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We reported yesterday that Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Josh Klinghoffer hurt his leg during the band’s first show in Oakland, and it turns out that he has a broken foot and is wearing a boot. The band had a chair onstage for him for their second show in Oakland, but Klinghoffer was able to stand up and play. Klinghoffer was pretty energetic onstage at the Chili Peppers show I attended on Sunday, so Flea will have to be even crazier than usual to make up for it.

Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis broke his foot earlier this year, forcing the band to postpone several tour dates.



  • Mark

    Something tells me that Josh will not be playing with the Chili Peppers much longer…read an article about how they had a little onstage battle between Anthony, Flea, and Josh at Lollapalooza…apparently they got it together for the rest of the show. Now Josh is kicking shit onstage and breaking bones? Hmmm…I bet he’ll be out before Anthony trims that ridiculous ‘stache of his!

  • Dick Hertz

    @ Mark

    wtf are you talking about, onstage battle? I watched the lolla concert and have no clue what you’re talking about.

  • Kate

    No clue what he’s referring to either

  • imwithyou

    Mark, you’re an idiot.
    let’s say there was a fight,
    what makes you think that because of one little fight ,They’re going to break a friendship of over ten years? Or break the band? After all they’ve been through?

  • Grace

    They played yesterday in Beirut Lebanon it ws the best concert I’ve ever been too and they were supportive of him all the way flea played facing him and Anthony danced around him it ws amazing and everyone seemed to be getting along just fine so mark I thk wt u jar said is bullshit woops :)

  • jas

    Mark you are an idiot

  • H

    mark is just going off an article i read about Lolla that was obviously completley wrong. I too watched the concert as well and saw no such issue.
    if anything they’re super tight, josh played this riff randomly and anthony said; “i don’t know what josh is playing but its beautiful”
    that was no conflict at lolla

  • 1

    I’m so sad that so many people think that Josh must leave from the band!He is a great musician!PLease don’t say so awful things about him!

  • Ellie

    hey he was okay in the Denver concert in fact he was amazing:D

  • Love_RHCP

    Josh is an amaing guitarist and a great singer!Many people think that he must leave from the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS but I don’t think so because he is better than all the guitarists TOGETHER!

  • Greg

    Love_RHCP is dumber than Mark. Frusciante is a fucking musical genius. Don’t be an idiot.