KROQ’s Kevin and Bean have released their new interview with Stone Temple Pilots early!

STP didn’t start working with Chester Bennington until a month ago. Dean DeLeo said that Chester was the only choice to replace Scott Weiland, there was nobody else in mind. Robert said there is a chemistry between this new incarnation of the band. Chester said it was a no brainer to accept the job as STP’s new singer. Bennington clarified that he is the lead singer of both Stone Temple Pilots and Linkin Park, he joked that he’s “a greedy fucking bastard.” He said he’s happy to get to play in a more classic rock type of band, which helps balance out the more tech leaning Linkin Park.

Bennington said that the band can now go out to lunch now and hang out as friends since they’ve been working together in secret. Bennington mentioned that “there’s so many good songs we’ve got in the works right now” and that they can now plan a tour now that the cat is out of the bag regarding the new lineup. Bennington said the plan is to play and create as much new music as they can.

The firing of Scott Weiland is mentioned at the end of the interview. The interviewer asked if they let Weiland know ahead of time that Bennington would be replacing him. Dean joked, “He changed his numbers years ago and never forwarded them to us.” Bennington praised Weiland, “We wish nothing but the best for Scott. Great singer, helped participate in making some of the best records of all time, wish nothing but the best for him.” The other members of STP did not join in on praising Weiland.

  • Jim

    Not feeling this at all…sorry boys, it ain’t STP!

  • Mark

    Actually looking forward to this.

  • alicegarden

    I wish them much success with the new music. It’s tough for a band who wants to make music, having a person riddled with addiction for a front man. I wish Scott all the best, but honestly, don’t even know how the man is still living. Addiction is a beast, hope he can conquer it. In the meantime, how long is it fair to ask the other members to suffer right along with him?

  • Mawhonic

    I for one am looking forward to this as well. Scott was a big part of the band for me, but I know that he could not do much anymore live. Their reputation in the end was: “They show up 2 hours late!!” and “He’s back on heroin!”
    I also like Chester Bennington, and enjoyed some of Linkin Park’s catalog, so bring it on.

  • Eli Etten

    I could replace Scott, but I wouldn’t call it Stone Temple Pilots. Chet should stick to Linkin Park.

  • Andrew

    This is a mind-blowingly stupid idea. Change the name of the fucking band! I can’t believe this. Ridiculous. I hope they make some good records… but I don’t think I will be buying an STP album without Scott Weiland on it.

    Army of Anyone was awesome, and I’m interested how this new project will sound… but this is preposterous.


  • lilrockable

    Sweet! A new album! It’s about time. I know Linkin park was Chester’s big break but I really hope he focuses on STP for a couple of years. Linkin Parks latest album was a hybrid between Skrillex,P.O.D., and Holywood Undead. In other words it was fucking awful

  • The Incredible Mr. Mark Arm

    thank you, also looking forward to this, hopefully new album

  • Pablo

    I really would have liked to hate their song, but I can´t. The song is just to good.

  • Chris J.

    Sad, sad day for music…

    Deleo’s and Kretz should be ashamed of themselves for using the STP name for this…

    Chester, as a fan of STP for 20 years, should be ashamed of himself for letting himself use the STP name for this…

    This is a reflection of everything wrong with music today…

    This COULD have been a GREAT GREAT day for music if they simply would have called it something else. It would have been awesome, and fresh, and exciting – Chester is a great singer, and Deleo’s/Kretz are great players… But no. No creativity. No art. Just another fucking American Idol cover band wanna be’s out CLEARLY to just make some more money. Which is retarded, because they would have made PLENTY of money with Chester as their singer regardless of what they called it – Chester’s/LP’s fan base is HUGE worldwide, and you mix that with the Deleo’s/Kretz of STP and you could have called it “Scott Weilands Limp Dick” and still probably at least filled 3/4th and arena…

    Sad, sad day for music ; (

  • alice unchained

    I’m sorry to say this but can stp and scott weiland both just piss off? ever since purple and core everyone in that band has been stuck in a purgatory of making c+ level records that are just good enough not to suck and just bad enough not to be notable. Its kind of ironic that they now have Chester as a lead singer considering that his band linkin park did pretty much the same thing stp did which was make two good albums followed by a sharp decline in quality.

  • ShaneC

    “Bennington said the plan is to play and create as much new music as they can”

    I am just loving this shit.

    I’ve liked the rock side of LP ever since they started. Chester is amazing, and the fact that he now has his Rock outlet with one of my favourite bands…just fucking awesome.

    Hopefully a new album will help to kill that “No Scott, No STP” shit.

  • lauren

    making fun of Weiland


  • lauren

    Chester was at least nice to Weiland here..

    blah…reminds me of alice w/out layne.x

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  • Stosh

    Change the name its not STP

  • Negative

    I look forward to this. Could only appreciate 2 songs from STP’s last album; the rest of it I couldn’t sit through. STP shouldn’t have to change their name. They wanted to keep playing and making music only they could make, and one person not taking it seriously shouldn’t keep them from doing that.

  • Jeff

    Robert’s quite the not classy cunt in this interview.

    Way to laugh and mock half of your meal ticket, buddy.

    Call it “STP with Chester”. Not Stone Temple Pilots. I say that as a fan of both bands and fully aware that Scott is a fuckup.

    Robert’s behavior in this video is so 100% not cool.

