Stone Temple Pilots Member Opens Up About Final Conversation With Chester Bennington


Stone Temple Pilots member Robert DeLeo discussed Chester Bennington in a new MCall interview.

Let me take another step back and talk about your time with Chester. When you started that, what were the expectations? Was the idea that he was going to be a part-time front man forever, or was there a definitive time that you expected him to stay with the band?

“Oh, no, we always thought it was temporary. I mean, Chester had such a commitment to Linkin Park – that was definitely his main thing. You know, I have to say, looking back, it was a really fun time, and he was really enjoying doing this, and we enjoyed having him here.

“And we had a lot of laughs and a lot of smiles and a lot of really great times together.”

I saw you guys with Chester at our Sands casino in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania …

“Oh yeah, yeah, first show.”

First show, yeah. And I was going to say, I had the same reaction as what you just said there – it was clear that you guys were enjoying it, and the show was great. So you left me with an indelible memory there.

“Yeah, well, you know, when you’re happy doing something, it shows, doesn’t it?”

Yeah [laughs]

“It really shows.”

I have to ask this: What was your reaction to his passing?

“It was horrible. I still … I still can’t believe he’s not here. I mean, it’s still horrible to think about. It still; affects me in the same way it did when I found out.”

What was your last connection with him? Last contact with him?

“Um, we texted each other, and it was very loving, personal text. And that’s the last text of I have of him.”