From Seattle, Washington – 2/7/13

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  • jt

    I believe that is the best version I have ever heard.

  • juca

    OMG, great perfomance, fucking awesome!!
    mike is god :)

  • kez

    dam i wish ed would shut up and let mike rip it sometimes with pj

  • The Incredible Mr. Mark Arm


  • Magic Mike Mazzarone

    I know juca I am pretty amazing.

  • http://LastRightsRecords Marcus

    Glad I went to the Thursday show instead of Friday, would’ve been pretty disappointed to miss McCready’s performance.

  • drew


    fuck yeah mccready!!!!!

  • Curmudgeon

    Love the passion and energy by MM!!

  • Justin

    Kim looks like double rainbow guy

  • madboogerflinger

    Holy crap, this is absolutely amazing! Wish I was at this show!

  • King_Luken

    Probably my fave Soundgarden song, shame the quality wasnt better.
    Good job though

  • Dave

    wow – that was insane – very powerful and the opening riffs were amazing. that was BADASS

  • Pete

    NThis song never really “got” my attention… but with this video I’m now hooked on it. Hope they play it tomorrow in Vancouver!!! I will be there!

  • Dreux

    I never liked how this song sounded on DOTU (the vocal effect always bugged me), but this performance is incredible and totally does the song justice.

  • Butthead

    Love bands, but I wish PJ would stop being lazy, and get in the studio already. I didn’t like Backspacer, I couldn’t into the pop-punk sound on the album. Even King Animal was better than Backspacer. I miss the days when PJ use to have an album every two to three years, but now they more like the Chili Peppers and Tool, and are making us wait like five to six years for a new album.

  • Todd

    I guess I’m the only one who was disappointed. Mess ups prevalent right off the bat and throughout the song and the dual solo sounded like a trainwreck. Guess my expectations were beyond just McCreadifying a Soundgarden song with his same penatonic solo we’ve heard on every Pearl Jam song ever.

  • Nicb115

    I agree with the same boring solos by mike. I like his studio versions of a lot of songs better. Live it’s just a bunch of pull offs/hammer ons and bends on the same 3 notes. He’s a amazing guitar player not taking anything away from mike.

  • Todd

    @Nicb115 Well said.

  • Grungecaster 1

    HEY? :) what happened?

  • Grungecaster 1

    I wrote all this stuff :( its not on here
    oh well heres the short version

    Mikes playing with Soundgarden
    Dave Grohl directs their music videos

    I think Soundgarden will soon become Soundforest :)