Tool Member ‘Hiring’ New Guitarist Revealed


Tool singer Maynard James Keenan was asked to record a new album with iconic guitarist Eric Idle, and he seemed open to hiring him for Puscifer after liking a new tweet. A Tool member becoming the drummer was just revealed.

Keenan liked a tweet by a fan named Corey on his Puscifer account that said, “I want to live in a world where @EricIdle makes an album with @mjkeenan. I think that would be a very interesting place. #NudgeNudgeWinkWink @puscifer.”

Scottphris2 recently posted on Reddit about the new Tool album Fear Inoculum, “I feel like each song on Fear Inoculum could be at LEAST twice as long and not get stale. Before FI we would joke about how Tool could make long songs that don’t get stale at all, such as Lateralus, reflection, Right in Two, Rosetta Stoned.. or most of their songs, honestly.

And they literally just gave us an entire album of songs as long or longer than their longest previous songs.. and they all are FULL of unique sounds and rhythms that each one is like 3 or 4 totally unique 3 minute songs jammed into one master piece.

They could take any song on their new album and turn them into 30 or 40 minute flowing albums, EASILY. Some bands with 10 or more albums, with 10 or more songs on each album, have not reached the level of content that Fear Inoculum has to offer.”

SargerasIsBack responded, “I can’t listen to Mockingbeat. It sounds (probably intentionally) like very upset birds, and I love birds, hearing that upsets me. But I agree with every other song!” Maynard James Keenan trashing a Tool album ripoff was revealed last week.