Video from the Inaugural Ball.

  • Wrictus

    Of course Brett, the video link could have been purely left alone as “Video of Chris Cornell Performing At Inaugural Ball.” People could/ would watch it or not. But, knowing you, you simply had to add that next line that you know full well will stick a spicy finger right up the ass of a certain element of your readers, just to stir the pot, just to instigate, just to create more traffic. Honestly man. For the love of god…

  • the keeper

    And cue the people giving Chris Cornell shit for liking Obama and pretending like he is an asshole for supporting someone he feels is the right person for the job

  • Pingfah

    Ehh, watching butthurt right wingers cry into their cornflakes is hilarious.

  • kingchaz

    I didn’t vote for Obama but I did vote for another Soundgarden album years ago, so I feel like my vote counts :D

    Bring on another one. Kim Thayil has been missed as much as Woody Weatherman in the guitar community (until last year, thank God COC are back!)

  • Brian

    Chris is such a douche…and liberal POS!

  • SuperSG


  • Brett Buchanan

    Wrictus, did he not say he was honored to be there celebrating Obama’s re-election? So shut the fuck up.

  • ha


    Be nice. Keep it clean.

    Couldnt resist.

  • Wrictus

    Brett you knew exactly what you were doing funny guy…

  • Brett Buchanan

    Yes, putting something Cornell said in the headline. Some readers seem to want me to pick the least interesting parts of stories as headlines.

  • enough

    Who gives a shit. Id rather politics and Cornell over anything related to bald billy boy.

  • Wrictus

    Sorry but it’s all about the stirred-pot traffic, examples abound…

  • Ben

    Wow, all this political stuff and no one has yet to comment on “Peace Love and Understanding” pretty much as good as acapella!

  • Spoonman

    wrictus you have already been told once but you must have missed it so here it is again SHUT THE FUCK UP

  • Your Mother

    Now, now, don’t call that man a douche just because his warden puts him up to playing patty cake with people more famous than he is so they can “look good” while they turn around and steal from the poor to give to the poorer & call it “charity.” How many of you want to bet all of his fans forking over that kind of cash for meet & greets have significantly less money than the Cornell’s do already?? They should sell one of their vacation homes or something before they charge people that kind of money just to breathe the same air as him, the fuck?

  • RickDeckard


    Thank you.

  • Ripley

    His guitar’s so quiet!!!

    It’s practically a Cornell a capella show!

  • Wrictus

    No problem with you ‘Spoonman’, and I don’t know who the fuck thought my position was Republican/ conservative. Not at all. It only had to do with the constant repetitive political topics & headline ‘comments’ by our conservo/libertarian friend who loves doing it, getting people fighting, getting traffic a’flowin’, stir and repeat. The comments had nothing to do with anyone but him and them tweenage habits.

  • Spoonman

    i just think you are pouncing on the wrong headline. better timing would make you look smarter

  • Philip

    Well, yeah….. there really do seem to be a bunch of topics and stories of different bands and arteests supporting President Obama, written with a thin veil of, “I don’t like and nor did I vote for this guy” verbiage. It’s not that subtle actually. Complete objectivity ain’t to be found.

  • Butthead

    Politics suck. Both Bush and Obama were terrible presidents Bush was the one who fucked up our economy in the first place, and Obama just came in and let it get worse. Both are liars and are proof that politicians are idiots and you can’t trust any of them.

  • Spoonman

    ^^wow you know so much about politics.. what people dont realize is bush basically pushed our economy over the edge of a mountain. just because you change leaders halfway down the fall doesnt mean the laws of gravity cease to exist. it took eight years to fuck our economy up and its gonna take at least eight to right the ship. you people who expect results instantly just dont understand politics

  • Butthead

    @Spoonman, I understand politics just fine. I understand that all politicians are all liars that just want your money and and will do whatever they can to win the election. Thats why I choose to vote independent. I much rather have see Ron Paul win than Mitt Romeny or Barack Obama. Anyways, its a Friday night, and I honestly don’t want to dicuss politics on the internet so just go watch your Fox News and CNN and shut up.

  • Spoonman

    you shut the fuck up. i responded to your post fucker. im following YOUR topic. fuck off

  • Butthead

    And I responded to your response and said I wasn’t in the mood for a political fight, so why don’t you fuck off.

  • Brett Buchanan

    Also to people who might think mentioning Cornell supporting Obama in the headline is meant to slant the story one way or the other is wrong. It’s his opinion. I think Bush and Obama are both puppets personally, but that didn’t have an effect on the headline I picked at all.

    I do admit I use some ‘sexy’ titles on here, but they are never lies. I pick the most interesting part of the story that I know people will be interested in and highlight it. I go on other sites where the headlines are BLATANT lies, not just slightly taking something out of context which happens here occasionally.

  • Badmotorfinger

    Next up on

    Billy Corgan says the Pumpkins were the Led Zeppelin of the 90’s?
    Billy Corgan trashes Green Day and says they are sell-outs?
    Billy Corgan stirs up the Pavement feud once more, as he rips on the lead singer’s vocals???

    Stay tuned for more news from your favorite egomaniac, Billy Corgan on!!!


    another chuckle from the elite.

    sad so many so called americans dont realise the jokes on them.

    it truly is a zombie nation.

    stay tuned tho…

  • Shaun Jam

    Can we do something about this? I mean the aggressive Right-wing or even Left-wing comments. Can we filter them?

    Let him post the news, this is what the site lives from. Every move they make.

    You being assholes and moaning about the artists political views isn’t going to do nothing, they aren’t even shoving it down your throats, they’re still playing music. So appreciate that.