UPDATE FROM BRETT: Soundgarden’s Dave Grohl directed music video “By Crooked Steps” leaked last night. The video depicted the band riding segways and showing up at a bar to stop a techno show and play live. The band were then chased down by cops on their segways and arrested by deadmau5. The video was pulled, and I received a legal e-mail along with a request from a Soundgarden representative to pull it . Seems pretty silly, a music video is a promotional tool for an album and essentially a commercial. So anyways, here’s a video of Gob Bluth struggling to ride his segway on Arrested Development instead.

  • NickG

    Nice haha :D

  • The Incredible Mr. Mark Arm

    hahaha wtf

  • fsh


  • Erik

    That was funny and cool, I dug that one!

  • rsotero

    Dave Grohl is the director.
    We could see foo fighters’s video music style here. hahahaha

    I don’t think if this kind fits good in soundgarden….

  • Alternadude

    Weird. Interesting.

  • Mark

    Meh, I don’t dig it. I think the only reason why people will like it is because Dave Grohl allegedly directed it. $10 if someone else directed it they’d pan it immediately. It just doesn’t fit Soundgarden or the song.

  • Jetro

    Good stuff.

  • Pete

    You are right Mark.

  • Pete

    I like it though

  • Badmotorfinger

    Lets compare all the Grunge/Alternative rock bands to superheroes:

    Nirvana = Superman
    Pearl Jam = Batman
    Alice In Chains = Iron Man
    Soundgarden = The Punisher
    The Smashing Pumpkins = Green Lantern
    Stone Temple Pilots = Aquaman
    Hole = Wonderwoman

  • jjc19461

    I cant see my comments why. Sorry if this is like a triple post or something…

  • GrungeAddicted

    I used to like this song, it has now been tarnished by the image of the band riding those stupid scooter things… Then again this sort of childish shit is to be expected when Grohl is involved, look at his bands ridiculous videos!

  • Alternadude

    It is harmless whatever the judgement.

  • Ben

    I guess Matt Cameron is the only one who cares about safety!!!

  • SuperSG

    This is ridiculous…but funny as hell. Deadmau5 and his genre of music are there to arrest the renegade grunge rockers…on scooter thingys… Cornell of 1995 would’ve punched growl in the face repeatedly if grohl even thought of putting Soundgarden on scooter thingys!

    But it’s harmless and funny as hell! Too much like ” the pretender” and too much Chris making screaming faces with wind in his flo…

  • SuperSG

    *grohl in the face repeatedly

  • Thorne

    Can’t believe they released that..

  • Badmotorfinger

    Okay, the Nirvana and Superman comparison was wrong because I like Nirvana and hate Superman.

  • kingchaz

    Deadmau5… No other comments needed.

  • Brett Buchanan

    Needs more Gob Bluth on his segway.

  • ed

    Who’s the cop @ the end?

  • Alex

    This is a serious question. To the people that don’t like this video… why? I’m in the mood for a debate

  • ed

    I think they want a darker video to go with the song/band vibe..not comedy with the scooter things..It would have been funnier if they only showed the waste up the whole time to make you think they were on motorcycles only to reveal the scotter thingys at the end.

  • SuperSG

    This is hilarious

  • SuperSG

    @ Ed


  • Mark

    “Alex said:
    This is a serious question. To the people that don’t like this video… why? I’m in the mood for a debate”

    I’m not going to lie, I chuckled at a few parts, but it was so mind-blowingly predictable and stupid it was hard to enjoy the whole thing. It’s hypocritical, since many members of the band over various times have down-played acting in videos… most notably right after the ‘Been Away Too Long’ video, where Thayil commented that he and the band preferred not to act in videos and have it be something else.

    It’s also the fact that nobody would like this video if it wasn’t Dave Grohl “directing” it. And we’re supposed to know who Dead Mouse is… I don’t get that. Why did it end so dramatically on his face like I’m supposed to know what he looks like? Shit, even if I did listen to dub step or whatever the hell, the guy is always wearing that mouse head so I wouldn’t know who it is anyway! But I’m not a lemming and I don’t listen to dub step, so back to square one.

    Lastly, while I don’t think music videos matter too much anymore, it’s my understanding that a music video is supposed to capture the audience and possibly bring in new fans. If I’m someone who has somehow never heard of Soundgarden before and I watch this video, I’m going to go take my business elsewhere. I don’t think every music video should be dark and gloomy, but for this band coming back now and this song, I’d expect better than this half-assed atrocity. Do I have a better idea for a music video for By Crooked Steps? Not at the moment, but I think the lyrics tell a great story that could make a much better non-band-acting video than this.

