Slash was on 93X Radio today and revealed that Scott Weiland has been stirring up Velvet Revolver reunion talk because Stone Temple Pilots have fired him.

“That’s because he got fired from STP.”

“I think all things considered, because these things always catch me by surprise too cause I always find out about it through the media and I’m on the road in another country and I start hearing all this stuff and then I inquire within, and that’s what I was told.”

Rumors initially spread in October on that STP were going to break up following their short 2012 North American tour. Stone Temple Pilots reunited in 2008 and released a self-titled album in 2010, which featured the rock radio hit Between The Lines. Since then the band have had trouble getting back in the studio, with rumors of the band being frustrated with Weiland’s antics and Weiland claiming he is tired of the band’s stale setlists. Weiland was also fired from Velvet Revolver in 2008. Stone Temple Pilots themselves have not yet released a statement on the state of the band.

Stone Temple Pilots previously broke up in 2003 and the DeLeo brothers/Eric Kretz briefly ditched Weiland from 1997-1998 to form the band Talk Show with Dave Coutts on vocals. It’s bewildering that after so many years of ups and downs, the band wouldn’t just decide to take a year off rather than break up/fire somebody.

  • Joe


  • Hailey

    Okay, I was listening to that today (they’re the local rock station here in Minneapolis) and I got so confused, but this was pretty hilarious!!!!

  • aaron

    who gives a flying fuck? this band sucks.

  • Magic Mike Mazzarone

    I would like to fire my warm seed into the wet, tight pussy of Taylor Momsen.

  • ejsme

    Yeah, I don’t buy it. They would break up, not fire him. Slash doesn’t know what’s going on with STP. I think that he maybe heard they weren’t happy with Scott or something and didn’t feel like doing anything right now, but they wouldn’t try to do STP with another singer. That would be Talk Show or Army of Anyone and those didn’t sell well.

  • ejsme

    Taylor Momsen is going to be the new lead singer of STP. But they’re going to change the name so STP stands for Sweet Taylor’s Pussy.

  • Brett Buchanan

    Even if they broke up/Scott got fired, if Scott can’t get VR back together (he won’t) STP with Scott will be back within the next 2-3 years. It’s just mind boggling that these guys can’t get their shit together and stick it out after so many fuck ups over the years. Take a year off, don’t fire anybody or break up at this stage in your career.

  • Magic Mike Mazzarone

    Ohhhh yeahhh. Oh babbby.

  • Lennart

    Scott just needs to retire, get a punch in the face and get his fucking shit back together, and maybe after a while come back.

  • Andrei

    Oh boy…

  • insignificant

    Can this be confirmed before you headline it on the site????? Slash is repeating something he heard 2nd hand.

    DUDE, come on Brett.

  • Brett Buchanan

    insignificant, I heard this rumor second hand in October that the band were done because the band were tired of Scott’s antics, but that it would probably be announced in 2013. I hope it’s not true, but with STP’s management the only way to get any word from them is for the story to get out there.

  • jjc19461

    I just wish they could get along. I love STP and i don’t want to see them not make music anymore. I know they’ve had problems with Scott, but they can overcome these like they have before. They should just take a break, let Scott and STP relax, and make another album(s).

  • aaron

    Mark Arm: “There were the Stone Temple Pilots, who started out by aping Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam, but they didn’t move here…and then there was the Australian fake Nirvana, Silverchair, you know, the little kiddie version— they sure were cute.”

  • GwynnKatie

    @ Magic Mike Mazz:
    Dude! You need to just ask her out man.

  • Inmytree

    I think everyone would win if STP stayed together and decided to depart from the stale setlists, while VR remained defunct. But whatever. I am not the world’s biggest STP fan and I am not losing sleep. I agree that Weiland will be back with STP in a year or two.

  • Inmytree

    The Mark Arm Silverchair quote is awesome.

  • Dave

    Facscinating! Thank you for the update! You are my number 1 source of Stone Temple Pilots news!

    Kind of a bummer, but oh well, its not suprising considering their rocky past. Still got 6 great records out there and actually got to see them live 4 times.

