Slash Reveals How Famous Singer Velvet Revolver Auditioned Ripped Off Another Song


Photo by: Rocco Guarino

Ex-Velvet Revolver and Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash discussed VR ripping off another song without even knowing it. He told Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx (transcribed by Ultimate-Guitar):

“Before Velvet Revolver really became Velvet Revolver we had written these two parts of one song, Duff [McKagan] and Matt [Sorum] and I.

“And we were working with some other guys – who will remain nameless – who brought in the other two parts of that song. So when Velvet Revolver came together we kept the song as it was.

“And it turned out that the other two guys had lifted their parts from a band that they were rehearsing next door to. So that band heard that song and said, ‘Those are our riffs!’

“We didn’t know what the fuck they were talking about. And then we heard who it was, that there was a band who was rehearsing next door. So when we heard the record, the song, I heard where those parts were and it was like, ‘Oh, fuck!'”

Asked if “those guys got songwriting credit,” Slash replied:

“Not the original band, but the guys we were working with. But the only thing is we were getting sued by the original band for that song.”

Ultimate-Guitar points out that the song Slash is discussing is “Dirty Little Thing” off of Contraband. The musicians Slash is referring to are Josh Todd and Keith Nelson of Buckcherry, who briefly played with the band before they settled on Scott Weiland and Dave Kushner. The song they ripped off is Dirty Deeds’ “Cyber Babe.”

  • DME

    are you illiterate?

    • Ryan

      I’ll handle this one everyone.

      Yes, Brett is extremely illiterate. Some would say he’s the epitome of illiteracy.

      • FM KC

        Others wouldn’t. If you so strongly disapprove of all he does, why do you bother coming back every single day? I mean, you wouldn’t go back to a restaurant you don’t like and keep asking them to change the menu. Would you?

        • Ryan

          Unfortunately for me, he covers bands that I enjoy. Also, I now consider this site a comedy one; his writing and choice of articles are rather funny.

          • FM KC

            Same for me. I pick what works for me and have fun with the rest. It is insane but by now I find there’s a fun punk feel to Brett’s random use of melt your heart/ blow you away refs, like Mark Lanegan’s new hairdo will blow you away… wtf! Had a good laugh and moved on. Personally I stay away from anything funeral/ cemetery/ relatives, but I still click on them to help him with the traffic.

          • Corndog

            There was a time that i used to click on every single article at least a few times each day but i am so tired of reading about dead singers and what their Granny’s, uncle’s, next door neighbours cat is up to that i actively avoid clicking anything like that at all now. If i see Chris Cornell or Chester Bennington’s name in the title i just more on. I have zero interest in their relatives. Don’t get me wrong, i feel for their kids and the loss that they have experienced but i don’t need to know every time that Cornell’s daughter farts. I’m just not interested in her. She wasn’t a member of SG, last time i checked. Not that i’m a SG fan, but you get the idea. Same with Frances Cobain. I don’t understand why we are supposed to be interested in her just because of who her father was. To the best of my knowledge she is not in an alternative band that is actively releasing music so i don’t know why she even gets covered here.

            I really don’t get the whole ‘you get to be famous without actually doing anything simply because your parents were famous’.

          • FM KC

            You don’t have to convince me of that! I do not read any of the funeral / grave site / relatives stuff, I just click on them once in the morning, thinking it might help him keep the site alive, maybe I shouldn’t. I did try twice to make my point on the Cornell family’s over-exposure, few people seem to agree that enough was enough, on the contrary. So I moved on. In general, if you can only be referred to as somebody’s wife/ child/ sibling / whatever, then your exposure in the public space should remain within reason. Some people make a career out of it.

          • Corndog

            The whole Cornell thing is just beyond ridiculous at this point. The way people act in the comments section like they know these people intimately and can tell you exactly what his wife’s motivations are for this or reasons were for that etc etc. It’s bizarre! No matter how much you feel you may have connected with these bands you don’t know them personally and you certainly don’t know what’s going on behind closed doors.

            I find it all rather peculiar.

          • FM KC

            I am not a huge SG fan either, I do respect the man and his music, who doesn’t? I wish I didn’t know much of everything I read after his passing, with people obsessing over his personal life and his family fueling that. I said this before, I wish there was a law to protect the dignity of those who cannot protect themselves… If we die tomorrow, we wouldn’t want our relatives to publish our journals, “reveal” our private emails/letters (there was even a post-it from the frigo, wtf!) or to endlessly mourn over the internet for years to come. I feel cheap even for having read some of the comments. The man was in one of the coolest bands ever, not some fangirls boyband. People seem to be on a mission though and if lasts as long as it does for Kurt… It is intriguing to say the least!
            I now keep the distance as the devil from the holy water… gloomy hint intended 🙂

          • Corndog

            We’re in full agreement on the matter. I don’t really like SG but i think that he had a great voice and always seemed like a nice guy when he was interviewed. It’s a shame that both family and fans alike wont allow the man a modicum of dignity in death and let him to rest in peace.

            His wife really is taking the sharing a little too far, but to quote the man himself, ‘if it helps you mend then i wont stop it’. I guess it is up to her to grieve in her own manner. I just wish she’d keep it to herself, especially as he always appeared to be a reasonably private person.

          • HippieChic61

            I’d like this 10 x if I could!

          • HippieChic61

            “I really don’t get the whole ‘you get to be famous without actually doing anything simply because your parents were famous’ thing.”
            Kinda like a participation trophie !LOL

  • Olga Stewart

    Gee Josh and Todd, that was really bright of you.