Soundgarden members Chris Cornell and Ben Shepherd will perform another secret acoustic set on Monday April 15th in Phoenix, Arizona. Tonight Cornell and Shepherd are set to perform in the San Francisco area.

  • Scott

    That would be fun to watch but I don’t live there.

  • EvenFlow

    Coincides with family vacation. Fucking going to this.
    Shepherd and the DBacks

  • aaron


  • Jack Irons

    A friend of a friend who knows this guy at Baskin Robbins who heard it from the night manager at McDonalds next to Chase Field.

  • Sonic_Junkie

    HOLY SH&T!!! I live in Phoenix… gotta find out where this will be

  • Sonic_Junkie

    tickets are not for sale, you have to win them

  • Raj

    Chris on drums and Ben on guitar, should be interesting…

  • Millz

    There is no McDonald’s next to Chase Field.


    Umm Mcdonalds :) i could sure go for some big macs :) fries, chicken mcnuggets and a fruit smoothie right about now ;)

    Lets get back to talking about Soundgarden , the rock band ok??
    I wanna hear a new album from these guys, their last one was kinda boring and mediocre, I want to hear songs about hamburgers and fries :)

    jk ;)

  • JesseJane

    See EvenFlow,ask and you shall receive! This is what I was trying to explain to you on another post, about a week ago. You said you “wanted info about when Chris would be coming to your town and hopefully not at a local Walmart!”.So,since you were so very funny and I am a very sweet little girl I wrote you right back.I explained that if you go to Chris or Vicky’s twitter pages, or Chris’ official sight you will find out the inside information about surprise gigs or private gigs and if and when they might be in your area soon.I had a little inside info they would be in your area, Phoenix, but I wasn’t sure. However, I am guessing you did not read it since You wrote some mean things to me a couple of nights ago! Go check your recent posts and you will see. Any way, I hope you got to see Chris play. let me know how it was! O.K.? Meow Meow Meow