Nothing to Say
Jesus Christ Pose
Hands All Over
By Crooked Steps
My Wave
The Day I Tried to Live
Been Away Too Long
Worse Dreams
Hunted Down
Drawing Flies
Eyelid’s Mouth (Matt’s son Ray Cameron played additional guitar)
Blow Up the Outside World
Fell on Black Days
Live to Rise
Tighter & Tighter (with Mike McCready)
Non-State Actor
Ty Cobb

Rusty Cage
Beyond the Wheel

Here also is a picture of the original setlist given to us by an anonymous reader:

Bio: Mike Mazarone graduated from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in 2011 with a degree in communications, basically relegating him to better then you status (Except for boss Brett Buchanan). Before joining the AlternativeNation staff he was a contributor and producer to Brett Buchanan’s pro wrestling/MMA/comedy radio show – Barbaric Wrestling Radio, from 2006 to 2009. Mazzarone’s job there was to be a contributor and book interviews. After the show ended Buchanan hired Mazzarone right away to be AlternativeNation's head reporter. Contact: MJMazarrone (at) or; mike (at)
  • NevertheMachine

    Wow epic set

  • KB14

    Would love to see a Tighter and Tighter vid with McCready!

  • Jack

    Could someone who went tell me if there was an opening band and what time SG hit the stage? I am going tonight. Thanks in advance.

  • hip (eponymous) poor boy

    No opener they get on stage 830-9

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  • Casper

    Ty Cobb!!

  • http://dlm_hhgttu Blownupworld

    Wish these guys were recording all these shows for bootlegs like Pearl Jam does. These are some epic setlists!!!

  • Todd

    Tighter & Tigher with Mike McCready

    Keep your expectations in check, sounds like he’s playing a lead from a Pearl Jam song off their last album. Oh, and he messes up right off the bat like he’s never heard the song.

  • Maverick785

    Wow, when was the last time Flower was used as an opener?

  • Cobainsweater

    That setlist is monolithic. Not surprising since it was the homecoming show.

    I wonder why they axed the first three songs out of the encore. Pretty Noose and BIMH would have been TITS.

  • IdleDrew

    Are all these setlist reports really necessary, or are you just running low on BillCo. news?

  • Luciano

    I went to the Seattle show all the way from Italy :). It was awesome.
    I also have a better picture of the setlist and also the original one ;).

  • Reuben

    I was there.