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In addition to Coachella, we’ll be performing in a few select North American cities in April. Here’s the schedule:

4.12 indio, ca [coachella]

4.13 las vegas, nv

4.17 monterey, ca

4.18 san francisco, ca

4.19 indo, ca [coachella]

4.21 denver, co

4.23 chicago, il

4.25 toronto, on

4.27 boston, ma

4.28 montclair, nj

4.29 new york, ny

These are the only dates we have scheduled right now. To preemptively answer the “when are you coming to my city/country??” questions: We just don’t know. Right now, the dates above are the only dates. There are some other announcements coming soon that will impact this as well…

For these shows, we’ll be doing direct presales for a limited number of tickets. Presales will begin Wednesday 2.27. More details, including venues and ticketing info, will be coming tomorrow. Stay tuned.

  • Christine

    4.17 monterey, ca

    4.18 san francisco, ca

    oooOOOooo Someone please go with me to one of these and I’ll take you to see Mudhoney 4.12 oh please oh please oh please!

  • chicago_animal

    I thought the whole NIN FAREWELL tour was because Trent was done with touring? Guess it was just a gimmick to sell tix.

  • @Chicago_Animal

    He never said he was done with touring, quite the contrary, he just said that he wouldn’t be touring with NIN just for a while, and he hasn’t toured for a few years so far, although he will probably tour with NIN again pretty soon since he is currently working in a new NIN’s album, several re-releases (The Fragile’s Deluxe Edition) and his former label is also going to release a Greatest Hits in 2014, plus we are close to the band’s 25th anniversary (hence the Greatest Hits released by their former label, I guess).

  • chicago_animal

    I thought the tour was called WAVE GOODBYE cause that was it for NIN touring.