Thanks to timtenbob for sending me this information:

The Mad Season reissue box set will be a fold out digipak. It will also contain the full Moore performance from Seattle, that won’t be edited or cut down. Not a huge update, but it’s something!

  • YUMM

    I hope they show behind the scene stuff. lik them before the show or something. Layne!

  • aicseattle93

    I’m definitely gonna buy the set! I really hope they include the live performances they did around Seattle! I know bootleg audios has been released online but no video. :(

  • Dennis

    No target release date yet, right?

  • http://twitter.com/timtenbob timtenbob

    @Dennis – March 2013

  • Ali

    I for one, can not wait :) so exciting!

  • Coy

    I want it so bad! I keep throwing money at my screen but nothing’s happening!

  • Mia

    That’s good news about the Moore performance. It’ll be great to see it in its entirety.

  • Triz

    Are they going to have a website up? What way will their be able to pre-order?

  • Dennis

    Cool, thanks. Can’t wait for the Moore performance

  • ManBeast

    Spoke to Barrett about it after the Walking Papers gig in Manchester. Cool dude…

  • blewharvest

    Wonder if it will contain the missing Interlude from the album “Above”. I think I found my copy from a promo release.

  • louderthanshit333

    Does anyone know yet if the reissue will come with a vinyl version as well?

  • Katie

    I’m so excited for this. I’ve wanted to buy the performance at the Moore on VHS but it was a little expensive. Much more convenient for it to be on DVD.

  • Cath

    @Triz – I guess it’ll be available through Barrett’s label/site, Sunyata Records -> http://barrettmartin.com/

  • Capricornsister

    Full Moore performance means unreleased versions of:

    Wake up
    I don’t Wanna be a soldier
    I’m above
    Artificial red

    How amazing is that?!