Top 10 Alternative Rock Movie Soundtrack Songs


There’s no denying the impact a great soundtrack can have on a movie. Music possesses the ability to elevate a forgettable movie to memorable status just by the music associated with it. And for a movie considered fantastic based on the film alone, a great soundtrack- or more specifically a great song can raise its worth to legendary status. Alternative rock for example has left its mark on many a movie. Here is Alternative Nation’s Top Ten Movie Soundtrack Songs.

  1. Chris Cornell- You Know My Name

When the time came for Daniel Craig to take over the reins of cinema’s most famous spy James Bond, there became the need for an equally impactful artist to create the theme to the twenty-first Bond Film. With “You Know My Name”, Cornell ushered in a new era in espionage and spy. If you want to get in on the spy action, you can find the the best spy apps of 2018.

  1. Pearl Jam- State Of Love and Trust

Singles evokes the kind of emotions most documentaries can only dream of. The grunge movement was a living, breathing thing. In 1992, Cameron Crowe propelled the grunge movement to the big screen with this Gen-X film. Citizen Dick may be the band of the film, but Seattle’s favorite sons Pearl Jam take the cake with “State Of Love and Trust.”

8. Eddie Vedder – “Guaranteed”

Full Disclosure: This one is kind of cheating as thought it is a soundtrack, it serves as the debut solo album from the Pearl Jam frontman. The album is the soundtrack to the 2007 film, Into the Wild. The album served to show a softer, introspective- often hinted at but never fully realized side to the bountiful musical explorations of Vedder.

      1. Stone Temple Pilots- Big Empty

1994’s The Crow will forever live in infamy due to the shocking death of star Brandon Lee during production. Lee’s passing has often overshadowed the film but the soundtrack has lived on as a truly wonderful example of 90’s, Gen-X glory. On a soundtrack full of classics, “Big Empty” serves as the melancholy leader of the bunch and one of the best tracks from the illustrious career of Stone Temple Pilots.

      1. Soundgarden- Live To Rise

For fanatic comic book fans, 2012’s The Avengers was the culmination of their greatest cinematic dreams come true. Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and company all together on the big screen- just as they had been on the pages of comic books for years. With “Live To Rise”, Soundgarden took the honor of contributing the song that not only launched The Avengers– but also launched Soundgarden 2.0.

      1. Jerry Cantell- Leave Me Alone

In 1996, two things were undeniable: Jim Carrey reigned supreme as the king of comedy and the box office and Alice in Chains were slowly falling apart due to the horrors of drug addiction. But amid rumors and chaos, Jerry Cantrell penned his first foray into solo territory with the tongue-in-cheeck “Leave Me Alone”. One thing is for sure- Jerry Cantrell did not stray as far away from his homebase of Alice in Chains’ sound as Jim Carrey strayed away from the lovable humor he had become known for.

      1. Red Hot Chili Peppers- Love Rollercoaster

Beavis and Butthead Do America is the kind of move that is so 90’s just the title alone can transport you back to that time. Still rocking with Dave Navarro on guitar, the Chili Peppers provided what became one of their biggest Navarro-era hits to the already loaded soundtrack. With its animated video and funkified vibe, the Peppers cover of the Ohio Players disco-classic remains a much loved Chili Peppers song.

      1. Velvet Revolver- Set Me Free

Fewer fictional characters need to be set free more so than Dr. Bruce Banner and his monstrous, green alter ego The Hulk. Something else that needed to be set free were the former members of Guns N’ Roses and Stone Temple Pilots who converged to create the supergroup Velvet Revolver. “Set Me Free” reintroduced us to Slash, Duff and Matt from GnR while bring in Scott Weiland and Dave Kushner to round out the best rock band of the 00’s

      1. Foo Fighters- The One

Dave Grohl & Co. Are no strangers to comedy. With videos like “Big Me”, “Everlong” and “Learn To Fly”, the Foo Fighters are always one to take the piss out of themselves. “The One” is no different. Orange County has a soundtrack that is at least equally- if not slightly more memorable than the film itself. The Jack Black comedy has more than its fair share of moments, but of all of the, this is the best one.

      1. Guns N’ Roses- You Could Be Mine

T2: Judgement Day. Also known as, the great sequel ever created in the history of film. For a character as dangerous and horrifying as The Terminator, you best better get the world’s most dangerous band to handle the music. The Use Your Illusion track served as the theme of T2 and folks, a marriage of film, music, movie star and rock stars just does not get any better than this!