  • Alex

    @Ed That’s what I believe it to be as well. I think that there is a certain number of people out there that idolize this band (and every band for that matter) not only for their music, but because they think the band is “cool”. There’s this image of the band that people portray in their minds. They don’t want to see or hear anything different than what their ideology of the band is. This is not what music is about. I guess it’s their loss though. I’m sure there are some people out there that understand where I’m coming from…

  • Mayan Calender 2013

    @Alex, because in 1993, you would never Soundgarden video with scooters or techno beats by a shitty artist like deadmau5. Kurt Cobain literally just rolled in his grave for the third time.

  • Mark

    ^ I’m not going to NOT listen to Soundgarden records or go to Soundgarden shows because I dislike one music video… Anyone that does that is silly. I see no wrong in giving criticism when it’s due.

    … not that Soundgarden will read my ramblings anyway, but you get it.

  • Alex

    @Mayan I’m not even going to entertain the thought of you having anything to say of any substance.

    @Mark I definitely get it. I, too see no problem with giving criticism. I can appreciate the subjectivity of everything that is art related. I really just wanted to see what kind of answers I could get from my question. I was curious if I could get an even remotely constructive reply. Which, I did from you and I appreciate it. That can be a rarity around here.

    But, I did enjoy the video. I appreciate that they kind of went outside the zone with it. Doom and gloom can get monotonous every once in a while…


    i wonder what ever became of cedar?
    i remember her going to see you at the restaurant. she told me you were a good cook.
    of course i wouldnt eat.

    you were so young then.

    what a waste.

    luckily u can carry a tune.

    as for the rest… shut the fuck up slave.

  • Björn

    I loved it. It shows they don’t take themself all that serious.

  • Jim2

    Having them ride bikes would have been too cliche.

  • Markus

    Take a look at the last seconds (for those who dislike the video because they think it does not fits Soundgarden “style”) – it’s the same band Soundgarden has is funny, childish side.
    I also had another image of the song in my head, but I love this video, it’s funny as hell.

  • SV3N38


  • DeckRickard

    It’s like the video for “Walk” meets the video for “The Day I Tried to Live”.

    Don’t know if that’s a good mix. And I like the Foos videos, don’t get me wrong.

  • Dave

    I thought that video and the song are fucking BADASS – usually I wont watch a music video more than once – I watch that one 3 times in row…It was mad cool and a bit strange….It rocked just like the 4 shows I saw in NY rocked….

  • Stefan

    This video is awesome, awesome, awesome!!!!!!!

  • _SuperUnknowN_

    Funny as hell, liked the tearful face of the hipster when they disconnect his laptop.

  • johnny208

    soooooooo Grohl!

  • Grungecaster 1


  • Mia

    This video is awesome and I think it fits Soundgarden! When you watch old interviews with them you can see they have always had a good sense of humor. Since they said they don’t like making videos that much it makes sense they would turn it into something funny. I laughed so hard when it panned down to reveal that they were on scooters and not bikes. I also liked the part where Chris unplugged that guys computer and made him cry.

  • Shadow on the Sun

    Fantastic video, aside from the cool trippy ones from Tool, prob the best one i’ve seen in last decade at least.
    Absolutely loved them closing the guys laptop and the ‘highspeed’ chase at the end was priceless.
    You know with Grohl directing this it would be funny


    Wow. I read the comments BEFORE I watched the video. Too bad, it ruined some of the surprises.

    Nevertheless, I thought this video was HILARIOUS and AWESOME. Totally disagree with most of the comments. Even having read the comments, I was cracking up.

    Dudes, this is Soundgarden having fun. This is actually a GREAT video.

    It reminds me of the way Elvis used to crack jokes and poke fun at himself on stage.

    Love this video.

  • nevernamed

    This was fantastic. I haven’t watched many music videos since the 90’s but this is one that I’ll watch again.

  • Raj

    Well, you know with Dave it’s going to be comedic. I guess it’s good no one is taking themselves to seriously. I prefer the videos from the 90’s because they were dark, abstract, psychedelic, etc. I found that usually videos would fit the song or just the theme in general. For e.g. Smells Like Teen Spirit – pep rally from hell

    SG was getting away very slowly on their segways.

  • Monster Robert

    Very cool video.

  • Dave


    SOUNDGARDEN DID NOT release it yet I think…you guys fucked up

  • Brett Buchanan

    Who gives a shit it’s a fucking music video not a full album.

  • Jim2
  • missinglayne

    when a video is made portraying a band crashing in on a techno bar to unplug the dj and rock the house…………………………….the song should rock a lot harder than ‘by crooked steps’ does. i’m not sure there’s a song on KA that could fit the bill.

    and segway’s are for geeks and nerds. nothing very cool about them in the ‘rock and roll’ sense.

    harleys and sportscars, now those are tried and true.

  • Gsush
  • senium

    Soundgarden has graced us with many years of great music we should appreciate that they still are-