The Killers Top 10 Songs


Since the turn of the century, few rock bands have catapulted to stardom and dominated the alternative and rock scene with more flash and creative muscle than The Killers. What happens in Vegas usually stays in Vegas, but thankfully for rock, The Killers have struck gold in a city where that possibility is more of a reality than you imagine, full of sin, gambling, and live entertainment. You can try your luck and bet with a coupon from winner to try to strike gold of your own if you want to feel Las Vegas pride and be a winner like The Killers do on their stellar discography.

The quartet have set the rock world on fire with five studio albums and more than a healthy serving of hit singles. In honor of one of the greatest rock bands to hail from Las Vegas, here are Alternative Nation’s Top Ten songs by The Killers!

10. Runaways

When it came time for The Killers’ fourth album, Battle Born, the stakes were no doubt set high. A lot was riding on the importance of the lead single and “Runaways” provided fans with exactly what they needed!

9. Read My Mind

For The Killers, the dreaded sophomore slump never even entered their minds. With hit singles for days, Sam’s Town proved that all the fuss the band received the first time around was more than deserved.

8. Here With Me

The final single from their album Battle Born proved that even four albums in, The Killers had no problem providing high quality albums that simultaneously nurtured their artistic needs while pleasing their legions of fans with great singles.

7. Bones

Lead singer Brandon Flowers possesses one of the most underrated vocals in rock today. “Bones” shows him at his most vulnerable and most engaging. “Bones” works perfectly as athrowback to 80’s New Wave, pop-influenced rock.

6. Mr Brightside

“Mr. Brightside” is one of those songs that is absolutely everywhere. But- that can be a double-edged sword. Outside of the context of the album, the song is guilty of over-exposure. Ultimately though, that’s a problem a ton of other bands would love to have.

5. Human

The only track on this list from the band’s 2008 album, Day & Age presents the question, “Are we human? Or are we dancers?” I honestly have no idea what this even means but what a killer lyric!

4. The Man

The latest and greatest from The Killers is fantastic, funky and fierce. On “The Man”,  the Killers go a little further into the psycho-modern-disco realm and man, what a genius combination. Almost Talking Heads-esque, “The Man” is the Killers evolving into their finest form!


3. All These Things That I’ve Done

Big songs- songs that live on and on- they need a hook. “All These Things That I’ve Done” has arguably one of the biggest hooks of the 2000’s. “I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier”. Enough said.

2. When You Were Young

Capitalizing on the unprecedented success of their debut album, The Killers wasted no time in exploding with the debut single from their sophomore release. “When You Were Young” shows an emotional growth and confidence only hinted at on their ambitious debut. It’s a close call between this and the number one song. Almost too hard a decision.

  1. Somebody Told Me

Sometimes, the first is the best. The whooshing synths, the bass line and the declarative force in which Brandon Flowers belts out the songs first lyrics are just- magic. The ambiguous nature of the sugar-sweet chorus and the bruising instrumentation with those frantic guitars and pulsing drums only help to further elevate this classic song. I’d make the argument that when you ask someone about The Killers- that somebody might tell you about this all-time great track.