Stone Temple Pilots Guitarist’s Wife Reveals Photos Of Alleged Abuse


Stone Temple Pilots guitarist Dean DeLeo was accused of physically assaulting his estranged wife Jennifer Grace DeLeo in divorce documents, TMZ reported on Monday. More allegations from the divorce documents made by Jenn have also surfaced.

It’s important to note that Dean DeLeo has yet to comment, so these are only the claims and allegations from Jenn DeLeo without any comments from Dean. Alternative Nation, TMZ, Loudwire, Fox News, and other outlets that have reported on the story have reached out to Stone Temple Pilots representatives for comment from Dean DeLeo.

The divorce documentation also includes photos taken after alleged abuse. The information from the Request For Order is publicly available via the Ventura County courts if you make a Freedom Of Information Act request. You can view more allegations from Jenn from the divorce document below:

“After we were married and I gave birth to our daughter in April of 2012, Dean completely changed. I began to worry and wonder if he had ‘fallen off the wagon’ and turned to alcohol and drugs again or was having affairs. This was a major concern of mine, as he is a recovering heroin addict. To my dismay and shock, he was doing both. An onslaught of disturbing experiences with him began from that point forward.”

“When June was about seven months old, Dean went out and had another drinking binge and arrived home past three o’clock in the morning. I was up all night worried and waiting for him to come home when I heard rumblings from the garage. I was completely horrified to find him passed out with the garage door closed and the car running. I quickly opened the door and frantically made sure he was still breathing. When I woke him, he got horrifyingly angry, screaming as he made his way to the powder room and vomited. When I checked in on him to see if he was OK, he became violent. He threw me around and almost killed me, pushing me so hard I fell, sustaining multiple bruises all over my body and persistent back pain since the incident. I then went to the residence of my ex-husband, a well-respected surgeon, who had to dress my wounds, as I was frightened to go to the police or hospital. I prayed this would never happen again. This was not the first nor the last time he was violent with me. He attempted to strangle me several times throughout the years.”

“Dean would often tell me he could have his ex-wife killed and that he ‘knew people.’ I have been so scared of drinking my coffee or driving my car for fear that Dean has tampered with them in some way. I remain petrified that he is going to have me killed once I say I would leave him. There have been numerous times when he would get angry in the car and drive so fast while saying he would kill both of us. I watched the film, ‘Sleeping with the Enemy, and can relate completely.

We, as a couple, have seen clinical psychologist, Dr. Rene Hollander, who requested Dean see a psychiatrist, which Dean did. The doctor prescribed him medicine to treat his bipolar disorder. Dean did not take the medicine that was prescribed or even acknowledge that he has this mental condition for which he has been diagnosed by a doctor. Dr. Hollander wrote me a letter documenting Dean’s confession of abuse. Dr. Hollander has also stated he would not see Dean as a client again.”

“Dean cannot control his temper, and we are all walking on eggshells 24 hours a day. It is debilitating. You cannot touch the car door or the car handle, or leave any fingerprints anywhere without Dean completely flipping out. ‘Fuck, you touched the door! Watch your finger prints!’”

“It’s truly compulsive. It is so intense that his own family is not comfortable coming over to our house, as no one can do or touch anything.”

“In the days immediately prior to this past Thanksgiving 2017, upon my questioning him about extramarital affairs which I confirmed to have occurred when I was pregnant with our daughter, he got so violent that I ended up going to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department with a friend to report it. I had noticeable bruises on my arms. I decided not to press charges because they told me he would be in jail over the Thanksgiving holiday. Since he is June’s father, I backed away from this decision not wanting to ruin the holiday for the rest of the family. When I look back, I wish I had pressed charges and had him arrested. I have been so scared that he would have me injured or killed.”

“Dean has been threatening to take his own life if I leave him. He has made a gun gesture to his head in front of June within the past month. He has stated to me that he will ride off his horse and no one will find him. He has also referenced me finding him hanging in our room like the tragic suicide of Chester Bennington, a personal friend of ours. Dean does not regularly attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings or do anything proactive to keep his addictions in check.

There have been many other instances of his erratic and scary behavior. Once on a car ride to San Diego, he completely flipped out and made me cry and told me to get myself together. He’s continuously calling me terribly foul names like ‘fucking cunt’ regularly. He is constantly and extremely verbally abusive to me. It disgusts and frightens all of my friends and family.”

“He recently had a physical altercation with Robert DeLeo of which I have proof and photos. They are two grown men creating physical injuries on one another.”

