Mad Season guitarist Mike McCready announced yesterday that he is looking to find singers for the unreleased second Mad Season record. There are 12 unreleased instrumental recordings that were done by Mike McCready, Barrett Martin, and the late John Baker Saunders in the late 90’s (known as the Disinformation sessions but they could not get Layne Staley or Mark Lanegan to sing on it at the time.

Here are some people who I think would be worthy of singing on the album.

Mark Lanegan is an easy choice. He sang duets with Layne Staley on two Mad Season songs from Above (Long Gone Day and I’m Above) and has strong ties to the group, especially since drummer Barrett Martin is his ex-Screaming Trees bandmate. I think Lanegan should definitely sing at least a couple of songs on the album.

Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell is another great choice. He was the frontman for Temple of the Dog (which included Mike McCready) and it would be really interesting to hear what Chris would come up with.

One issue with Eddie Vedder singing on the album is, it would essentially become a Pearl Jam song featuring a different drummer and bassist. Vedder/McCready have written many songs together in Pearl Jam, but obviously Mad Season is in a different vein. But regardless, Eddie/Mike together is always gold so if this happens it’d obviously result in something great. It’s just that Mad Season has always seemed like Mike’s own project, his escape from Pearl Jam.

Alice In Chains singer/guitarist Jerry Cantrell would be a very interesting choice. Jerry’s vocal range is limited but he is great at singing ballads, it would be interesting to hear Cantrell possibly sing a duet with Chris Cornell. For the record there’s no way William DuVall should have anything to do with this. William is a nice guy and good singer, but it wouldn’t feel right for him to take Layne’s place in another band.

Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland would be a solid choice to sing on the song. I know Weiland and STP aren’t popular with everybody in the Seattle community, but Weiland is friends with Alice In Chains and has performed with AIC and Cantrell a handful of times. I think Scott could bring something different if he were to sing on a song.

I think it would be cool if there could somehow be some sort of small Layne Staley appearance on the album.  May it be a spoken word opening/breakdown to a song taken from Layne talking at a live Alice In Chains/Mad Season show, or from a vocal take from one of his various projects as a added harmony/bit part to a song.  Slim chance of this happening but it would be cool!

Just kidding.

  • hey

    Jerry! For sure!

  • Ressa

    Brandon Boyd (Incubus) once covered one of Alice in Chains’ songs, Would. He sang it beautifully. I think everyone may think the same, Brandon has a great voice. His incredible voice may fit unreleased songs from Mad Season. I’m so psyched about this reissue thing. Above is one of my all-time-favorite albums that I own. And River or Deceit always gets me and moves me. The guitar works of Mr. Mike Mc-in-Cready-ble simply moves me in the way I couldn’t explain. RIP Layne Staley.

  • Fred

    IMO, Lanegan only.
    He is legitimate because he was there during the Above sessions (2 tracks).
    And his voice fit with the Mad Season melancolical spirit…

  • RickDeckard

    Gradually scrolling down as I read. I see Scott Stapp. Heart Skips beat. Then read caption.

    It could have been a meme.

  • GrungeJunkie385

    Always with the Creed jokes. Haha. You’d think I would know better by know but I was duped. I agree that Lanegan would be good. Fuck it have them all do guest vocals and do duets together. That, if done right would be an INSANE album.

  • jackpurcell

    Mark Lanegan! please no Cornell/Vedder

  • no

    I like the idea of Lanegan and would be fine with him doing all the vocals. If there were another singer brought in, I like the idea of Cornell & Vedder. I liked someone’s suggestion that Mark Arm sing on the album as well.

  • Dreux

    Mark Lanegan singing duets with good, lesser-known, and appropriate singers would be nice, or even just background vocals. Of course I’d want him to sing lead on at least one track. He’s the only singer here I see fit for Mad Season, and I really do think it would be a good opportunity to showcase some up-and-comers that haven’t gotten much attention or success.

  • Cathy

    Mark, Chris, Ed, and Jerry. Any one of them would be great but all four would awesome!

  • http://dogs-official.com Koji

    none of them above would fit. i really don’t think anyone can/should/will be able to replace Staley, cause I believe Mad Season was/is HIS own band. but if that’s their will to do it, then I’d say it should be none other than Travis Meeks(of Days Of The New). Then it would make sense, cause he was the last person to see Mike Starr before he died, and Mike Starr was the last who saw Layne before he died. So I believe something was passed on to him from Layne… And he’s a genius too who’s too good to be forgotten… And he was (and maybe still is) struggling through same hell Layne was in… the drug. Isn’t it the name Mad Season they took from?

  • Humperdinck

    Apparently holograms are in these days.

  • billy

    Travis Meeks. As i mentioned in the other thread this boy needs money to put out the 4th DOTN album. It’s been 11 yrs since the Red album. Travis is amazing if he can be clean

  • gaboy

    a collaboration album would be great
    cornell, vedder, cantrell,Stone,Cameron, Lanegan etc
    Weiland would not be on this album,

  • King Cornell 20

    Just Lanegan. Keep it simple and not some big production. This is just to add some closure to the Mad Season days.

  • Robert

    Mark and Jerry are the best choices.

  • espen

    I dont understand what so funny about making fun of Creed all the time.

  • Dreux

    I agree with King Cornell. This is only to bring closure. A rotation of singers would be a good (I think; and not a rotation of people like Cantrell and Veddar), but Lanegan should be the primary force, vocally. If he decides not to do it, let’s just hope they get good singers appropriate to the material. Mike isn’t looking for one singer, he’s looking for several. That’s an important thing to keep in mind.

  • Elias

    The answer is easy if we want someone to make the record sounds like the first…Scott Weiland…
    And here is the proof http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m15Oko4yuY4

    I f we want the best singer…of course Eddie Vedder
    And if we want the most technical,Cris Cornell.
    I vote for Scott.

