Taree performance from Jools set. What a gorgeous song and it sounds perfect live. i hope this song becomes a single. imo this song is one of their best

  • TC

    What a great set list. Loads of new songs. Awesome!

  • ortiga
  • ManBeast

    Yeah I think Taree was really strong live, song is so good.

  • Spoonman

    dang thats a great set. i hope the full album leaks soon. i hate the streaming thing.

  • le

    I like (Fell On A) Black Saturday when they played it last night. And yes its pretty obvious the song had a religious tone.

  • mandingo

    Thought they would have played by crooked steps , Such a powerful to hear live ! wish i had managed to get tickets . King Animal is an incredible album , So glad to have Soundgarden back !

  • g

    no ty? no big dumb?

  • Pete

    Damn, Taree and Rowing have grown on me big time, what kick ass songs.

  • mandingo

    Rowing is an amazing song , That bass line really grows on you ! Such a good riff

  • neil

    what a gig. made my year. finally, after 19 years, i was able to attend a soundgarden gig and man did i attend a good one. they played some obvious tracks (as expected) but they threw in some fucking whoppers with ‘loud love’, ‘drawing flies’ and an epic version of ‘florescent mace.’ they made a massive soundgarden fan a massively happy fella.