Top 10 Songs to Listen To While Playing Games


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Everyone at some point has gotten fed-up of the same repeating tracks on your favourite video game, generic blasts of dubstep bass (we’re looking at you Battlefield 3) or just huge orchestral pieces that start to put you to sleep after a while (aka Skyrim).

That’s why many of us stick on some extra tunes to listen to as we play our favourite games. There’s a ton of tracks to listen to and everyone has their own personal tastes and preferences.

We’ve selected our favourites and ones worth listening to during your next big gaming session.

1: Linkin Park – One Step Closer

‘One Step Closer’ is fantastic for those moments in a shooter where your frustration takes over and you go into an almost berserk state as you fire off round after round at anything that moves. It’s great for getting you pumped up to go and earn kill streaks as you become one step closer to winning a match.

2: Jack Lawrence – La Mer

Jack Lawrence’s ‘La Mer’ is probably more widely known as Frank Sinatra’s cover version ‘Beyond the Sea’. You can probably see where we’re going with this, this song is ideal for playing anything from the Bioshock franchise. It scratches that swing music itch, adds to your immersion and relaxes you before that inevitable nerve-wracking fright you’ll get from the next unseen Splicer to lunge out at you.

3: Drowning Pool – Bodies

Although it’s over done in a lot of FPS gameplay videos, this songs got a nice rhythm to it and there’s a great kick to each section of the chorus that makes it perfect for running and gunning.

4: Michael Jackson – Thriller

Although this choice may seem a little left-field, Thriller is a fantastic track for adding a little humour to games like Dead Rising or to ease the tension after a bad round in Call of Duty’s popular Zombie mode.

5: Johann Strauss – The Blue Danube

This one is more for comic effect really, classical music that’s ideal for those sections of a game where you’re floating weightless through a spaceship like in Dead Space of the Space Station sections in Call of Duty: Ghosts.

6: Skillet – Monster

Skillets Monster is a fantastic choice of track for those FPS sessions where you feel absolutely unstoppable; it’s a perfect match for those sections of Modern Warfare 3 when you play as an unstoppable Juggernaut with a huge chain gun.

7: Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now

Whether slamming into first place on Mario Kart or executing a flawless drift around a corner in Forza, what better way to announce to everyone watching that you can’t be stopped than by playing this classic Queen song. Take it from us, there is nothing more satisfying than crossing the finishing line with a Brian May solo playing as you celebrate your victory.

8: The Proclaimers- 500 Miles

This song is good for those long grinding sessions in MMO’s where you’re constantly traipsing around zones or doing the obligatory run back to the town merchants to dump your inventory.

In games like WoW where the areas are huge and the villages are few and far between, it really helps as you run mile after l mile to grind up those few extra experience points.

9: Cage the Elephant – Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked

Often referred to as the song from the Borderlands intro, this track is brilliant for those late night games of Borderlands or Left4Dead as you and your crew of friends stay up into the small hours of the morning blasting various zombies and creatures into tiny gooey bits on your screen.

10: Survivor – Eye of the Tiger

This one’s a tad stereotypical, but with the announcement of a new Smash Brothers coming to both Wii U and 3DS it’s a great pick, whether to celebrate your survival at the end of a match or just as an anthem to blare out as you knock foe after foe out of the stage with your chosen characters smash attacks.

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