  • Fuzhi

    Lanegan is obviously the best choice. If he wont do it I would like a rotation of different singers. I think Travis Bracht (of Second Coming) would be an intersting choice for a couple of songs.

  • Jake Taylor

    The correct answer is NO ONE.

    Mad Season was Layne’s band.

  • http://grungereport.net oscar

    LOL at the scott stapp as lead singer, but after finding out that their could of been a second album i wish layne would of stayed to do the second album with them in 97

  • timtenbob

    Lanegan only in my opinion, if not Lanegan just release the instrumentals. Lets all send them a tweet a day asking them to do it!

  • Treason

    [New Guy]: but who would play bass?

  • cosmicatomic

    lol at the Weiland suggestion. This is where Kid Reporter Brett is just being a fanboy. C’mon. Weiland is about as realistic as Scott Stapp.

    I wouldn’t use Jerry unless he was a part of a collaboration with others. He doesn’t need to step follow in Layne’s footsteps like that unless it’s a collaboration intended to honor him.

    Hopefully it’s Lanegan.

  • Maverick785

    I like the idea of Lanegan with some other guest appearances.

  • Mark

    Richard Patrick of filter!!!!!!

  • Sobs

    Why not just make it a album with multiple vocalists? They can each contribute a song or two, maybe sing all together on a song or two (kinda like in Right Turn or Hunger Strike). I think they should explore that with Lanegan, Cantrell, Cornell… Also love the idea of a spoken word Staley bit, that’s a bit outside the box. I’m sure that whatever they roll with will be good though.

  • The Incredible Mr. Mark Arm

    all of them :D

  • Mia

    I think Lanegan would be the best choice because he was originally involved in the project and because he been involved in several projects in recent years where he has done colloborations so it doesn’t seem like a stretch for him to get involved in the project. Though if there were a big thing with Eddie, Chris, AND Lanegan that would be AMAZING but it seems unlikely. We can dream though!

  • Axel

    Maynard from Tool

  • dakotablue

    There was a reason Layne and Lanegan refused to do vocals way back when. So I’m thinking Lanegan would still feel that way, probably. I respect McCready so I don’t think he’d make a rash or cheap decision. But at this point, I don’t feel good about another vocalist taking over Layne’s pet project. JMHO.

  • Jeanne

    You guys are forgetting something. In the summer 99 interview, Layne said NO MORE MAD SEASON because John Baker S. had died. Layne did not WANT to continue on with Mad Season, because his bandmate died..Layne would NOT be okay with this “new” album coming out, if you believe HIS OWN WORDS back then.

    I say no this is completely wrong of the rest of the guys to do. Instrumental only would be better than another singer. The only way it would be okay is if you had all of the singers EXCEPT for Jerry come together as a tribute collaboration. Screw Jerry he had his shot back in the day. Mark L. and Travis Meeks, with Vedder and Cornell also would be good, but ONLY as a duet type thing and not one man singing an entire song alone. Mad Season was LAYNE’s PRIZED WORK..he felt the proudest about his achievements with this band and contributed EVERYTHING to Mad Season, let’s not ruin his legacy.

  • cosmicatomic

    My perception is the reason Layne/Lanegan didn’t do Mad Season was because of their physical conditions moreso than any tangible moral reason.

    Layne was asked by a fan if Mad Season was getting together and he responded “no because the bassist passed”. That’s about it.

  • Dreux


    We’re talking about unreleased instrumental tracks that Baker had input on. This isn’t Mad Season 2.0 with a new bassist and singer. This is the completion of what could have been a second album.

  • Stone Temple Pirate

    Weiland would be Interesting and cool,I’d like to hear River of Deceit sang by him

    Jerry Cantrell would work too

    Damn I miss Layne

  • Tony Veleno

    No one

  • Luiz Carneiro

    Jerry, Cornell, Lanegan e Vedder. Each one sings 2 or more songs and all together in one song (like in Alice in Chains “Right Turn”), will be really beautiful…

  • Doug

    J. Loren Wince from Hurt would be great.

  • John

    I found that Scott Weiland sound a bit like Layne in “Piece Of Pie” (especially on the verses), Mark Lanegan and Scott weiland would be cool. No way that Jerry Cantrell sings on that project , he was jealous of Layne at the time about his mad season project and not touring with AIC.

  • MJM

    I think we can all agree that we would all love to hear the vocal stylings of the one and only Taylor Momsen.

  • Mark


  • CagedTiger

    Richard Patrick has an amazing voice and I’m a huge Filter and AOA fan but I’m guessing they’ll go with a grunge singer for this. Whitfield Crane from Ugly Kid Joe is also an amazing rock singer but again, not sure if he’d fit on this and of course Mike Patton is also extremely talented…

  • Jeanne


    Yes I know JBS had input on this before he died. I am saying Layne said NO MORE MAD SEASON because he had died, he felt it was not right. Surely Layne knew of the instrumental tracks already, since he did not want to do it in 97, but still did not want to continue on with the band.

    Talking about getting someone to “sing” in replace of Layne is wrong, that was HIS inspiration, pain and feelings, no one else can replicate that type of music.

  • Reptile

    Scooter Ward from Cold and Corey Taylor are both amazing songers who would fit perfect on this.

