Scott Weiland has been fired by his backing band The Wildabouts. The Wildabouts released the following statement today: “The Wildabouts have announced they have officially terminated Scott Weiland.” The band are in talks to tour with former Talk Show singer Dave Coutts. Weiland was spotted by TMZ filing for unemployment.

Scott Weiland responded, “I don’t think we could have topped the Purple to the Core tour, it’s good to go out on top. Also Eric recently fired Dean and Robert from STP, and rehired me, but after he rehired me I fired him. So I’m back with STP, I’m thinking though that the Wildabouts guys will be in the band with me. I think I’ve been away too long from them and now they’re okay with me, in STP I think we’ll be even better. Maybe Slash can be in the band too, he played with Robert recently so he’s cool with STP, he is part of the family. I’m going to re-record and reissue the STP albums too, I’m learning how to play all the instruments so I can re-record it all. I think it’s what the fans want, a fresh take on the material. I’ll be charging no less than 500 dollars for each reissue, they will all be signed by my assistant. I’m back with Velvet Revolver too, we just won’t be playing live or recording but Velvet Revolver has reunited.”




  • ThemBoners

    this is funny

    but also a bit sad, cause the next thing written about him might as well be an eulogy…

  • ShaneC

    Aprils fools!!!

    I wish it were true.

  • Deviate

    Funny. Wet My Bed just played on spotify.

    Kinda sounds like modern day Scott.

  • Raj

    Good joke but it’s going to happen anyways down the road. STP is bigger than any of the boys.

  • Cantrello

    Good joke.

  • Boom

    Boom thinks it is hilarious that the Weiland fired the Kretz

    Boom looks forward to the Weiland’s rerelease of Core

  • EvenFlow

    Ah fake Boom is back I see.
    Beat it fake Boom.
    I miss the real Boomer