1. Incessant Mace
2. My Wave
3. Been Away Too Long
4. Worse Dreams
5. Jesus Christ Pose
6. Flower
7. Taree
8. Spoonman
9. By Crooked Steps
10. Blind Dogs (1st time played live, excluding Self-Pollution Radio broadcast)
11. Rowing
12. Non-State Actor
13. Drawing Flies
14. Hunted Down
15. Black Saturday
16. Bones of Birds
17. Blow Up the Outside World
18. Fell on Black Days
19. Burden in My Hand
20. A Thousand Days Before
21. Blood on the Valley Floor
22. Rusty Cage
23. New Damage
24. 4th of July

25. Outshined
26. Black Hole Sun
27. Ty Cobb
28. Slaves & Bulldozers

Note: Nothing to Say scratched after Outshined during the encore

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  • SIN

    That’s badass!

  • Flips

    Any idea when the PBS tv show will air?

  • Lennart
  • Chris Marsall

    Check out the above link to the New Damage youtube video.. click on other users videos and you’ll see more songs from last night and more songs from Saturday night. I went on Friday but forgot my camera.. three great shows.. love this band!

  • drew

    this will be a fun show to watch/listen to!

    i’ve been rallying for blind dogs since the reunion began; so glad they played it! dig the slow grind of this tune!

  • Chris Marsall
  • the barking branches

    The safe bet is on your knees
    Bow your head to the Trinity
    That’s what the blind dogs believe
    But I’ve heard that before

    Blind Following blind….. (THAT’S THE KINDA LYRIC I WANT FROM CORNELL)

  • the barking branches

    Fucking a’

  • Philip

    Someone here said the “rumor” (from where is anyone’s guess) was ‘Overfloater’ to be played at the final tour date. ‘Blind Dogs’ was certainly an even bigger surprise and a tremendous one at that.

  • Shadow on the Sun

    Blind Dogs will always be one of my fave SG songs, hopefully someone caught it and put it on youtube, can’t wait to hear it!!!!!!!!!

    Soooo, this show was supposed to be recorded professionally, anyone know if it will be broadcasted or released on dvd?

  • xxxcreep

    This was a really fun concert 😮 I really can’t wait to see them again. I think 4th of july and by crooked steps were my favorite out of all the songs they played. Its took cornells a few songs to warm up his voice just like the review said for saturdays concert but it was pretty damn awesome 😮

  • Lennart
  • Spoonman

    show was amazing. everyone was into and EVERY song was on point

  • Inmytree

    I hope the Overfloater rumor is true. Blind Dogs is a killer rarity but Overfloater is a better song, criminal it hasn’t been played yet.

  • Philip

    No the ‘Overfloater’ rumor wasn’t true- they played their last show of the tour last night. It’s not a better song, just a different one.

  • Monster Robert

    Blind Dogs and New Damage wow. Amazing I wish I got to see that.

  • Pete

    Overfloater is an incredible song.

  • SuperSG

    Hold the potion out stare your shadow down remember to forget and then rename your shame

  • the barking branches

    safe bet is on your knees
    Bow your head to the Trinity
    That’s what blind dogs believe
    But I’ve heard that before

    Blind Following blind…..

    That´s why they feed Christians to the Lions … (Cornell 94′) Fact!