    I don’t think the band is done forever. It’d be a stretch to see them make another record.

    I think they could take the same kind of route as Rage Against the Machine. Go headline a festival here and there, play some hits, and, omg, GET PAID!

  • GwynnKatie

    Poor Scott seems just… delusional. And anyone *but* Scott is a lousy replacement for him in STP. Scott seems pretty pretentious to say that he’s “tired of singing the STP hit list” This is my opinion – but WTF?!!! Does he think he’s fucking Picasso? I mean it goes with the territory. Rock band + Gold Records + Being Famous for Years + A Huge Fan Base + Reuniting + Touring = Playing The Old Hits To Make Your Fan Base Happy. I know it must be tedious — but any smart band knows they have to run through at least some the old hits in a set list – that is what makes the crowds happy. Old stuff plus new stuff mixed in…

  • Jeff

    whatever. They’re not gonna get anybody better. That band is a nobody without him.

  • Crazies

    No surprise here actually.. STP’s selftitled was a flop and $Scott$ is all about the money.

  • lilrockable

    go fuck yourself aaron, you elitist prick “I’m more grunge than you are”

  • Shadow on the sun

    Hopefully this means a new Talk Show or Army of Anyone album or who gives a shit who sings. I just wanna hear some new Deleo bros music.

  • Crazies

    Maybe Weiland should start a ‘collabortation’ with Corgan and become the Uber-douche Team.

  • Dan

    I think Weiland should get back on heroine. His music is way better when he isn’t sober

  • SuperSG

    You dont do that shit to your band and not expect to get your ass kicked to the streets!

  • robert

    It is shame. It is shows Weiland really fucked up. The sad part I never got to see them live before.

  • Elle

    Damn!! Scott didn’t even last until 2013…

  • HannahNirvana

    Well, shit.

  • stedmand

    maybe he’ll tour with beiber. oops gotta go oprah is calling me

  • Outshined

    Greatest Men in rock of the last twenty years:

    1. Kurt Cobain
    2. Chris Cornell
    3. Billy Corgan
    4. Eddie Vedder
    5. Layne Staley

    500. Scott Weiland

  • mom in the box

    Poor Scotty….neither of the bands he was in want him. I love STP and have seen them twice.
    Hope this is just a rumor and they are just taking a break and will be back in the studio
    Someday making music.

  • Scott McLean

    Dammit! i’m upset, Scott’s great and if he wants to do some singing with me we can do some layered vocal track or something. I wish him the best if that’s true and wish him the best always no matter what.

  • Surfing

    I want to surf in an ocean of diahrea with Slash.

  • Outshined

    Scott Weiland has been joke since he wrote Plush and copied Eddie and Layne’s voice.

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  • Magic Mike Mazzarone

    Oh not that “Scott Weiland copied Eddie Vedder” nonsense. We have disproved that time and time before.

  • Greg

    Who the fuck would honestly rank Billy Corgan above Layne Staley? C’mon man.

  • lilrockable

    I’m loving these comments saying how Scott weiland has always lacked talent, is an AIC/PJ ripoff, and is washed up. At least Scott reached his dream, and spent many years making music that’ll last forever. Which is much more than you cunts can say as you sit here and talk shit on a Friday night

  • Eric Doctor

    Velvet Revolver Alive!

  • Up yours tool


    I hope you get a long, painful and public execution. I hope that someone takes you, ties you down, and puts your face in a container so the public can walk up and shit and piss all over your face.

    Then after that goes on for a good 12 hours, you know, someone can walk up,take a machete, slit your throat open and punch the shit out of your face as you expire, looking at you with a big smile, reminding you that you are a huge pile of shit.

    Fuck you, psychopath.

  • Harry Bahls

    Billy Corgan sends Weiland well wishes, shits in box, looks up Weiland’s address, buys stamps

  • Adam

    As a resident of Minneapolis, 93x is terrible. All their deejays have “that” radio voice. Their whole station is built on beer, strippers and misogyny. And they play crappy cock rock.

  • Outshined

    Don’t get me wrong, STP had a few good songs, but overall they were pretty shitty. If people thought Pearl Jam were grunge copycats, I wonder that made STP????