  • Maverick785

    What’s Sanjaya up to these days? He’d probably do it for $50 and half a sandwich :D

  • Reptile

    As someone else mentioned Layne’s inspiration for lyrics had deteriorated quite a bit before his death, perhaps he was unable to write anything to fit these instrumentals. I have nothing but respect for Layne and may he rest in peace but let’s not forget that he penned the lyrics: “Well the nothin song stick to your mouth like peanut butter on the brain (yodelay hooooo) nothin ever stays the same”…

  • yumm

    #1 Lanegan
    #2 Nobody just release the instrumentals with the reissue of Above

    But what i think Mccready is gonna do is get different unknown singers to sing of different tracks. Like the Staranna girl Mccready is always talking about. Which is better than getting a Corey Taylor or any of those guys people on here are mentioning,but still Mark Lanegan is the best choice no question about it.

  • D

    John frusciante

  • drew

    where’s my original response?

    lanegan for sure, mccready himself on some and mark arm! arm was great on sap and obviously all
    he’s done in the majestic mudhoney!

  • RödeOrm

    just loved the last one!

  • John

    From the Disinformation sessions there are probably 12 songs and out of that eight that are pretty great,” said McCready. “They need to be edited and they’re all just music so we are trying to find singers that are up to the caliber of Layne to do justice to it. I know a lot of (the singers) it’s just getting the commitment.”

  • bnz

    1 word:
    L A N E G A N

  • steve


  • Dreux


    There were 3 other people in Mad Season if I remember correctly, and those 3 people wanted to put out new material, even if one of them is dead. Mad Season doesn’t have to be “Layne Staley’s other band”. However, ABOVE will always be it’s own creation. Mad Season isn’t a project with a great legacy, it was a project that produced a great album. Besides, Layne never stated why he was so against a new Mad Season album. In fact, he only seemed to reject the idea of continuing Mad Season as an active band. There’s a difference between an active band and the unreleased material of a band on hiatus. Let me put it this way; you won’t see “Mad Season” touring in support of this album. You’ll just be seeing an album of newly completed, old material by Mad Season. There’s nothing wrong with that.

  • Paul K

    Lanegan. The others have no connection to the band.

  • Vann

    Despite being a huge Soundgarden fanboy, the only person here I say is fit to do it is Lanegan. But, if not, maybe it could be a big collaboration album with all the grunge singers? Have Jerry do a song, Chris do one, Eddie, Lanegan, etc.

  • Cathy

    Very well said, Dreux.

  • Jeanne


    Well you see it your way and I see it mine. I guess fans are going to be as divided over this as much as the division was when “AIC” decided to reform with Duvall (which was NOT right either).

  • Wall1970

    Above in my opinion is probably one of the best albums ever made. To me it was better than anything Alice in Chains or Pearl Jam did. Above was a masterpiece. With that said, I have total faith in Mike McCready and Barrett Martin to choose the right person to contribute to this record vocally. I’m very excited to hear the unreleased material. You never know – maybe there were some lyrics written by Layne for this that we don’t know about yet. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. PS – I almost died laughing at the Scott Stapp picture. Well played, Brett. Well played. LMFAO!!!!!

  • Wall1970

    Let me add also, that before Above was released, I also thought (and still think) of Dirt and Vs. to be masterpieces as well – but when Above came out, I thought that trumped them both. The way I worded my post above, I wanted clarify that I did not want to take anything away from Alice or Pearl Jam.

  • JJ

    I’d be completely disgusted if anyone other than Lanegan, with guest appearances by the likes of Cornell & Vedder, sang on the album. Mad Season exists because of Layne Staley, without him the album would have been entirely different, if at all. If you want the new album to be reminiscent of that, you’ve gotta involve people who actually new him and can embody what he was all about.

  • JJ

    Of course Mark Arm too!!!!

  • Canadian Grunge Rocker just north of Seattle

    Here are my choices for guest vocalists per track if they were to release 10 songs:

    1, Mark Lanegan

    2, Chris Cornell

    3, Mark Arm

    4, Shawn Smith

    5, Eddie Vedder

    6, Jerry Cantrell

    7, Dave Grohl

    8, Ann Wilson

    9. Tad Doyle

    10. Duff Mckagan.

    They are ALL Seattle Musicians who in my mind would be a great fit. We all can dream can’t we?

  • Robert

    I forgot to add Dave Grohl too would be good. Here some people not from the grunge Seattle that would sound good.

    1. Maynard James Keenan (He nailed some AIC songs at Tsnumi benefit show
    2. Philip Anselmo (I know this choice is out of left of field but he sang some AIC songs and he was good personal friend with Layne so it would be shocking if he contribute a song. This may not be a popular choice for people in the Seattle community since he is a metal singer.)

    I would love Chris Cornell or Eddie Vedder to be on the CD but you got Pearl Jam and with Cornell there already is Temple of the Dog so the best choice in the Seattle Community is like I said is Mark Langeon or Jerry Cantrell to play on the CD with Dave Grohl guessing on song.

  • Robert

    I forgot add how about Kevin Martin from Candlebox would be another good choice since he and his band has done a good cover of the song River of Deceit.

  • azwarjalil

    rishi majimbo can sing

  • Brad

    They have the instrumentals recorded but what about the lyrics? If the lyrics were laid down by 3/4 of the original band I say go for it. If they have yet to write the lyrics…..than no way.

  • Kloddz

    What about William DuVall? He’s done a decent enough job of emulating Layne in AIC, so wouldn’t he be the most natural fit to sing Layne’s parts in Mad Season as well?

