The following comes from Soundgarden’s  official Facebook page:

Limited edition tour poster for Hamerstein Ballroom by Neal Williams. Only 170 made.

Posters from the tour for sale here:

You can view the poster below:

  • Gus

    I dont understand why this is a feature article on here? I attended the Chicago show and bought one of the posters for the night and it was numbered to 175. So why is that not featured on here? I want news about the band, not about the merchandise they are trying to sell.

  • Corey

    Wow thats a awesome poster!!!

  • Pete

    Soundgarden has had some sick posters this tour. The Vancouver show had a run of 150 and sold out half an hour before SG even went on stage. Leaving the concert I had 3 separate people approach me to buy the posters off of me.

  • Abe Froman

    Gus, it actually is news to any one who missed out on a poster at the show, & now has a chance to score one for a decent price as opposed to having to pay big bucks on eBay.

  • Calvin McLain

    Yeah I bought both Fox Theater Oakland posters for those shows and only 250 were made. All of them signed and numbered. I love it when artists do that. Not a fan of limited runs but if that’s what it takes in order to have them sign and number then all I understand, and very much appreciate the artist taking the time to do that. I also had multiple people on the BART ask me to purchase mine each night. Second setlist never showed up on here from the Fox theater 2/13 show strangely enough.

    I would also very much enjoy that along with the set list from any Soundgarden or any show for that matter if the picture of the poster from said show was with it. Sometimes the poster is way more original and interesting then a set list especially from certain groups *cough* Chili Peppers *cough*. If ya read this Brett, I hope to bring that as one of my many contributions to the upcomming Alternative Nation!

  • Zod

    Yah the Vancouver one sold out before I got a chance to buy one. Luckily I googled it after the show and the artists was selling them (and some variants) on his website. I ended up buying a copy with a silver colour scheme which I thought looked better than the original.

    I like official concert/posters artwork (allthough some of them are lemons.. ahem. Pearl Jam Vancouver 2011). They make for cool momentos from shows.

  • Chris Cornhole

    Wow I want a limited edition Soundgarden poster…said no one ever!

  • workman

    Chris Cornhole- you’re talking out of your cornhole. I have 4 of them hanging in my home and they’re all rad. You can blow it out your asshole, fuckass.

  • Jack Irons

    This is news? That they’re selling the left over show posters on their website?
    They did this last tour as well…