1. Searching With My Good Eye Closed
2. Attrition
3. Let Me Drown
4. Jesus Christ Pose
5. Spoonman
6. By Crooked Steps
7. Rhinosaur
8. Taree
9. My Wave
10. Been Away Too Long
11. Worse Dreams
12. Pretty Noose
13. Burden in My Hand
14. A Thousand Days Before
15. Black Saturday
16. Blow Up the Outside World
17. Fell on Black Days
18. Fresh Tendrils
19. New Damage (First time since 1994, 6th time ever)
20. Superunknown
21. Live to Rise
22. Non-State Actor
23. Mailman
24. Like Suicide

25. Outshined
26. Rusty Cage
27. Dusty
28. Slaves & Bulldozers

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  • Ty Cobb


  • Yo

    NO FUCKING WAY. I never ever expected to hear that live!

  • Big M


  • jimschuck

    Thanks for the video! I am going tonight – do you recall what time they hit the stage? Thanks.

  • windowpane

    wow. what a setlist.

  • jt

    jimschuck: Ticketmaster says 7pm.

  • Jetro

    Are they making a DVD of this show?

  • Bat2797

    They went on at 845. Expect the show to be LOUD AS FUCK amazing show

  • Doug

    The Wiltern sounds like shit. My garage sounds better. Last night was great. Going Sunday too.

  • Doug

    Rumor I heard last night is that they are filming the weekend for a soundgarden dvd. Plus u have the artists den sunday.

  • MindRiot132

    New Damage and Like Suicide…..awesome

  • Erik

    They are recording video of Sunday night only, February 17th. Can’t remember who/ what for, what its usage will be. I didn’t think the sound was terrible at all, just quite loud. Both ‘Black Saturday’ and ‘New Damage’ were great surprises (have they played the former yet? Not on this tour I don’t think). ‘New Damage’ hasn’t been played in longer than 15 years, more like 22 years.

  • Dave

    LAST SHOW will be filmed and recorded – rumor for last show is OVERFLOATED will be played for firs time ever – and other songs played for the first time on this tour will be litte joe and all your lies

  • the keeper

    Dave where did you hear that they were playing Overfloater??

  • Erik

    ‘Little Joe’ has been played live before. Did you mean first time ‘this tour’ or first time ‘ever’? Man I’d go batshit if they played ‘Overfloater’ live on the 17th, as would most I’d take a gander. Maybe even a b-side surprise… Probably wrong about ‘New Damage’, thought it wasn’t since ’91 or ’92 they’d done it…

  • Ben

    Chris’s voice is just getting better and better, stronger and clearer the longer Soundgarden have been back!

  • SuperSG

    Tommorow is my birthday… Please Chris…sing Overfloater? For me? SuperSG?