  • Dreux

    I can’t help but feel that about 90% of the people here don’t really “get” what this is. This is not replacing Layne Staley. Whether or not you were for or against the continuation of Alice in Chains as an active band with a new lead singer, this is NOT the same thing. Not even close. I’ve accepted why people will continue to object to the “new AiC”, but there is no reason to think this is a horrible idea. There’s nothing to be tarnished here but the unreleased material itself, and we all have different ideas of how Mike (and I assume Barrett) can approach it. I personally DO NOT want to see big names like Cornell, Cantrell, or Vedder. Above was very quiet and meditative, and it gives off this feeling of being the only person in the world who’s listening to it at the moment (that’s why it’s in no danger of being “ruined”: it stands alone). Despite having the lead singer of one big band and the guitarist of the biggest band in the world at the time, it never felt like a big, insane crossover. To me, having a bunch of big-named Seattle musicians jump in would ruin the potential this unreleased material has of giving off that same vibe. On the other hand, I have no clue what such a rotation of such big vocalists would actually be like. I’ve already said it, but I do think Lanegan absolutely has to be on there, and if anyone is gonna write lyrics, I think it should be him, possibly collaborating with Mike.

  • Ben

    I agree Dreaux. ^

    This isn’t a new Mad Season album, infact the music was recorded before Layne even died. They have every right to release this material and I can’t see how doing so disrespects Layne or tarnishes the Mad Season legacy. If the band were to continue making new music with a new lineup a name change would be appropriate and I think Disinformation would be a fine choice.

    @ Kloddz

    Personally I really don’t want someone trying to emulate Layne.

    I think it would be great to have Mark and or a lesser known talented singer… and I hope and believe that they will choose wisely and we will get to hear this second album soon!

  • Rodrigo

    No one!
    They can change the name of the band.

    Mad Season isn’t Mad Season without Layne!

  • Matt

    Why is everyone having a hard time with this? This has nothing to do with Layne. These are songs from after Layne was out of the band, 97/98 era. He wanted nothing to do with it, and was too out of it to perform anyway. The plan was to form a new band with Lanegan as the full time lead singer, and that band’s name was Disinformation. They recorded a bunch of stuff in that period of time (which this stuff is from), but it was never finished. So please, stop saying Layne said Mad Season broke up and that is why this material shouldn’t come out or have any vocals put on it. This material has nothing to do with Layne aside from the fact that it was made by 3 guys he used to make music with. So no, there are no Layne lyrics from these sessions, no Layne outtakes of vocal parts (his at least), etc.

    That being said, have Lanegan do it.

  • MilitantMinded

    Zack De La Rocha from Rage Against The Machine or Chick D from Public Enemy. Mad Season needs to take a political turn, fight the power and fuck the system.

  • Libby

    I think Dez Futurez would be a good choice. He’s young and 100% clean… also an amazing guitar player on top of vocalist. Sounds a lot like Layne and knows his entire body of work, he posts stuff on youtube all the time, and just did a vocal cover,
    I just think it would be cool to get somebody noone knows, so it’s fresh. :)

  • dakotablue

    “trying to find singers who are up to the caliber of Layne…”
    NOT GONNA EVER HAPPEN. Layne was one of a kind and head and shoulders above other singers. Plus I don’t understand why everyone’s jumping on the Seattle-superstar-singers idea. That wasn’t/isn’t Mad Season.
    Although I respect McCready, this just feels wrong to me. Oh, and Jerry Cantrell should definitely not be involved. He was such a pissy little envious jerk (came off as thinking AIC somehow “owned” Layne’s voice) when Layne started working on Mad Season, Cuntrell doesn’t deserve even the leftovers!

  • Sean

    Star Anna may be a choice too since Mike McCready does a lot of work with her.

  • RIP


  • Jenna

    Dreux is absolutely right. Lanegan because he has a history with the band, but not any of the others. There’s alot of talented Seattle musicians. Why do people only focus on the ones above?

  • Cody

    because these are clearly the best and any others are not quite up to their caliber and therefore would be a disappointment

  • Iso

    Jesus christ there are a lot of dumb comments here.

  • jjc19461

    Tad Doyle is not that bad of a choice. Besides that “Tadgarden” thing in 2009, there hasn’t been much involving him lately.

  • Max

    I liked the Phil Anselmo idea. He can actually be a very emotional guy and he has a beautiful clean voice.

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/chrisedwards chris

    Why not just take what’s already recorded, properly mix and master it and put it out as “Disinformation”? Or maybe put some McCready and Barrett Martin vocal stuff on it? It seems the thing to do with this project: it’s NOT Mad Season. From my understanding of what I read then (when there was hope that Layne would re-emerge and start making music) and on here, now: Layne had declined to participate in the second album from “Mad Season” to spend more time with his family (is what was reported online and in the press back then). There was talk for a while of him and Lanegan both singing on the record, but I really don’t think Layne was into it, reading between the lines. After all, Mad Season (initially the Gacy Bunch) was his and McCready’s project, initially. It came out of the two of them making up songs, pretty much on the spot, with a couple of guitars and then taking it to a full-band setting later. That being written, these Disinformation sessions don’t have any Layne involvement: he didn’t record any guitar parts for this stuff, write any lyrics to be sung or create any artwork for an intended release (as he had with the Above record) so it’s really not Mad Season at this point.
    If it were released in the fashion I wrote of, it’d sell, probably not as well as “Above” but Pearl Jam completists would eat it up and there’s lots of folks into instrumental/jam-type stuff these days, too.
    Just my $0.02.

  • Brett


    If Layne wasn’t using all day he would have done it. Layne didn’t make any records period after 1995, and it’s not because he chose to retire before the age of 30.

  • J

    Me, id kill that shit lol.

  • Reptile

    “Welllll the nothin song sticks to your mouth like peanut butter on the brain, yodalay hoooooo” is unfortunately where the lyrical content was going after 1995… Layne had seemingly become somewhat uninspired towards the end unfortunately, his growing dependency to heroin played a part in this im sure… Its very sad but it’s true.

  • http://Newcastle,Australia Tommy

    Michael Stipe!
    Mark Lanagan!
    Duff McKegan!


  • lstaley25

    No one can do it. Just leave it as is and add some Layne backgrounds.

