Soundgarden, Mudhoney, & Clutch Fans Should Check SLUMLORD RADIO

Don't forget Helmet, too.


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SLUMLORD RADIO is a grimy rock outfit out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, consisting of Tommy ‘Capt. Hollywood’ Erickson on vocals/guitar, Mike ‘El Ace’ Todd on bass/backing vocals, “Dangerous” David Flynn on guitar, and Matt ‘Rattlesnake’ Claucherty on drums. The band finds influence in dirty underground rock and punk bands of the 80’s and early 90’s, a sound which is evident across the band’s discography (available via Bandcamp and the usual streaming/download platforms).

Check out the first single off of their latest release, Too Pretty For Tijuana, below, then read for a brief interview with Tommy, who lays the groundwork for the band. Grunge fans should also check out the group’s cover of Mudhoney’s classic “Touch Me I’m Sick”, available on their 2014 release, $3 Dollars, A Half Pack of Smokes and Some Other Jive S​*​*​t.

Of the music video below, frontman Tommy notes: “Slumlord Radio is now banned from China.”

Can you tell us a bit about the origins of Slumlord Radio?

Slumlord Radio originally formed in 2010 in Grand Rapids, MI. The group is comprised of former Swedish male models, lumberjacks and over the road truckers. We had gotten ourselves into a pitch with a bookie on the eastside of the state and needed a way to pay off our massive gambling debts. Forming a band seemed like the best sure bet to make some quick cash. Cuz it was either jamming raw rock n’ roll, robbing a bank or donating a shit ton of plasma to Biolife. Seemed like a wise (?) decision.

What are some of your rock music influences?

Some of the 90’s bands that really influenced us: Helmet, Old Soundgarden, Mudhoney, Clutch, Quicksand. Definitely the early grunge scene! As well as some of the Euro rock that was happening at the time like The Hellacopters, Turbonegro, The Wildhearts, Gluecifer, etc.

What can readers who like what they’ve heard so far come to expect from Slumlord Radio in the future? 

We are currently working on a follow to our most recent release “Too Pretty For Tijuana” (which is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Music, bandcamp, Etc.). The new album should be out sometime in early 2017. In the near future we’ll be out tearing up stages like a tornado thru a trailer park. Be sure to look for us various dive bars through out the Midwest, and select yacht club swanky soirees.

Can you tell us a bit more about your local music scene in Michigan? Or any promising artists you’ve crossed paths with? 

Michigan has some great rock bands, if you got a second, the scene is worth checking out: All of our Honyock Records brothers and sisters (The Holy Warheads, The Outlaws of Zen, Seritas, The Bitters and American Zombie Inquisition.) Murder Party, Antilogical, Dead Eyed Zack, Bonehawk, Whaler, The Mongrels, Jackpine Snag, MOTO, Westside Rebellion, Tosspints, StoneClover, Rip Van Ripper, Small Town Harlot, Bleed the Water.

Also, a sweet band from TN Indighost and from ATL The Love Buzzards. Any of the rad “grungy comps” from NYC’s Factory Fast Records.