Soundgarden’s first album in 16 years King Animal is officially out in the United States today and is also out in many other countries. Here are the iTunes charts as of 2:46AM, I’ll edit this story later with updates.

#9 on iTunes in United States
#30 in United Kingdom
#26 in Australia
#6 on iTunes in Canada

  • Dave

    I downloaded my copy right after the Letterman performance! What a night! What a day!

  • TC

    My least favorite song on the album, Halfway There, is actually a cool demo. They should have left it acoustic.

    Black Saturday demo is also very cool.

    Can’t wait to hear the other Best Buy demos – Thousand Days Before and Bones of Birds

  • Shayla

    If you’re looking to download the album, go to Amazon. It appears the band has pulled a Lady Gaga and are selling super cheap ($3.99) to increase first week album sales.

  • cosmicatomic

    The fact that it’s #9 makes me realize what a sad state the music industry is in.

  • With Negativity

    UPS hasn’t tracked my order from Best Buy since Friday. I’m hating this.

  • Shayla

    As I always say, you’re a fool if you think record sales has anything to do with the quality of music. Yeah, it’s sad it’s only #9 so far, but what’s the difference? Would it be a better album if it was in the top 3? Very few people even buy albums anymore, so I don’t blame them for selling it for under $4 to try to get more people to hear it.

  • fred

    Too bad its not a good record.

  • Sticky


    You are right, it’s not a good record … it’s great. I got two copies already.

  • Mia

    Amazon says I won’t get my cd until Monday 😛

  • tino

    you dont know anything about music
    excellent album
    top 6 songs are among soundgardens best
    overall 8/10

  • Toby

    This is the catchiest Soundgarden album! I love it. In my opinion, their best album right behind Superunknown.
    Too bad for Soundgarden but King Animal would’ve sold millions in the 90’s.

  • bradley

    i’m afraid Fred is right. Alice in Chains return was better.

  • BlownUpWorld

    I intentionally avoided listening to the teasers (after the first one) so I could sit back & soak up the whole album on release day. Totally fucking impressed! It just keeps getting better with every listen, too.

  • Pete

    #7 right now, I’m in Canada.

  • Pete

    Top 10 by country:

    United States:
    #5 deluxe edition
    #10 normal edition

    #3 deluxe

    #5 deluxe

    #8 deluxe

    #5 normal

    #9 deluxe

    #7 deluxe

    #8 deluxe