    Jerry, you’re awesome, but you have no place in Mad Season.

  • yumm

    Brett Layne was making music after 95. Jerry said he would go over to Layne’s house and he would be making music. He didn’t want to put out music with a major record label he just wanted to make music for his friends. Whether Jeery is lying about that or not. I’m gonna belive him over you or anybody that wasnt there. That say all he did was use all day. How the fuck do you know what he was doing if you werent even there. Its easy to assume but assuming is the same thing as a lie because you cant prove it to be true.

  • G Thang

    They should do an all star tribute album like they did for my man B.I.G., kinda like the Biggie duets album and use old Layne vocals spliced in with verses and contributions from Pac, Drake, Lil Weezy, Kanye and Nicki Minaj. Should probably bring the music up to date a bit so they could maybe use Timberland or Dre to remix the tracks a bit and add samples, ya boy Cornell be fucking with Timbo. Y’all might think I’m trippin but if you wanna stay current in the game your shit gotta sound fresh yo, it ain’t 97 know more feel me?

  • Cody

    i dont think we should care about not putting it out in respect to layne or changing the name because of him. he was alive for years after this was recorded. if he wanted to sing on it, he would have. so why should the rest of the band be hindered due to his disinterest.

  • Cody

    i dont think we should care about not putting it out in respect to layne or changing the name because of him. he was alive for years after this was recorded. if he wanted to sing on it, he would have. so why should the rest of the band be hindered due to his disinterest?

  • SLK

    Aaron Lewis from Staind would be great, he’s a criminally underrated singer/songwriter, plus he was a huge fan of Layne, he wrote a tribute song for him.

  • Cathy

    yumm…thank you for taking the words right out of my mouth. I was just about to say the same thing. Nobody knows what Layne was doing or if him and Jerry were fighting, or if Jerry was jealous of Layne over Mad Season. All assumptions based on rumors.
    From everything I’ve read and heard in interviews with both Layne and Jerry there was never anything to indicate that Jerry was jealous of Layne or there was this intense fighting between them going on or any of that shit. I’m fucking over all the Jerry hate. I have yet to see him put out any second rate crap like some here have stated. Jerry is perfectionist just as much as Layne, Ed, Chris or Mark, and every bit an iconic musician.
    I too, have heard Jerry say many times that prior to Layne’s death he would go over there and they’d jam and make music and play video games. And like you, I believe him over anyone here. I also remember Layne saying in the 1999 Rockline interview with the whole band that he was down with getting together with the rest of the guys to start making music again. It’s also been proven that the last public photo of Layne (the Halloween one from 1998/1999) was taken at…wait..a Jerry Cantrell show!
    Nancy gave Sadie (Layne’s cat) to Jerry after Layne died for Christ’s sake.
    Jerry, Sean, Mike Starr, and Mike Inez knew and loved Layne more than every single one of us here. They were like brothers.

    Christ almighty, some of these comments are just so fucking ridiculous..

    So yeah…@yumm, I wish I could just hug you,(not all) but I’m not gonna!

  • JJ

    If the new album is released by “Mad Season” then it has everything to do with Layne. If they release that material as Disinformation or any other band name then it’s a free for all. I have no problems with what Alice is doing with Duvall, they made their intentions clear and are respectfully soldiering on. Mad Season is just different, Above screams Layne Staley and that should be respected! And I never had Jerry hate, so glad to see some people concur!

  • Matt from DC

    HAHAHA @Scott Stapp


    the tupac hologram

  • cheeto

    Lanegan or instrumental!

  • Brett

    JJ, I think that if it’s just 8 songs (like McCready has hinted at) and is included as a bonus disc on an Above reissue, I don’t see the big deal. It’s not like McCready and Barrett Martin are going to have huge hype behind it and try to tour it, the 8 songs will be bonus material. Could even call the bonus disc ‘The Disinformation Sessions.’ It’d be awesome to hear it, especially since Baker passed and the only material we’ve ever gotten to hear from him is Above.

    Also, so close to 100 comments!

  • Brett

    100th comment!

  • Kirill

    Maynard James Keenan would be way to perfect to nail this record with his range of vocals. Plus he was a good friend of Layne and AIC and has performed with him. Maynard was always vocal about AIC and Soundgarden as the music of his choice, and you may even hear some similarity on the first two Tool records with these two bands.

  • Kirill

    @ Cathy, you are so right about relationship/friendship between Layne and Jerry.

  • Alberto

    I truly hope that the chosen singer will be Mark Lanegan because he was the person responsible for replacing Layne Staley and already worked with MS for teh “Above” album.


  • Marco

    only Lanegan can permit to not betray the original project

  • Gsushc

    Has anybody considered:

    1, Ozzy Osborne
    2, Robert Plant
    3, Alain Johannes
    4, Thom York
    5, David Bowie
    6, Ray laMontagne
    7, Billy Gibbons
    8, John Garcia
    9, Iggy Pop
    10, Ian Astbury
    11, Chris Robinson

  • chris

    aw man somebody took my name :p i was here first!

  • Anna

    I wonder how anyone could think of someone else that Mark Lanegan? It is the only choice, given that he sang in the original version and is the author/coauthor of some songs.

  • Dreux

    Why does everyone want to hear singers we already know of? Here’s a chance to bring attention to singers or artists most people don’t know yet who can use this material as an effective gateway to their work, and you guys want a grunge god orgy? Come on. I want Lanegan on there, but there’s a chance he won’t do it. He’s the only person on this list I don’t NOT want on the “album” (If you could call it that).

    And to clarify, Brett, Mike said that he had about 12-13 tracks of material he did with Barrett and Baker, and he said that 8 of those tracks were “any good”, or something along the lines of that. What that really means, I don’t know. 8 songs that can be salvaged, I guess?