  • Joey

    This is a discrace, Scott Weiland is STP. Although
    The Delio brothers an Eric Kretz are amazing musicians
    they are making a big mistake, we all know Scott’s issues
    and his vocals aren’t what they were but just his presence on
    stage fronting any band is amazing. People forget how great
    and entertaining he is. I have seen every STP concert in the
    NYC tri-state area since 1993. Just because you put a new frontman
    on the stage with fresh vocal cords doesn’t mean the music is better.
    Those great STP songs are written by Scott about his life, his pain,
    his love and his twisted thoughts from his troubled mind. To see
    some one else singing STP kareoke is pathetic. If the boys wanted to
    start a new band with a new name and make new music I
    would be ok with it,Slash did it the right way. I hope no real STP fans
    support this, this is a classic band selling out!!!

  • Raj

    He better be praising him, without the bands of the early 90’s LP as a band would not exist and CB would probably not even be a musician.

  • Jake

    I’ve never seen a Chester Bennington interview before, he kinda seems like a little skinny, nerdy type guy. Not what I expected. It seems like they have some chemistry with him though. I wish them the best and hopefully they can put out a few more songs.

  • Animaan

    No matter what anyone says (and while I feel uncomfortable about the same name in use) –

    1) Scott Weiland has changed and who knows if he’ll ever be able to reach the pre-2007/2008 Weiland that he used to be. He has not been himself for years now, nor did he really show that much enthusiasm towards STP at the end.

    2) Chester Bennington is the real fucking deal! He is NOT another radio rock guy. He’s beat drug addiction and alcoholism, he grew up on STP and a bunch of other bands like AIC, NIN, Ministry, Depeche Mode…the guy has good taste. He’s paid his dues and worked hard to get to his level, just look up his old band Grey Daze or Linkin Park in 1999 videos. And above all – he;s sober, reliable, and is a hell of singer with a totally unique tone, while also being heavily influence by Weiland.

    Let’s face it – Scott’s busy wrecking his life for the nth time, this is the best thing for STP the band (even though I’m still personally unsure about the use of the name “Stone Temple Pilots”)

  • lilrockable

    I really respect what Chester said about Scott. To be honest whether he’s made mistakes r not Scott is still a human being with feelings, and his contribution to rock music will live forever

  • paulonious

    who gives a fuck what they call it, whiners. if the music is good, you still won’t buy it because of the name on the cover? then you aren’t a real music fan, douche bags.

  • Tommy

    It’s not STP? That is such a lame statement. Band members come and go and has done for ages. Nothing new here besides getting a new fucking great vocalist. Haters, please hate somewhere else… This is good stuff!

  • Matt

    People are WAAAAy too preoccupied with “names” vs. the actual music and if they like it or not. Alice in Chains, Smashing Pumpkins, and now STP. Look, either the music is good or it isn’t. I’m not a huge fan of Chester’s, and I prefer the early “more manly” Scott Weiland work on Core and Purple, but they can do whatever they want. It’s their band. Same with AIC, STOP WHINING about Layne vs. William! Or about Billy Corgan!

    If you liked any aspect of these bands’ songs, then just be glad you have more options than Justin Beiber!


    Quit bitching!

  • Chris

    @ Matt

    Totally agree. Music fans care about music, fashion victims care about names.

  • MindRiot132

    They’re keeping the STP name so they can garner the attention, simple as that. A headline that reads “Chester Bennington is the new lead singer for STP” draws a lot more attention (for better or worse) and curiosity than “Former STP members and LP frontman form new supergroup.”

    I’m not a fan of the move either, but honestly I really don’t care cause I’m sick of the whole soap opera thing. Would have been nice for them to change the name, but for me personally, STP will always be Scott, The DeLeos and Kretz in their 90s prime….

  • Casper

    How do Linkin Park fans feel their boy is splitting time?

  • Chris J.

    All you people saying “O yeah, totally cool for them to fire Scott, he’s a sucky singer now, Chester is much better, Scott blew it” obviously have never started or been in a band. Much less 20 years in one. Fucking idiots. If you started a band, especially being the singer songwriter, and the rest of your band tried to ‘fire’ you from YOUR OWN BAND – you would NEVER be okay with that, it’s COMPLETELY ridiculous, and you would flip your shit. That’s why the name change is important, and THATS why it’s a completely disgusting thing that’s happening as we speak. NOBODY takes my fucking band, that I started, and that I’ve been in for 20 fucking years.

    O, but it’s a great “career” and “financial” move, so ya, o ya, totally the right move in 2013. So fucking dumb.

  • Dan

    I’m on board with this. Love Weiland but I understand why he was fired and think that the new song is great.

  • Chris

    Umm, nobody is expecting Scott Weiland to be OK with it.

  • Dan

    Chester seems like a really cool and humble guy (and sober).

  • shoegazer

    There’s no reason to change the name of the band. They obviously want to play STP songs, which is their right. Judge the band on their music, not on their name.

  • ShaneC

    Chris J.

    Scott hasn’t given 2 fucks about STP for years. He wants to sing about Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer, and dress like Bing Crosby.

    He can create something new with The Wildbouncers.

    Scott is so self absorbed that he found himself booted from 2 bands who can’t stand his diva shit.
    Only one person exists in Scott’s world: Himself.

  • j

    I think this works, to those of you saying its not STP without Scott I love that man, but a band is not 1 person. I’m glad their trying to keep it going. It would have been worse to see STP just burn out I think good things will come of this.

  • Todd

    Makes me sick.