Dave Grohl Choking Fan In Bizarre New Photos At Show Is Hilarious


Good Guy Dave Grohl will do anything with his fans, take pictures, sign autographs, play music with them, drink beer, and even choke them if they want for a funny and bizarre photo!

Nick Schmitt tweeted that the photos were taken at his show in Las Vegas, “Met Dave Grohl at my gig last night! Can’t wait until we can announce what this gig is! Until then, enjoy the mystery of my run-in with this legend. Also, how happy does @guitarajs22 look while getting choked out by Grohl? 😂😂😂”

Grohl has recently been on vacation in Las Vegas and he has been spotted everywhere, including at hotels, clubs, Vegas shows, and even a Lady Gaga concert along with other big names like Katy Perry and Jeremy Renner! For the funny photo with Nick Schmitt, it appears he was watching his Las Vegas based band The Lique or perhaps a one man show by Schmitt, based on how he was dressed.

The Lique are huge Foo Fighters fans, as Schmitt’s pinned top tweet shows they even named their latest EP Times Like These, which is also the name of the 2002 Foo Fighters classic that appeared on the album One by One.

Grohl’s other fan friendly behavior in the last few months as 2018 came to a close was with fans at some of his Backbeat BBQ events, especially at the Valley Urban Market, where he’d cook fans BBQ and meet and chat with them!