  • no

    Get Lanegan to do it and call it Disinformation. That’s my final answer.

  • JJ

    @Brett, I agree that I want to see it released, I would love to hear those songs. Also really like your idea that it could be issued as a bonus entitled “The Disinformation Sessions.” That being said, I still don’t want to see a bunch of unknowns or Layne “emulators” on vocals. Layne and McCready started Mad Season, it really was his baby and so personal. I just don’t think anyone who didn’t personally know him or work with him should be singing on that record, at least not under the guise of “Mad Season!”

    P.S. love how someone mentioned Ann Wilson! Ring Them Bells is gorgeous :)

  • JJ

    @Kirill, you’re so right about Maynard!

  • Treason

    They should just get someone they’re close to and can provide their own [inspired and un-generic] material; this removes Scott Weiland from the running… STP’s latest was a load of wtf. And once again, who is their bassist?

  • Taylor

    I second the notion of Aaron Lewis from Staind… He hasn’t been in the spotlight as much lately but I was listening to ‘Its been a while’ the other day for the first time in ages and that is a pretty fucking powerful song and his voice has definately got that grunge vibe we all love, plus he’s as big of a fan of Layne as the rest of us.

  • kurt staley

    Sammy Hagar!!

  • Gilbert

    Jerry was upset when Layne did Mad Season and admits it himself, so it’s not all based on rumors. I agree, no one knows how their relationship was towards the end but he says it in this interview he did for the Metallica Behind the Music episode: http://youtu.be/6Wy-WNxDAEE

  • http://www.brandonwelch.com Brandon


  • be


    EDDIE VEDDER >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ALL GRUNGE :)

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/spaceneedlemusic Purje aka Space Needle


  • Nolany

    First @ Gilbert, to me, it sounds that Jerry said that he felt sad indeed, but then he realized he was being kind of immature, since side projects are not a sin and help you grow as a musician..Jerry loved Layne..as much as the other band members, and they let very clear in a lot of interviews their will for doing what they are doing..I don’t get all this mean comments, and to finish none of us were there or know them or know the circumstances so speculate is sort of dumb since we’re assuming things that we’re not sure of.
    I love Mark Lanegan’s work as much as his voice and since he was involved with the project I’d like to see him sing in there…or like others said above, a lesser known (but also great) musician.
    And please people stop speculating and saying things that you’re not sure of, or that Layne would like this or not…I mean he was an awesome musician, one of the best of all time, but if the people close to him took some decisions it’s because they know what they are doing, I personally prefer Layne, of course! But Duvall it’s a good singer too and I don’t think that he’s trying to “be” Layne.
    Regards my friends…and Peace!

  • JJ

    If only it was our choice, but alas it’s not… No matter what McCready and company end up doing, I’ll be in line for the album! Perhaps we’ll have the chance to revisit the issue then :)

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/chrisedwards Chris


    Layne sporadically ventured into making music post-1995. The “spend more time with family” reason that was printed in the press and on the ‘net back then was pretty transparent, but there was the new songs recorded for the AiC boxed set, and according to interviews that were published in 1996 and 97, Jerry Cantrell and Mike Inez both spoke of the four of them writing and jamming on new material in hopes of doing another album. Those interviews are archived on that ABDesign site; just a matter of fishing through ‘em. Granted Layne’s productivity was nowhere near what it was in AiC’s salad days, but he still had the elusive “it” whatever that quality is!

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/chrisedwards Chris

    Anterior to all the above, it seems as though alot of this is grasping at straws. I’ve the same opinion on the current incarnation of AiC. From my standpoint, that band is nothing without Layne. Jerry Cantrell is very talented: great guitar player and has written some great tunes, but his style of writing is nowhere near as individualistic or accomplished as what Layne was capable of, nor can he sing a tenth as well, or as passionate as Layne could. Putting out a record under the name “Mad Season” without any presence of Layne Staley would be a total false crocodile in my book, much like this last AiC record, but hey, gotta make that money somehow.

  • Casper

    so much Weiland hate, lol. jealous much?

  • no


    I’ve seen it stated in here that Layne said himself that he wasn’t going to continue with Mad Season because of the passing of John Baker Saunders. Now if it’s true that Layne did say this, I would say that anyone who has the opinion that Layne wouldn’t be down with this at least have something to back it up. If they could show you evidence that Layne did say it, then I don’t understand how you or anyone can say that he didn’t mean it when it said it and/or he would have a different opinion about what’s going on now. Isn’t that really the same thing that you’re accusing people of doing?

  • Nolany

    I did notice that…the things that Layne said about Mad Season when John Baker Saunders died..I was talking about the relationship of Layne with the Aic members, especially jerry, since it seems that a Lot of people that don’t even know them like to speculate about that, because you see, everytime we talk about AIC there are always people prone to bash on them! Just that…But think, if McCready decided to do this, he must have his reasons..and by the way: did you or anyone here knew him?! I don’t think so…it’s better to think before talk.
    Once again peace and clear your minds of evil thoughds towards people you never knew…we’re the fans after all, and for much that we love them…they have their own lives and decisions to make.

  • no


    I didn’t know you were talking about Layne & AIC. I’m not sure if you took a jab anyway at everyone who I was defending at the end of your post though. I guess I won’t comment on that, in case I just misunderstood you.

    I will say that I have no “evil thoughts” directed towards Mike McCready, Jerry Cantrell, or anyone else in those bands. I am a HUGE fan of Layne, and because of that I have my own opinion on what AIC & Mad Season do without him (yeah I know none of those people care what my opinion is, but I am entitled to have it anyway), but I don’t have any hate for any of them. They are the ones that control the bands they are a part of and they can do whatever they want. At the same time, even if I don’t agree with certain decisions that they make, those decisions aren’t meant to be an insult towards Layne Staley.