“Dean said on June 6, 2018 if I ever have Aaron in the house or the ranch there will be two dead men in my life. He also stated that he doesn’t have the $300,000. He was saying anti-semitic comments towards Aaron who is of Jewish descent.”

  • IrregularJohn

    Who’s Aaron? What $300,000? This is getting messy as it always does.

    • Allison Auld

      Aaron is the new boyfriend, according to her new IG. She deleted her old one, which had posts and videos of her and Dean seeming pretty lovey-dovey (and a lot more recently than 2012). I don’t know what the $300,000 is all about.

      • IrregularJohn

        Wow. It seems that the only way these has been rockstars can still attract attention to themselves is by airing their dirty laundry in public.

        • John

          He’s not the one seeking publicity here, it’s his wife who’s seeking a huge divorce settlement and is using abuse allegations (be they true or not) to get it.

          • Diana

            Yes publicity is what this woman is seeking. Not freeing herself from an abusive monster.

          • IrregularJohn

            Correct. This trend is disturbing. The world definitely does NOT need more of this “democracy”. I’d rather US leave all to themselves.

    • Carol Sindle

      Aaron is the new boyfriend looks like joe perrys son who takes pictures of his band. also looks like she’s going for a another rocker situation yes whats the 300,000 this looks like it was written by a 12 year old

  • Dave Wight

    This does not look good for Dean

  • DanSwon

    Oh dear. 🙁 He sounds like a hellish controlling manipulative narcissist/psychopath/addict. She needs to remove him from her and her children’s life 100% with absolutely no exceptions.

  • John

    Of course she stayed with him the whole time though.

  • Hutttrash

    Seems so sick to the hypocrite norm
    Running their boring drills
    But we are an elite race of our own
    The stoners, junkies, and freaks
    Are you happy? I am, man
    Content and fully aware
    Money, status, nothing to me
    ‘Cause your life’s empty and bare, yeah

  • makingconnections

    I do not understand women with children wanting to take to social media to try to capture the public’s attention. They should take a lesson from Vicky Cornell. It’s impossible to control the narrative and in the end, the intensity of a terrible time in your family’s life being played out on the internet will be adding to the emotional baggage your children will carry forever.

    • Judy Sharits-Johnsen

      She may have felt she had no other oooptio. I would encourage her to press charges, go to a doctor or hospital for exam, and ex husband doctor in his home probably does not have an x Ray or cat scan machine. Also, did Robert DeLeo report his injuries to police and go to a doctor? It is easy to be injured, have a concussion, etc and not realize it. FunalFi, ask his psychiatrist if DeLeo can be signed in to a treatment facility, or rehab, even involuntarily. If he is threatening suicide, I would think he could.

      • makingconnections

        I assumed that she had pressed charges if she was talking about it here. When I said I didn’t understand, I really meant that. I’m so concerned about children and trauma and the life-time effects it can have on a person, both physically and mentally; however, I shouldn’t forget how messed up women can get if she is in fact in the situation she describes. It would be nice if there were court rulings so that guilt or innocence is decided before we read these accusations. Yes, if it’s true, Mr. DeLeo needs help with his mental state and emotions.

  • Gary Reilly

    So she’s taken to publicising all this on social media, but has yet to make a report to the police about any of these incidents? She could be telling the truth or could be lying, but this certainly seems like going about it entirely the wrong way and relying more on the court of public opinion than a formal police investigation.

  • Corndog

    I just read online that Maynard James Keenan has been accused of raping a 17 year old fan backstage in 2000. Not offering this info as gospel. Just thought the folks here might like to know.

    • Judy Sharits-Johnsen

      I feel the whole world is losing their mind.

      • Corndog

        I’m actually very surprised that it hasn’t been mentioned here. I thought for sure that Brett would have covered it.

        • Olga Stewart

          He has, in a way.

  • Carol Sindle

    This must be the same groupie woman that abandoned her 3 kids in New Jersey 8 years ago. Don’t know their ages but smh whats going on here. I feel sorry for the kids I used to follow her on instagram and she looked mighty happy with her rockstar boyfriend idk

  • Onecagedtiger

    Hmmmh. Those pictures don’t prove anything. Unless we see absolute proof of Dean being abusive this is just the first salvo in what looks to be an ugly divorce.

  • Kay B

    STP is my favorite band. I don’t know if this is true or not. I could see Dean being a dick, and if he is abusive he is more than just a dick. But come on women! If someone is abusive you need to press charges right away. I don’t care if it’s a holiday. Otherwise it’s hard to take you seriously. What the hell is that supposed to be a picture of?