The Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards Takes Off Shirt In Surprising New Video


The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards had his shirt unbuttoned in a new belated New Years video, showing off his chest and stomach. His physique looks pretty good for a 75-year old rock and roller!

Richards told Rolling Stone magazine last month that he had quit drinking.

“It’s been about a year now,” Richards said. “I pulled the plug on it. I got fed up with it.”

Richards isn’t entirely teetotal, enjoying “a glass of wine occasionally, and a beer,” but this is still quite the change, given his famous penchant for outrageous benders.

“It was time to quit,” Richards said. “Just like all the other stuff.”

Bandmate Ronnie Wood, 71, has been sober since 2010, and he told Rolling Stone that he has noticed a difference in Richards.

“He’s a pleasure to work with,” Wood says. “Much more mellow. He’s open to more ideas, whereas before I’d kind of grit my teeth and go, ‘He’s gonna give me some s**t for saying this.’ Now, he’ll say, ‘That’s cool, man.’”

“It was interesting to play sober,” Richards said.

“We’re weaving (guitar parts) a lot more conscientiously now. We’re much more aware of the gaps and the spaces between. We’re in our seventies, but we’re still rocking like we’re 40-year-olds, you know?” added Wood.

  • Stone Gossardish

    Amazing thing is how different he sounds than when he drank. Amazing that Keith Richards retired from drinking. No more nuclear waste.