Soundgarden will headline the DC101 Chili Cook-Off in Washington DC on May 4.

  • bmeade


  • Jack Irons

    They’re playing in Europe?

  • Truth

    Hmmm don’t seem to see anyone mention your sorry trolling ass name Jack Irons?! Why are you commenting? Thought you said you only comment when someone mentions you? So your a troll and a liar. How sad.

  • Calvin McLain

    For those who have not received this info on Jack Irons and why he’s such a pathetic guy to be posting on this fan site:

    Jack Irons was once a huge Eddie Vedder fan, some years back he was mocked at a EV solo concert and EV almost made him cry. With his gf attending the show also. I don’t yet know what he did, but I can only imagine for acting in the similar fashion to how you are on this site post this experience.

    But now you just want to talk shit about him to make your horrible experience seem less traumatic. Because if others think he’s not as great as you once thought he was, when he made you cry then you don’t feel like such a constant momo in front of thousands…

  • chuck shaq

    why even do events like this? Guess its no different than playing a show for Target corporate staff or Oracle. Only difference there’s real fans in the audience, some of them they’re to get drunk and flash their tits at Chris