William DuVall Reveals Why Alice In Chains Had A Four Year Gap Between Albums

Alice In Chains singer/guitarist William DuVall discussed the 4 year gap between Black Gives Way to Blue and The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here in a new interview with RipItUp:

“A lot of that was due to our own particular brand of meticulousness and willingness to take the time to see even more time, y’know what I mean?” he laughs when queried about the fouryear period between records.

“Everyone has their work flow and with this group it tends to kind of involve seasons coming and going, babies being born, empires rising and falling, and between that all, time in the studio. But if you’re lucky enough to be able to take that time then that’s one prerogative and it’s cool and it’s rare that anyone has the luxury to do that these days.”

  • Steve Cairns

    Maybe you could write some actual songs for the next album…

  • Jeff

    \”They locked me in a closet for 3 years and 364 days, and on the 365th day, they let me out just long enough to take part in writing and singing the best song on the album.\” – William \”Caged Animal\” DuVall.

  • Raj

    Can’t wait for the next one, I know people are ripping TDPDH but there are still some strong songs. I think Lab Monkey, TDPH, and Phantom Limb are really good.

  • jim garturt

    Hopefully they will let Duvall be the lead on more songs and have Jerry let go of the dual harmony. Just let him have a song where Jerry just plays his guitar all out and William can show just how good his vocals are.

  • Jane

    I’m getting tired by this talk ‘THEY should LET him’. Don’t you think that he has a mind on his own? He openly said: “I’m a guitar player first and foremost. The singing thing happened through weird twists of fate, I still don’t understand how that all went down. It’s great to be able to do both, but a guitar player – that was all I wanted to be when I was a pretty small kid” (Drowned in Sound, 2013) Kinda obvious that maybe he doesn’t sing much on new albums, because HE doesn’t want to, it’s not like the band is hindering him.

    • lilrockable

      That would make way more sense if Duvall wasnt the lead singer of a band before AIC, now hes an accessory.. I like Duvall’s style. AIC fans already know what Jerry sounds like, why not give Duvall the spotlight? From what ive read hes written two songs called “Monster” and”Tongue Tied” both songs left off the official soundtrack for reasons unknown. I kind of want to hear them. Considering how good Phantom limb was its safe to assume they are better thaN Breath on a Window and Lab Monkey.

  • Shaun

    People should listen to Wills band Comes With The Fall. Very different from AIC. In that band, he is the main songwriter, singer and guitarist and also mighty good one at that.

  • Don

    I will always prefer Jerry’s voice to Will’s. If you don’t like the band as is, then don’t listen.

    • Steve Cairns

      Which is exactly what most people are doing.