Eddie Vedder Mocks ‘Motherf*cker’ Trump And Kim Jong Un Meeting


Pearl Jam performed their second show at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, NL last night, and Eddie Vedder criticized President Donald Trump for having a positive peace summit with Kim Jong Un this week that led to North Korea agreeing to work towards denuclearization, while having tense trade negotiations with Justin Trudeau. Below is a full show recap posted by Sea on the PearlJam.com forums:

Set List
01. Release
02. Present Tense
03. Animal
04. Last Exit
(Ed greets the audience and tells them that while practicing backstage he was holding his guitar and touched the metal door and received a very intense shock. “It is a once in a lifetime experience that I have had about three times.”)
05. Lightning Bolt
06. 1/2 Full (during the outro Ed shines reflected light from his pick guard into the audience)
07. Untitled (Ed’s lyrics for this version are about wanting to catch a train but the people he is with are staying their rooms. He mentions (presumably nearby) towns and that he doesn’t want to go alone)
08. MFC
(Ed says that when Mike was very young he told his mother “I want to be a guitar player when I grow up.” Mike’s mom replied, “Now Mike you are going to have to choose…” Ed says, “I love that one. You can’t play guitar and be a grown up! Well, Mike is all grown up and he plays guitar. Thanks for having us in your band.”)
09. Even Flow
10. Light Years
(EV says his hotel is by a school and every morning he gets awakened by the sound of kids playing. The best sound to wake up to. He goes on saying that in America he would be wondering if the kids are safe. He continues with the problems and solutions the United States are having with guns. )
11. Glorified G
(“I just want you to know that this next song has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with Donald Trump…But I do find it strange that he insults our allies but he gets along with dictators and despots. That is really strange. And I don’t think he is crazy like a fox but crazy like a narcissist motherfucker. But as I said this song has nothing to do with him. I wouldn’t waste my breath” – heavily paraphrased)
12. Can’t Deny Me
13. Mind Your Manners
14. Unthought Known
15. Inside Job
16. State Of Love And Trust (Ed goes to the barricade to sing)
17. Do The Evolution
18. Porch
(While Ed is downstage someone throws a shirt to him and he pitches it back and laughs. He then dances on the speakers for a bit checking out the audience in the sides. Pushes a few globes and heads to the barricade again to sing.)

Encore Break One
(Ed talks about favorite wines and beers. He mentions it was his daughters 14th birthday and he misses her so much. She is also graduating the 8th grade. Ed will be staying up late to watch the ceremony on his phone live early in the morning.
19. Bee Girl (Ed and Jeff Only)
20. Man Of The Hour
21. Just Breathe (Ed and Boom Only)
22. Once
23. Black
24. Rearviewmirror (at outro Ed goes and rocks out with Stone)
25. Alive
26. Rocking In The Free World-(Young)
(Ed thanks the audience and introduces the band. He says Stone and Jeff have been playing together for about 40 years. I think Jeff says 37.)
27. Yellow Ledbetter
(While Mike solos Ed goes into the crowd and does a little surfing)

  • matt superF

    Great setlist. They could freshen up the opening and closing spots every now and then but the guts of that setlist has some real gold in it.

  • TheWrathofCaan

    Looks like a great show. Long live Pearl Jam.

  • N.

    this guy is such a moron. Complains about war, and soldiers getting killed. Yet when Trump tries to make peace negotiations with NK, he still complains..Eddie SHUT THE FUCK UP and Sing.

    • MensaJeff

      Sorry… Drumpf is not doing anything worth a shit. They signed a useless piece of paper with no guts in it…basically just showboating. Nothing happened.

    • Charlie

      Hypocrites like you would’ve mercilessly went online and angrily called Hillary or Obama or Bernie a fucking commie for meeting a brutal dictator like Kim WITHOUT any preconditions and if they called Kim “honorable,” “talented,” and “cares about his people.” I think I know who needs to shut the fuck up.

      • N.

        A hypocrite like me? You don’t Fucking know me, you asshole. Last I checked Trump did not drop hundreds of millions of dollars like your boy obummer did to Iran. Trump puts Americans first and somehow you liberal jackoffs will never get it.

        • Charlie

          You’re joking, right? He puts himself first, not America. (See the recent tariffs that hurts us, not helps us and that have angered our closest allies and all his Putin-loving comments over the last two years for starters). Also, I wouldn’t expect Trumpsters to actually know facts but it was mostly Iran’s $$ that we gave them back – it was frozen since 1979. http://time.com/4441046/400-million-iran-hostage-history/ Oh, and was your dictator-admiring hero pro-American when he said he wants save corrupt Chinese companies like Xe? That’s rhetorical, asshole.

        • Charlie

          And you don’t know me either – pointing out hypocrisy of Trump loyalists does not automatically mean such criticism comes from a liberal. (If Kasich was on the ballot, I’d have voted for him instead of this clown in the oval office.)

    • swcheetah

      Telling people to shut and sing is ridiculous especially in an era of a reality show prez. Eddie is right 100%.

  • BubbaClinton

    Trump potentially saved 30 MILLION humans from a nuclear war an Vedder whines about it. The joke he used about Mike is an OLD one about drummers by the way. Shut up and just sing Led Vedder. You are politically an IDIOT and an IMBECILE.

    • swcheetah

      Hilarious! Gee, you sound so smart! Why don’t you shut up and don’t sing either?

  • John

    “Dictators and despots” – next Eddie will be lecturing us about the Axis of Evil.