Alternative Rock: Just Something of the 1990s?


Looking back, the 1990s was the era to be in. Nirvan was just on fire when he introduced alternative rock. Alternative rock is a type of rock music that is unconventional from the regular rock n roll we are all aware of.

These kinds of music happened way back in the 1980s but only got popular during the 1990s. The word “alternative” was used to describe punk-rock bands that did not fit into the mainstream. They were mostly signed under independent labels. They got their exposure through college radio shows. Like other forms of music alternative rock has sub-genres that have emerged such as Gothic rock and indie pop. It was a good time, a time like no other. Even if you remember the five most infamous groupies, it is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Where has all of that gone now?

In the 1990s a lot of bands became commercially successful because of the major breakthrough of the grunge movement. The grunge movement started in Seattle, Washington as a way of boycotting commercialism.

Bands like the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Nirvana and Pearl Jam gained a lot of fame. Famous songs such as Heart Shaped Box, Basket Case, Black Hole Sun and even Champagne Supernova were the catalyst songs that made alternative music just be awesome. However, looking back a lot of record labels gave names to band that fit this kind of music but some were just somewhat more of pop.

The New Era: There is no Alternative Rock Anymore!

Here is the problem – the last few years haven’t seen this genre of music at all. In fact, most major music labels have shied away from it – for reasons unknown. So, what’s keeping them away?


Since 2011, up to now, it is pretty obvious that alternative rock is kinda “dead”. This is because there are no longer rock bands anymore, only pop hits are being produced by bands and all music is just mainstream. Honestly the only rock band I can think of that is hitting the airwaves is the 5SOS and well they ain’t all that rock.” Thinking about it, maybe his can be attributed to the fact that in 1996 rock music was killed and buried. But that’s just my opinion.

Is Alternative Rock Really Dead?


Recently, Taylor Hawkins confessed that alternative rock is dead. He was on the Matts Wilkinson’s Beat One Radio show where he shared his thoughts about how alt rock is doing. According to him it is no longer like the past where kids had that sought of anxiety to listen to people like Nirvana. All this talk about alternative rock being dead is all about a matter of opinion.

There are critics who believe that the bands that call themselves alternative rock bands are actually doing post-grunge rock. There just needs some revival in this type of genre music. We all got to understand what genre of music we are listening to so that this confusion can end.