Slipknot Singer Corey Taylor ‘Crazy’ Divorce Behavior Revealed


Slipknot and Stone Sour singer Corey Taylor discussed his divorce from his ex-wife Stephanie Luby in a new Let There Be Talk podcast interview. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

“I just got separated and I just went down a crazy wormhole. I was really depressed I just been through hell. At first you know you are a single guy you can go and do what ever but now, you got all this crazy shit at your finger tips and for a social media addict it was kinda nuts.

I was on Twitter, Instagram, and it took me awhile to get out of it. I was out on the road ignoring my fucking duties. I was only away from it when I was with my kids and even then I had to force my way out of it. I’m still on Twitter and Instagram but I’ve extricated myself from the whole fucking process to the point where I had to shut down my DM’s and change all kinds of shit.”

He also criticized modern alternative radio songs.

“Live music is coming back. I think people are just over all these hippie sounding bands  that sound like Ed Sheeran wrote their songs for them.”