Two tracks recorded during Pearl Jam’s 2006 self titled album recording sessions have leaked. One track is a midtempo souful song called “Cold Confession.” The song is pretty loose structure wise, it actually reminds me of the Mad Season songs that were released this year a bit sonically. There’s some really bluesy guitar riffs and an organ used that fills out the song sonically. Vedder sings, ‘Memory clear, cold confession that only he could hear.’ There’s other dark lines in the song like, ‘He let himself scream/He let himself cry.’ The songs also references a dark past and dark future. The track clocks in at 5:46.

“Let It Ride” actually reminds me of Riot Act, Ed’s phrasing and singing style sounds very reminiscent of this period. Ed tells the story of a woman in the song, ‘Like a book with no ending/read backwards to beginning.’ He sings the refrain ‘She’s gonna’ before hitting the chorus, the song really picks up halfway through. The song is 4:16 long.

  • Ben

    These tracks sounds outstanding… why does PJ keep so many great tracks as B-sides. I wonder who let these out of the box and whether they will be on the new album!? Both these tracks sound better than Mind Your Manners, Lightning Bolt and Future Days… and I’m enjoying all those songs.

    • Is he one?

      Some PJ b-sides are good but generally they choose the right ones to be on official albums.

    • Chiara

      Hi guys!! I can’t find the songs ANYWHERE!!! I’ve come across a couple of links but all the files have already been removed! :( anyone who can help me out? I know it’s a lot to ask, but maybe if someone who already got the songs was so kind to share them with me? I need heeeelp!!! I know I’m missing out on some terrific music!!! :'(

  • Boom

    How can I hear these songs?????????

  • Boom

    Mr. Brett. Send me a link please. Please. Please.

    • gipo

      wich is the link please?

  • Ben

    Google is your friend

  • Ben

    @ Boom
    You should be familiar with Cold Confession seeing as you played organ on the track.

    • Boom

      I’ve tried the google and have had no luck. Maybe Mr. Ben can help me with a link????? You seem nice. Please

  • O.B.gene

    …and where can we hear these?

  • Tony

    Telling us about these songs and describing them is one thing. Providing us with linkage would be the decent, human thing to do

  • Ben

    Google Cold Confession demo…
    the flying insect is your friend ;)

    • Boom

      Thank you kindly.

    • Boom

      Hey. Tried to download. Can you give me step by step instructions.
      I’m a computer idiot and don’t know what the fuck I’m doing.

  • Brett Buchanan

    I’m just saying that this is a good message board thread, nothing else ;)

    • Boom

      Ok. I see people talking about it. What do I do when I get there????

    • Boom

      What do I do with this?????

      What the fuck is send space??

  • Ben

    You make it too easy Brett. hahah :)

    The flying insect is your friend… ;)

  • Le Petit Patte
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  • Tommy

    Fanatical fan, but totally understand why these were left off. Hope they aren’t actually leaks from Lightning Bolt. Ordinary, in my opinion. In my opinion.

    • Boom

      How do I hear these songs. I go to the link, I read what people have to say. What do I do??

      I got shit downloading I don’t even know what it is??


      • OLD_MR

        You tube it

  • Boom

    Fuck it. Way too complicated for Boom.

    • BV

      The Sendspace link is good. There´s just a lot of advertising on the site looking like the download. If you click on the little light-blue banner it should work.

  • Fred Bob

    Gah! Im throwing a big baby strop here! Sendspace wants me to download some other crap too!!! Is there any other way of getting them? Waaaah!

    • Fred Bob

      Ok, rolling around on the floor over! Got the songs… nice to hear rough cuts… I can see how they wouldn’t fit onto Avocado. Its like the way they left ‘Down’ off Riot Act, top PJ tune but just doesn’t fit the vibe of the album. I always thought they should have released it as a standalone single, it would fit nicely into their catalogue that way.

  • nikhil1994

    check on youtube..

    • DJH62179

      Yes, to hell with these unsafe downloads

  • Humanmonkey

    I really dig both songs. I am feeling Let it Ride a little bit more but both are very good songs. Would like to see them release another Lost Dogs compilation, I know they have a lot of stuff in the vault that fans would love to hear.

  • Max

    Aquí lo tienen, de nada:

  • Tom

    thanks Max

  • Dillsnufus

    I’m so fuckin ready for Lost Dogs 2

  • OLD_MR

    Did someone have the track listing for Lightning Bolt? Is of the Earth on it?

    • DJH62179

      Better watch it, we aren’t allowed to talk about stuff that hasn’t been officially released, just go try to find the topic regarding the two leaked songs on The Porch. Songs just don’t get leaked by accident, someone within the organization has to do it come one.

  • Mind your Manners

    Thx Max!

  • Hooker With A Penis

    I interviewed Mike McCready today, and he confirmed that “The two tracks recorded during our 2006 self titled album recording sessions will be on the new album, Lighting Bolt.”

    He also said that “The new album was originally going to be called Ghost Riders, but we changed our minds, and just decided to call it Lighting Bolt.”

    He also confirmed that “We also are planing to do a big Rock tour next year. The tour will include us , The Sound City Players, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden The Smashing Pumpkins, Stone Temple Pilots with Scott Weiland and Chester Bennington, Foo Fighters, The Black Keys, Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Weezer, The Gaslight Anthem, Muse, Radiohead, A Perfect Circle, etc. Its going to be great, and I’m sure many music fans will be really excited for this amazing tour next year.”

    Get ready ROCK 2014!!!!!

    • 4th of July

      You aren’t funny.

  • Nico25

    Let It Ride is a great song, seems much more dinamic than Unemployable, Big Wave or Army Reserve and Eddie voice is in good form. I think the song it´s more complete in this take, like just miss the mix and put out in the record, but it´s a shame the song pull off from Avocado.
    Cold Confession it seems more a take from the song, but not a definitive version, in my opinion. By the way it´s a nice song with Boom in the organ.

  • Hooker With A Penis

    I interviewed Scott Weiland today at Guitar Center, and he said that “Me and the Wilabouts will have a wrestling match against Chester Bennington and the other members of STP!

    “If we win the wrestling match, I get to rejoin the Stone Temple Pilots, and Chester leaves the band. “If I lose, and they win the wrestling match, Chester stays in STP, and I just have to move on.”

    “This will be very exciting! We will record the wrestling match on Youtube!”

  • Conrad Uno

    Everything this Hooker says is malarkey. I don’t believe any of this bologna

  • Jim
  • Marcelo

    Thank you Jim!

  • nicholas lethbridge

    Where do I find a LINK to the Wrigley show and London show…
    More importantly, why doesn’t this link bring me to the two Avocado B Sides.
    Please help! I really want to hear all of this




  • Ivan David Reyes-Romero