Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil was recently interviewed on 100.7 WMMS on The Alan Cox Show, here are some notes from the interview.

On new music stars being found on the internet: “There are a few different things that can be appraised there, one is you’re discovering a great talent, or the other one is the novelty of it all. Like that Gangnam Style guy, I imagine there’s an element of novelty in that. Of course with Justin Bieber you have a guy that has some talent but also looks good on a girl’s wall. I’m guessing young girls and their Bieber posters, they have them for a reason.”

On Soundgarden’s reunion: “It’s certainly not about the money, it really is a matter of pride and the legacy. We would like to perceive ourselves in the way that we perceived the bands that we loved when we were growing up, the way we felt about the Ramones or Sabbath or the MC5 or Pink Floyd. It’s like okay, well this is the way we’ve been for 13 years, and now it’s been neglected, we need to pay attention to this. I mean people are having kids, our friends have kids, that’s what kind of brought it to our attention. We have friends saying ‘hey my kid’s learning bass, or he’s in jazz band, he’s really into Soundgarden or Nirvana, we went and picked up some Nirvana shirts the other day at the store and we couldn’t find any Soundgarden,’ it’s like oh jeez. Those are the issues that brought it to our attention, the fact that there are people who are fans but had a hard time finding stuff about us. I mean you could find Superunknown and Badmotorfinger those records are everywhere, but some of the earlier records were out of print like the Sub Pop record.”

  • versus

    Have SG reissued their back catalogue? I seem to recall they had some sort of vinyl releases last year, but can’t remember if they’ve remastered anything pre-Badmotorfinger.

  • gsush

    Guild reissued the S-100 at Namm 2013 (Kim Thayil’s guitar of choice) and they totally screwed it up to the point where they shouldnt have bothered if that was their best effort and I notice that Kim does not use one but still uses his proper S-100’s.
    I really hope he had nothing to do with the design of the reissue!

  • Cobainsweater

    I only go for the chicks with Kim Thayil posters on their wall.

  • Yo

    ^ i agree with that!

    Kim’s the man.

  • kingchaz

    Who cares if it is about money? The guys have to eat!

    COC three-piece did the same thing. They can’t wait around for Pep to take a break from Down (and the self-title and Megalodon were pretty fun).

  • Deviate

    Shit, I’d have a Kim Thayil poster on my wall if I could find one.

  • HannahNirvana

    Ha, I have all four members of SG on my walls. (and many others from the grunge scene).

  • Vann

    I got an official Superunknown promo poster from 94 professionally framed hanging in my sun room :) Mint condition!

  • Curmudgeon

    I picture Kim winning knife fights in a dark alley.

  • Southern Discomfort

    Kingchaz!!! Hails to you brotha ! The mighty DOWN did alright by Pep, and he still joins them (CoC) on stage for a song or two if the paths and stars line up .

  • Cobainsweater

    Down are fucking awesome. This site should cover them. Their sound is definitely indebted to grunge in some ways.