  • Nolany

    I got your point now…no stress! everyone is entitled to have an opinion, just not to speculate or assume things that they don’t know, just that! but you get my point too..I was really talking of some people in here with some evil comments (not your case)…some people bashing on this and that…anyway, have a nice day! :) and I’m sorry if I was rude…it wasn’t my purpose.

  • pretty penny

    Grunge god orgy! Grunge god orgy! Grunge god orgy!
    (not the musical kind though)

    as far as “closure for Mad Season” (and I HATE that closure BS) we got closure–permanent closure–when Baker and Layne died
    RIP Layne, we miss you and your fantastic voice every day

  • Allura Music

    For me, Cantrell would be great if you want to stay with the a Seattle-Grunge artist. Other than that, I also think Maynard James Keenan (Tool) would be a good choice. His mysteriousness and ability to do melancholy music (in my opinion) could fit right in with Mad Season “tribute”…………..

  • Cathy

    @Gilbert… Hi buddy :) I have the entire uncut interview of Jerry talking about how Metallica, specifically Jame Hetfield was annoyed and upset about Jason Newsted’s many side projects. Though Jerry admits that he was a little jealous of Layne’s side project in Mad Season in part 2 of the interview where he likened Layne’s part in Mad Season with Mike McCready and “someone else fucking your girlfriend” he also goes on to say that (part 2 4:45) “as you grow a little bit and maybe a couple of days pass and you think about it” (in part 3, 0:00-0:13)he also “that it can only be healthy and a very cool thing to do.”
    Also, Jerry’s solo projects were promoted nowhere near as much as Mad Season. If you take a little bit of time to listen to Boggy Depot and Degradation Trip I think you all will be amazed at how talented and amazing Jerry Cantrell is. I can’t help but think that he’s always viewed himself as Layne’s big brother. Every single time I’ve seen him, whether it be live of on televised appearances or wherever he has always mentioned and made some sort of dedication to “his best friend” Layne. This speaks volumes in my book.
    As a side note: I’m sorry if I came off snippy in my last post and I apologize to any of you who may have been offended by my remarks. My intent was never to downplay anyone’s feelings. I love you all because you all love Layne and we ALL feel the same way about him. We want to protect him and his legacy at all costs. It’s just that all of the guys mean so much to me and I, 100%, believe with all my heart and soul that they loved Layne with their entire beings and would and did try anything they could think of to help him with his horrible disease and demons. Love y’all! :)

  • Cathy

    @Kirill, thanks. I was afraid noone was getting what I was trying to say. I’m glad you feel the same way!
    @Nolany…I’m digging your thought process :)

  • Steven

    Mad season. Eating mushrooms from cow poop. Remember the day. Listen I follow all the above excep creed. My voice would be Travis meeks and mark lanegan. Lanegan has kept things going with a ton of friends in the rock community. Travis on the other hand needs friends right now. So much he has to give its unreal. Have you heard touch of anger or empty pockets from this guy. Wow. Mad season with Travis has an impact here. Big impact.

  • Jenna

    Sorry, I love Jerry Cantrell and I have the most respect for Mike McCready but no one really knows what was going on between Jerry and Layne at the time except maybe McCready and their close inner circle. But I have a right to my personal opinion and after the Bargain Basement Howard Hughes song and James Hetfields infamous you tube video poking fun at Laynes addiction, add this to the fact that Jerry was tight with Metallica at the time. I say it just wouldn’t be right for him to be on the Mad Season Album. And by the way, I have never doubted that Jerry loved Layne like a brother I’m just not convinced they were in the best place at the time.

  • pretty penny

    ^^ I think it’s engineer/producer Dave Jerden, in the book “Everybody Loves Our Town,” who talks about recording Died and Get Born Again for the Music Bank set–and says Jerry was yelling at Layne like Layne was a little kid. So while I do believe they were like brothers for a long time, it doesn’t sound like it for the last years of Layne’s life. Which makes Jerry a shit, to me. (And an envious shit at that.)

  • Jane

    Ann Wilson would be a nice touch.

  • me

    They have to get some unreleased layne stuff in, or put some of laynes other stuff to fit to the tune, a mad season album with out layne is shit season

  • http://Facebook.com/DezFuturez jay smith

    Dez Futurez someone new make their dreams come true

  • Jenna

    Pretty Penny, This is interesting and heartbreaking at the same time. I am so going to buy this book. It reminds me of the time when Layne had that little mess up on the unplugged show. He looked directly at Jerry. Not Sean, not Mike, not even the audience, but Jerry. I remember the look on his face was like a little kid that had just been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. I know there are alot of JC haters out there. I always thought they were just jealous but maybe some have good reason.

  • Epiphany Thomas

    I was thinking the lead singer of Days of the New, Travis Meeks or Mark Lanegan would make great choices, with my alternates being Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder. All of these listed have great vocal talent and [I personally believe] would sound great on a Mad Season CD.

  • dakotablue

    I think Layne would have continued with Mad Season if he somehow could have been invisible when he performed. Because the only thing people (rather, critics) wanted to talk about for the last 10 years of Layne’s life was how terrible he looked, did he lose an arm/hand/fingers/teeth, how high was he, etc. Just a bunch of fucking shit, because he could still sing like the Grunge God he was.
    Damn I miss Layne too.

  • LayneinChains

    No Cantrell. He can’t sing. I mean, he can sing but he sounds too nasally and he has no range.

