Video Of Nirvana Rehearsing “Smells Like Teen Spirit” For Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

UPDATE: The video has been pulled, but the real performance is just hours away!

Exclusive video of Nirvana rehearsing “Smells Like Teen Spirit” last night for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. This is the first time they’ve performed the song live since 1994. Joan Jett will be fronting the band for the ‘Teen Spirit’ performance.

  • Patrick

    Is that Stipe singing?

  • tfngodhead

    I think its joan jett.

  • Washington Frank

    All I see is a video taken by someone walking down a really boring hallway.

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  • Courtney Rocks!

    That picture is really dumb.
    Joan Jett sings Smells Like Teen Spirit ?

    • Courtney Rocks!

      Should got Courtney to sing it!
      Courtney rocks

      • Christine

        Actually, since there was no way to get them to not do this (which is still my personal preference, not that it matters) I think Grohl should sing and they should have asked Chad to drum, or Taylor to sit in. With Pat there I don’t know why they put anyone in front other than Dave (again, if they had to do it at all). Clover wasn’t going to go until Frances decided to and until her manager/agent said ” it’s what wives and children do ” (or maybe it was widows, I don’t remember, it’s in the BBC interview). What I don’t understand is, why isn’t it broadcast live on a seven second delay; why wait until the end of May? It just means that much more time for Nirvana leeches to come out of their holes to capitalize. We were talking about it and were half way considering posting an eBay auction or something about having a signed laser disc player or atari 2600 to see how many idiots actually bought into the idea. I mean, it’s really ridiculous the daily nonsense being posted; all the delay between the event and the broadcast does is allow for more of it. I watched that stupid trailer for that stupid film, it lacks any credibility (same old crap) and they even claim some woman is Frances godmother (when we know its Drew Barrymore). Why the band would willing feed into that I don’t know; they can’t possibly NOT know all the crap that’s being thrown out at Nirvana fans (and non fans) since March, why make it go on and on to the end of May? Anyway, just ranting because I know Courtney Rocks! is the only one who will understand (how I feel). Carry On.

  • djh62179

    Joan Jett looks like she smells like cigarettes and too much perfume. Krist looks real displeased with your photoshop skills by the way. Oh and I have listened to ‘Milk It’ about 10 times since someone on here pointed out the fact that it says ‘look on the bright side suicide’ or whatever. I never thought much of that song and never knew thats what it said but now I really dig it the more I listen.

    • Christine

      I saw Joan on Craig Ferguson recently, (1 April when Drew Carey hosted); she looks like she’s joined the Joan Rivers family. It’s very sad.

      • Splurge2

        And Courtney Love doesn’t look like Joan Rivers??

    • Amused

      Um, That\’s Pat Smear from the Foo Fighters – not Joan Jett !

  • Chris J.

    Yup, JJ

    • djh62179

      Correct me if I’m wrong but I think thats Coutney singing. Makes sense it would Joan Jett but sounds like Courtney.

  • Walter Paisley

    Agreed, get Courtney to sing it. Its what Kurt would have wanted. Get Chad Channing on drums too.

    • Splurge2

      No , no , no ! Courtney sucks. whatever you think about Joan Jett she is a still billion times better and more rock than that woman Kurt was trying to divorce.

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