  • Raj

    I’m not sure I believe it, I just checked the official website and they haven’t posted anything. If it were true, it wouldn’t read that they fired him instead, it would probably read that they parted ways.

    His bandmates would have parted with him long before, his problems started way back in the 90’s. If they replaced Scott with someone else it would be garbage, they should definitely not use the STP name.

    @Outshined, a few good songs? Gimmie a break, most people say PJ had only one good album.

    Weiland has had his problems but he’s always been a great singer and not a Vedder rip off. You’ve confused him with Scott Stapp from Creed.

  • hopendope

    He’s a creed rip off just listen to Scott staple then Scot wieland both copied better man. Lmao Scott W has his own style that is outstanding in his prime I must admit.v
    STP rip..cry sad

  • Shadows Collide with People

    I think this is for the best. Aside from Core, most of STP’s other material is crap. Scott is all diva and no art. At one time I used to really like Scott. 12 bar blues I hear is a great album.

    @Magic Mike

    There is not doubt that every male who posts on this site would fuck Taylor Momsen but you need to get over it. Its not going to happen to any of us anytime soon. I am sorry to burst your bubble bro.

    In saying all this, Slash could be full of shit for all we know. He is a bit of a d bag. I like Eric and the De Leo bros. I wish those guys all the best if this is indeed fact and not just Slash blowing smoke out of his ass.

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  • Undecided

    Silverchair as a matter of fact weren’t even nirvana fans nor grunge fans.
    Daniel Johns is one of the most talented musicians of all time.
    Besides they don’t even sound like nirvana, maybe the only song that does is tomorrow.
    Sucks to hear that Scotts fired by the way.

  • Scott McLean

    I’m opposed to anyone replacing Scott in STP and he’s why STP is better than just a good band, they are a great band with his singing. I like Scott in Velvet Revolver too or probably just about anything he wants to do in music.

  • Superunknown

    Wow, a lot of people don’t know shit about STP, huh? STP is a great band, every album is different and unique. Songs like “Atlanta”, “Adhesive”, ‘I Got You”, “Hello, it’s late”. What the fuck guys?!

  • Brett Buchanan

    Closed minded people who just want to hear the same old power chords.

  • Undecided

    I love adhesive, I got you and Atlanta as well.
    You’re right, STP would be nowhere near as good without Scott.

  • Ain’t Nothing to Do

    HAHAHAHA,ain’t laughed so much in years

  • portcitymatt

    about time. dude’s a loser. STP was “grunge” for fratboys anyway

  • Butch Vig

    Pearl Jam was for teens upset with their parents for not buying them a new car for their 16th bday. Long live STP.

  • insignificant

    But BRETT, you’re reporting this a fact!!! Re-read your headline. And now you look like an ass now that the STP camp is denying it.

    I’m losing respect for this site. I hope you don’t wonder why it gets little respectability.

    Simple fix– RUMORED- STP fire Weiland. Get your shit together.

  • Kitty

    I think Slash and/or his camp misunderstood. Maybe they’re assuming Weiland was fired because Weiland wants VR to reunite. Nothing wrong with wanting to work with one band while another is on break. Weiland has a lot of ideas for projects according to that interview he did weeks back. I don’t see STP “fired” there. Still, I’ll wait for Kretz and Deleo bros to speak out.

  • Ain’t Nothing to Do

    @Undecided,(Silverchair as a matter of fact weren’t even nirvana fans nor grunge fans), really so why did the band claimed the name derived from a radio request for Sliver by Nirvana and Berlin Chair by You Am I being mixed up as Silver Chair.there are also interveiws were they have said they are fans of the seattlesound

  • Mills

    I feel sorry for the other guys in STP having to put up with Scott’s shit since the early 90’s. He’s a piece of shit who can’t get his act together. Think of all the great songs/ tours/ shows/ oppurtunitys theses guys have missed out on because of him and his drama. No wonder Slash and Duff want nothing to do with him. He should just hire a cover band to back him permanently so the STP guys can get on with their lives and stop wondering if Scott is available.

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