• Pete

    The new album is fucking badass… the jury is still out of course but it might be better than Alice in Chains Black Gives Way to Blue… (thought it’s tough to beat A Looking In View)

  • Russ

    King Animal is the best album of the year!

  • WizeKraker

    @Pete your nuts dude!! King Animal SMASHES BGWTB

  • Z.

    Black gives way to blue is also a very good album. I don’t know, but my first impression was something like that: “Oh, King animal is good. Really good, but somehow Black gives way to blue is better.” I want to get King animal, put it on, listen with headphones for about ten times. I guess then I could make more detailed comments on both albums. As for now, it’s just first impression. I think we should be very happy, that SG and AIC still make music.

  • GsusH

    The album is great but, not as great as their previous efforts but, stands up amazingly well against anything any other band has released recently.
    queens of the stone age and Alice in Chains have new stuff on the way but bands like these are not really to be compared because they are all badass and are much more to do with art and sound than business.

  • NickG

    They looked stoked to play new material, and that’s great. It’s awesome to see them play new songs live. I really hope they do a follow up to KA.

  • maurisujo

    sounds really great

  • Calvin McLain

    Anyone else think it’s kinda odd that they are playing a separate vocal track for the chorus of Rowing? I can’t tell if the music is also being facilitated that way.


    I really have to agree :) Soundgarden have come a long way since their days in the 1990s, although I would like to hear and see more grunge action from this band , its okay to be doing new stuff . Good Luck and yes THE MAYAN GODS APPROVE of the new Soundgarden as long as they keep their dirty hard rocking grunge punk roots going

  • Marcelo

    King Animal is really a solid album!!!

    I am glad they have put out many songs that sound WAY stronger and deeper than the weak “Been away for too long”… Stupid choice for a single.

    SOUNDGARDEN is great…
    Matt stay with this guys, and please let Pearl Jam find a drummer that sound like Pearl Jam.. You are a time machine, great drummer – but not for Pearl Jam

  • Pete

    Yeah Calvin, I agree… it was weird to see and hear that.


    Pearl Jam were doing really good with Jack Irons :) I miss the 1990s when Pearl Jam actually had a real solid but simple rhythm section going, Matt Cameron is more suited for Soundgarden drumming because of the special weird interesting twist and turns during drum rhythm time signatures


    Studying Soundgardens songwriting process, guitar playing, bass work , drumming and vocal abilitys is like taking a college music class :) you can really learn how to be a good musician lol . So many interesting old and new songs to listen to

  • Julz

    I thought it was odd that they played a backing track for the chorus on Rowing too. It could have just been because Chris’ lead into the chorus varies throughout the song. Or it could be to put less strain on his voice. Either way, I’m glad they’re playing it at their shows, it’s definitely my favorite song on the record. Even hearing it on the album, I thought “How is he gonna pull this off live, even if Matt sings background?”. And I can’t compare this to Black Gives Way, both awesome albums in their own ways.

  • Smokey-Hell Nelson

    Two of my favourites off KA!

  • JC

    Sorry but King Animal is nowhere near Black gives way to blue…also prefer Down on the Upside

  • SuperSG

    being a self-admitted Soundgarden FANBOY, I am entitled to my opinion that they are both amazing albums, but IMO Soundgarden are the better band since AIC cant compete with Cornells singing or Camerons Drumming. If AIC still had Layne then I would rank them even. But thats not the case. KA wins by less than a sliver IMO.

  • TC

    Rowing is badass. Rowing live is even more badass.

    God I love this band.