    Cornell = yes
    Vedder = yes
    Lanegan = absolutely yes

  • Jeff

    I agree with Chains. Hell no to Can’t-rell. Please keep him away from anything Layne related. He’ll probably steal the name and put Duvall in as the main singer. Cornell would be good. He was around since the beginning of everything and he would do it justice. Or Vedder – Layne seemed to really like him. Lanegan would be ok but he can’t sing the high parts, plus he’s destroyed his voice through smoking. Andy Wood would be perfect, too bad he’s gone. He is truly missed.

  • Gary

    How to apply??

  • Gary

    How to apply for audition??

  • Bryan

    Can’t be Vedder because it would just be Pearl Jam, Mad Season’s is mello Eddie not a great vocalist I love Yellow Ledbetter, but I have no clue what he is saying. I think there should be 2 singers Scott Weiland and Jerry Cantrell (harmonizing) with him. Scott has proved in solo career, STP and VR he can sing to any style. Mad Season would be alot like his solo stuff. The way I personally feel about singers right know if Scotts on his game there is none better. If Scott can’t sing it noone can.

  • Bryan

    Can’t be Vedder because it would just be Pearl Jam, Mad Season’s is mello Eddie not a great vocalist I love Yellow Ledbetter, but I have no clue what he is saying. I think there should be 2 singers Scott Weiland and Jerry Cantrell (harmonizing) with him. Scott has proved in solo career, STP and VR he can sing to any style. Mad Season would be alot like his solo stuff. The way I personally feel about singers right know if Scotts on his game there is none better. If Scott can’t sing it noone can.

  • Bryan

    Can’t be Vedder because it would just be Pearl Jam, Mad Season’s is mello Eddie not a great vocalist I love Yellow Ledbetter, but I have no clue what he is saying. I think there should be 2 singers Scott Weiland and Jerry Cantrell (harmonizing) with him. Scott has proved in solo career, STP and VR he can sing to any style. Mad Season would be alot like his solo stuff. The way I personally feel about singers right know if Scotts on his game there is none better. If Scott can’t sing it noone can.

  • Brain

    Dez Futurez? NEVER EVER should he be picked!!! EVER.

  • brad

    I think it would be respectful of both John and Layne if it was released as an instrumental only album. Trying to release a Mad Season album without the people that made it the super group that it was does not make sense.

  • GenXLady

    Despite all the speculation, the choice is that of the remaining original two members of Mad Season.

  • http://www.gametrailers.com/users/Hangnail/gamepad/ Breadbitten

    Lanegan, end of story.

  • elise

    i second that!

  • allie

    i am certain they will do this with respect. could be wrong tho.

  • Pacific northwest

    Sully URNA,

  • http://N/a Josh

    Lanegan, Cornell. Or instrumental Jerry can fuck off some of these suggestions are just pathetic…weiland…lol and sully urna is even more of a laugh

  • http://www.UngluedRemains.blogspot.com Unglued812

    How about all of them and make this record sort of a tribute album from all these musicians to Layne?

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  • allie

    hello lucifer. having fun with that new swing set i see. don’t fuck with layne again asshole. just a warning. a sensitive one tho. client.

  • dominantgene

    It’s offical!! Mark Lanegan to sing on unreleased Mad Season tracks!!

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  • meghan

    I miss Layne…

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  • no



  • Anth

    I don’t know about the dudes in Mad Season, but if I were looking to replace the deceased lead singer in my long-defunct grunge supergroup, I would probably want it to be the guy who has the Yahoo username “hymanslizer.”

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  • thefreewheelinmarkarm

    I thought I mentioned this but maybe somewhere else…

    Josh Homme I think would be cool to have. Sure, he’s not pushing past 50 like everyone else and he isn’t from grunge but the man has a sweet voice and coincidentally (or not) duets beautifully with Mark Lanegan.
    Then again, Josh might go crazy singing a song he didn’t write the music to. I get the idea that he likes to run the show wherever he goes.
    Why pigeon hole yourself with only 90’s Seattle guys?

  • Russ

    I just love coming to this site. I think I’ve heard all the bands before then all of a sudden I’ll see a band written down and go discover another great band like Satchel. Thank you for sharing such great bands.

  • Pedro

    @Dreux: Dude, Mad Season is a supergroup. Not a gateway to someone’s success…

    Personally, I think Mad Season with Lanegan is enough. But it would be awesome it they brought in special guests to sing with him, like Eddie, Chris, Mark and Jerry. But I really think Jerry shouldn’t write anything, because that would be him taking Layne’s place.

  • Kim


    Is all.

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  • studhowzer’s mom

    Layne can never be “replaced” nor completely replicated No/c his voice was so exceptional and truly one of a kind. With that said, it would be nice to see how Mad Season Part Deux will turn out. I hope it does justice to the legacy this talented man left behind for all his fans including myself to value and appreciate.

    RIP Layne.

  • grunge rocker

    john koscoe from dropbox and saint caine (listen to nowhere man and run)

    another choice would be the singer from dust for life



  • Steve

    Travis Bracht of Second Coming, Mad Season, and 5Revolt. listen to the track “Confessional” and tell me you don’t hear Layne in his screams. Travis’s voice is epic

  • Steve

    “Post Modern Heroes” was meant instead of Mad Season there….freaking have Layne on the brain

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  • Alayne

    Above is my favorite album and I can sing all the lyrics in a style simiilar to Layne, whom I love & respect. Please Mike, just give me a chance to audition for the lead vocalist gig…you won’t regret it. R.I.P. Layne.

  • Judd

    TRAVIS MEEKS!!!!!!!!

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  • Mike

    I saw Scott Stap and was like what the furck?! And then I scrolled down and laughed. Well done, I think these are all good choices. I was thinking DuVall but then read what you said. Good call

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  • ARC

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  • cn

    actually scott stapp might not have been a bad choice…he does have a great voice…if youre tryin to find a singer for Layne…good luck…there is none…oh what was your point….