Stone Temple Pilots guitarist Dean DeLeo was interviewed a few days ago on, here are some quotes/notes:

“We’re really looking forward to [the Rock Allegiance festival show in Hershey, Pennsylvania] man. I’ll tell you man, I’m not just saying this because we’re on the phone, and maybe I’m a little biased growing up on the east coast, but there’s just nothing like the east coast. Playing for people on the east coast, I don’t know if it’s the change of seasons but it puts some sort of extra kick in our bones man and I really dig it.”

Dean mentioned he’s a New York Giants football fan.

“There’s something about the Cowboys that just rubs me the wrong way I don’t know what it is. I’m very respectful of how great these guys are, I don’t know if it’s Jerry Jones always having to be in the spotlight. But there’s something about the Cowboys like oh gosh, come on guys.”

“Let me tell you those Three Days Grace guys are mighty fine fellows, we got to go out on the road, Robert and I had a little band with some cats. Richard from Filter, and a very talented drummer by the name of Ray Luzier, it was a band we had called Army of Anyone. The Three Days Grace allowed us to open for them, and they were some very considerate standup guys.”

  • Robert

    Way to go Dean. New York Giants rule.

  • Gsushc

    Any sport named football where you don’t use your foot on the ball is one dumb concept. Its as dumb as calling trousers pants!

    I know the name Handball is already taken by a sport that actually uses their hands but calling Football (the real football) Soccer is well bizarre because it is Football. Maybe American football should have been called American Soccer then I wouldn’t have these crazy thoughts!

  • fsh

    Ripping the Cowboys? I was never into STP and now I know why.

  • billy

    praising 3 days grace? Sure they could be super cool dudes but musically they are very mediocre.A shame that the Deleos in any band would have to open for a band like that.

  • jjc19461


  • iso

    Gsusch – easy there Euro boy…

  • Craigory52

    Three Days Grace rocks! One of the better bands that are still out and making good music.

  • Dreux

    I’m with iso. Calm down, Gsusch. Plenty of Euro comedians have made the same observations before you, and they were funny.

  • paulonious

    AOA opened for 3DG? HUH? that’s fucking backwards.

  • Scottieslittlesoftie

    Tickets for Huntington NY gig go on sale tomorrow. STP must have the WORST promo group out there… nothing on their website or FB pages… no wonder they don’t sell.