Soundgarden members Chris Cornell and Ben Shepherd performed a short intimate acoustic set yesterday in Seattle at the new Aston Manor Social Club.  More photos are available on

Burden In My Hand
Halfway There
Black Hole Sun
Black Saturday
Fell On Black Days

  • Flips

    Is the audio available somewhere?

  • Me

    Hmmm, interesting setlist…

  • tycobb667

    That’s a lot of BLACK haha…I sure hope this is the beginning of something new…Perhaps a Cornell/Shepherd acoustic side project or tour? SG Lite?

  • Melonboy

    BHS? Come on, playing to the masses.

  • allegra

    BHS & Halfway There… YAWN.

  • Shoegazer

    I’m not a fan of King Animal, but I imagine the 2 songs they played here from the album would come across better in an intimate, acoustic setting.

  • Triz

    It’s Black, none more black….

  • Shadow on the sun

    A lot shorter for a cornell performance but I would love to hear black saturday acoustic

  • yo

    Yeah Halfway There stripped down could be really cool

  • Mia

    Wow, I didn’t realize how many of their titles had the word “Black” in them until I saw them in order like that. And then there’s Black Rain too!

  • Ben

    I really hope this was recorded and that they might do this more often. I was hoping for some heavier songs with the acoustic treatment but still very interested to hear this.

  • Raj

    SG needs to do a full Unplugged set, I prefer the 80’s SG sound. Could you imagine Hunted Down, He Didn’t, Hands All Over, I Awake, No Wrong No Right, Power Trip done acoustically?

  • NiceNcleaN

    Need to hear it the pictures are nice but until then guess we can think songbook plus punk.

  • Scott

    How many Grunge songs the word Black in the song title? Of course there’s “Black” by Pearl Jam.

  • Seattle Dan

    you’re welcome for passing this to you, brett.

  • Kirill

    At Scott, not alot at least from the big 4
    Nirvana – 0
    Alice in Chains – 1 song
    Pearl Jam – 2 songs
    Soundgarden – 4 ))

  • Rob

    From the photos it looks like a nativity in black (NIB).

  • moth

    @ Krill,

    Actually, PJ has three songs with ‘black’ in its title:
    – Black
    – Spin the Black Circle
    – Black Red Yellow