1. Been Away Too Long
2. My Wave
3. Worse Dreams
4. Jesus Christ Pose
5. Spoonman
6. By Crooked Steps
7. Outshined
8. Taree
9. Rowing
10. Non-State Actor
11. Get on the Snake
12. Loud Love
13. Ugly Truth
14. Blow Up the Outside World
15. Fell on Black Days
16. Drawing Flies
17. Hunted Down
18. Live to Rise
19. Tighter & Tighter
20. Big Dumb Sex
21. Hands All OVer
22. Bones of Birds
23. Rusty Cage

24. Black Hole Sun
25. Let Me Drown
26. Flower
27. Beyond the Wheel

  • Jason

    It was a killer show…better than night 1 in Chicago.

  • McShpoochen

    Get on the snake and Tighter & Tighter.. Lucky crowd.

  • Wall1970

    Very lucky! It was awesome. I expected them to be great, but they by far were beyond our expectations. Excellent show.

  • Calvin McLain

    Another impressive looking set list!

  • SuperSG

    Brett you should check out Chris Cornell’s brothers singing and material! He is good! Chris and Peter Cornell should do an album together

  • spifftastic sex

    A sold out show. Amazing gig. Kim fell on his ass in the middle of the set.

  • Riley R.

    It seems like they’re becoming more comfortable with playing their deeper/less well-known songs. I’m hoping for a New Damage, Mind Riot, or something along those lines soon.

  • Inmytree

    Another great setlist … Please play Overfloater!

  • Grungecaster 1




    :) hehe

    They have been playing all across the USA, damm I think the band is ready for another retirement. They must be billionaires by now :)

  • http://dlm_hhgttu Blownupworld

    This was my fourth SG show and my favorite setlist yet. Seemed like they played lots of the pre-Badmotorfinger heavy shit. I’m still stoked!!! And everytime I see these guys (and Pearl Jam) I just get more & more impressed with how good Matt Cameron is. He really is very, very good.

  • emu

    Guitarist to talk with Wyatt Wendels.

    Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard has told Planet Rock he’s looking forward to bringing his other band to the UK.

    Brad begin their European tour here in the UK later this month. The band formed in Seattle more than twenty years ago but this will be the first time they’ve played on British soil.
    Stone told Planet Rock’s Wyatt Wendels that he enjoys the variety in playing with Brad and Pearl Jam, and you can hear an extract from the interview below:

    Be sure to listen to the full interview in Wyatt’s show “New Rock” on Saturday at 10:00pm..

  • SuperSG


  • Cobainsweater

    Love all the deep cuts these guys are mixing into the set each night. You can tell they really know their audience. There is stuff in there for the hardcore fan, the casual fan, and for themselves. They’re doing an awesome job of mixing the King Animal material in with the classic stuff to help it stand up in the set.

    These guys are bonafide professionals, worthy of my money any night. Would love to see them throw “Like Suicide”, “Heretic”, or “I Alone” in there some night.

  • DownUnderTheUpside

    ‘I Awake’ I thin you mean mate ;)

  • DownUnderTheUpside

    Woke up depressed
    I left for work
    You have a good day
    It’s not your fault
    I know it hurts

    Remember, I love you, love you
    Remember, I love you, love you
    I love

    Woke up depressed
    I left for work
    You have a good day
    It’s not my fault
    I know it hurts

  • Cobainsweater

    “I Awake”, yes. My mistake.

  • SuperSG

    Where the hell is the bones of birds video?!?!?